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2/18/19/2019               Tonight  I spent walking the streets of Ferrara Italy if you know any history of this towns history it is the last residence of Lucretzia

                                    Borgia the daughter of Pope Alexander.. I spent several years in a special  course of European History. I had a Great Professor

                                    who taught Theocracy & his students were called theologians. For me it was one of the most fascinating studies Iv had the pleasure 

                                    of attending. Night class to me are enjoyable because the campus is quiet  The class was for   3 months on, then 2 months  before                                         the class started again. Each class always started with 36 students. I never did figure out why 36. I know every week 6 to 8 did not

                           the class. .. I never bought the books at the   start of the classes unless I could find them used. A book cost $195 new & $20                                      used . Not a College book that sold fast. I would go to the campus swap meets & you found every thing. I was told for any class carry

                                    a small tape  recorder & sit in the front of the class.I found most Professors give there tests on there lecture  not from the book.

                                    I was told by a customer 88 years old who for 68 years drove Vatican Cardinals & others to many Italian towns. But Ferrare was a                                            town where I may find coins old families  still have hidden. He knew of a place we ( him & I) could stay. We went & I was amazed at 

                                    the people. We ate our meals in the back gardens & met over 20 families my customer new. The owner of the Vineyard was very nice.

                                    No one spoke English But talked very fast. I looked at many coins that I thought should be in a Museum . My guide said dont buy

                                    every thing, no more than an American $2000 worth.. I wanted to buy more  but we talked drank wine & cheese & large loaves of                                            bread directly out of the stone oven in front of us. Every one stayed for dinner.

                                    Then  I took a tour of the town. It has always amazed me to look at a building constructed 700 years ago still in use & some with the                                        same family name there for that long.. The sky was so bright I saw more stars that I thought  never  existed.

                                    On our trip  back  to the vineyards I asked why not buy more?. He said I know in America you gobble  every thing up as fast as                                                possible but the next time we go for this trip their will be  more people  & buy more.  They liked you & that dosent happen all the                                             time when you visit different towns. When every one was leaving you bought them a flask  of wine & 2 loaves of bread.. Dont worry

                                    you will get the bill in  2  months. It is a pleasure to end a trip with a smile  a good friend & a batch of very old coins.

2/17/2019                      Hello I will return from Italy the 20th of the month  I WILL NOT BE ATTENDING THE PHOENIX COIN SHOW MARCH 2-3   

                                  I WILL NOW BE ATTENDING  the TSNS Convention March 1-3  in Tennessee .

​                                  The customer from Arizona  who I acquired the $4 Stella Gold  I will deliver it in 2 weeks. You will really like this coin..


2/14/2019                   We acquired a collection of 66 Great Britain  Shillings from 1787 through 1822. I sold  several before I could place them on our Web  

                                   Site Most were EF & I was able to retain 12 EF &  UNC Coins.

                                   As many of my customers know I watch the Central Banks quite a lot & they are really increasing their  net worth of Gold..

                                  I try not to do this to often  but I would tell any one it is time to buy some gold & if you can not acquire gold buy silver which has a  

                                   better chance to increasing. I watch over 20 countries movement that I think that can affect the standard of living in the US & Italy.,

                                   Great Britain  & many of the small businesses in these countries.

                                   Many  small businesses were quite happy to see Great Britain go back to the pound When I am talking about a small business this is                                       a  good run company of $1 to $3 Million in revenue who look down the road & make sure they have enough assets to keep their

                                   company solvent & keep people working in bad times.

                                   Any one can create a business it just takes brains, money & hard work. Not the 8 hours day like you spend working for another                                               company.

                                   Here is a good example. I did a survey for a company  who for the last 3 years has lost 1/2 of its profits each year . That is a lot of 

                                   money.This has always been a good company to work for & every years there has been a bonus given to every employee . The 

                                   owner one day needed something to clean of some shelves in his office went to the Janitors area & over heard 2 women & 2 guys

                                   taking  their break in their little break room. He decided not to disturb them & stayed in the area where all the cleaning supplies were 

                                   kept..He told me he was shocked by what he heard. His secretary worked for him for over 20 years & asked me to come to see him.

                                   This is not a new type of work for me I have worked for over 100 companies wanting why they have decreased in their assets for

                                   more than one year..The owner had a room of his office he had a bed, television & & cloths for when he had to work over night. It                                              became  my security room.

                                    It is always because of Employees .It took me 2 weeks to investigate  many things, including the  things heard..

                                   I had a security company come in a afternoon & night for 12 hours on a Sunday.. Some of what I found.

                                   A total of 6  Employee on a Casino Web Site  gambling for over 2 hours at a time every day. Sales people picking up the phone &                                           hanging  up on customers & taking their phone of the hook.. One woman calling her parents every morning in England & talking for                                         1/2   hour  or more. She was fired from a large Electronics Company for doing the same thing. Its called the office click.

                                   Accounting not doing their job. The Accounting Manager was told the owner of the company said it was OK for  the lunches.. She 

                                   never checked  & she   OK. This needed a written authority from the owner but the Accounting Manager just ignored it . She was in

                                   the middle of a stressful  divorce.

                                    Several people  Ordering lunch & charging the company 5 days a week. Employees punching in the time clock for another person.                                         One guy never showed up for work the first week I was there. Many people taking 2 hour  lunches. Several people coming to work   .

                                   drunk.Managers not on the floor supervising their people. Their excuse was they were training people to become Management..

                                   This was never authorized by any one.Every 3 months the office click drove to Las Vegas in company cars. Hotels & meals charged                                       to  the company.. Accounting paid the bill again no authorization.The owner called Lawyers & he went to their offices. At night 

                                   the Lawyers came to look at all the tapes. The next Saturday the Owner calls in all the Managers. Not a happy crew because this had

                                   never been done before. Each one called into the office. After they were talked to they were placed in the owners room. so they could

                                   not tell every one what was happening.   My job was done.

                                   The final paper work sent to me stated 32 people fired 32 taken to court. All the janitors kept their jobs.

                                   How do you disrespect some one who gives you a job? Four people only making $8 an hour  care more about their jobs.

                                   How do you find another job after being fired without a reference?

                                   I am not politically in mind but I will say Trump has helped small & large business expand over the time he has been President.

                                   Remember you & every family   in the United States are in a business small business.Its called life, house or apartment payments

                                   every month, food, electricity, gas, insurance, medical expenses, & it stretches  on & on.

                                   DID A POOR MAN OR A HOMELESS MAN EVER OFFER YOU A JOB.

                                  I just listened to Elizabeth Warren & she wants to raise the the taxes on the wealthy  another 2% to 3%

                                  Every year your taxes go up from the Town you live in then the county then the  state then the Federal Government.

                                   I have a lot of people that ask me why I dont go to Coin Conventions in California any more.  California has such a terrible tax process

                                   for out of state businesses &  it is not worth the effort any more

2/10/2019                   We just acquired several  Bahama Proof Sets & another Panama Proof Set I will place into inventory today along with 42 more US                                           Proof Sets.

2/10/2019                   I can answer the Question of 100  Web Site

                                   You must be on the Web Site with over 600 Coin Company including Foreign & Ancients. Every year at least 100+ stop their Web                                           Sites. I think it is a great site.                               

                                   As the years have gone past . I can say I have met like in any business Dealers that are not nice at all. Would not even tell you the 

                                   the sun was shining even though it is.. I received many time . WHAT DO YOU WANT, My best is, Hi I have a penny here & can                                               you tell me  if it is worth any thing. My Dad put me up to doing this  & my Grand Father had  a 1652 Willow Tree Sixpence & a 1652

                                   Willow Tree  Shilling that belonged to his Dad something I would never sell no matter the price.

                                   The guy if I remember his business in Boston had a ship like Columbus but dont remember a name. Both coins

                                   were in like we have  today  almost 2 x 2 & it folded in 4 fold. He opened the packages went behind him & put a 5 Dollar bill on the                                           counter & said Kid they are not worth  anything but her is 5 Dollars for both. There were other guys looking over at the coins .

                                   My Dad came up beside me & said Hay the kid only wanted to know how much the pennies worth worth.. My Father grabbed the                                            coins & gave them back to me. The guy said no he said he wants to sell them. My Dad said this is my Son & I listened to the whole

                                  conversation. We left the store & some guy came rite behind us & said hay I will give you a $100 each for the coins. My Dad said no                                        sorry they were never for sale it was a learning lesson for my son. The guy was very nice & told him a name of a dealer that would

                                  tell you what the history was &  what they are worth .. I have a book of these memories of Coin Dealers.from 1952 even up to today.

                                  I enjoy asking questions dealers questions when they dont know who I am because I as a human will never learn every thing I want to                                    know but i will give it a darn good try.

                                  So, I think the best way to answer your question is remember what I went through & one of the functions as a coin dealer is to 

                                  educate.Let me tell you the eye opener I acquired in New York at the coin show.  The hotel would not take the $800 for a room for                                    the 4 nights in cash. The restaurant  would not take cash. I dont get upset I have a credit card. What got to me was paying my dinner..

                                   I had no problem    BUT THE BILL HAD ADDED A $26.00 TIP . I TOLD THEM I WASENT PAYING THAT MUCH FOR SERVICE

                                   My bill for a cheese burger & fries was $34.00 & I would gladly pay   20% tip or $8.00. 

                                   They called the Night manager into the restaurant & I said I dont care & I asked for a menu . Honest to God in super fine print at the                                          bottom of the first page there in very light gray print ( I had to pull my magnifier out of my soot coat to read.)

                                    We have the option to require larger than normal for tipping if our waiters do not make a living wage for the day..

                                    I pulled out $34  & placed it on the  bill I placed $8.00 to the side & asked for a receipt.  The next day I had a small envelope from the

                                    Hotel Manager. I dident have time to open it I wanted to go to the convention. Went to a Mom & Pop restaurant  good breakfast

                                    for $16.00 & found out they were open for dinner. They didennt take credit cards because they dident have the equipment for that.                                         That night I had another envelope from the floor under my door. I read both letting me know I was not welcome back to their Hotel                                           any more. I say to my self OK no big deal. Now, I own stock in things I dont know about that is  my accountant job. to buy & make us                                       both money & he is worth every penny. When I am at the desk to check out  The Hotel & Restaurant Managers are there with their

                                   assistants & the Hotel manager  said Mr Kay we need to apologize  to you for our rudeness. He hands me $800 & said we will comp  

                                    your  stay & please come back any time. They had a limo to take me to the air port. I am so  shocked I have nothing to say.

                                    I get home & my accountant calls me & explains that I own 12,000 shares in this Hotel from a original buy of 50 shares in 1971 .                                              What   do I know. He called the Corporate  office & they called the Hotel Manager. The Hotel stock split 32 time since I bought it.

                                     I like to take photographs many people look at you strange when they see a camera

                                   I stopped in a total of 46 stores & restaurants during my stay & all had signs NO CASH on  the door.

                                  Are the Socialists already taking away our right of choice.I stopped in a store to get sliced turkey & bread for a  sandwich  in my                                         room latter on that night cost me $28. Back in Arizona I could have bought 2 each 20 pound turkeys  for the pound of sliced turkey..

                                   I know a cashless society is around the corner  because the young people only live by credit cards.



                                     What happened in  ARNIES   movies you are living today   

                                   A good friend of mine works for the the tax people &  they cant wait for this to happen  because the Government owns you.   

                                   She said they are ready with no bankrupt  people because the Government will only allow you to draw  78% a month  of what you                                           have in your account.   Only one credit card not 10 or 15. & you will pay the bank 26% for the credit card transaction . Never a late                                           payment. I have to laugh when she said you drink to much its in your bank file, you buy ammunition for your rifle you are not allowed                                       to buy more than the  Government allows & a notice is automatically sent to the local police. For this you will have to ware a monitor.

                                   There were so many dumb things we talked about was shocking like no more metal utensils  because they can be used made into

                                   bad things since there are less & less guns in American hands   I am glad non of this happened during my younger life.   


2/4/2019                    QUESTION   I look at over 100 Web Sites every 4 months. How do you acquire time to answer collectors questions.

​                                  I see absolutely NO other Web site that  takes the time.

                                  I have just acquired 86 Proof Sets from the Philippines  & 9 other Countries  that I need to work on & fill orders.

                                  When I finish this project I will answer your question of 100 Web Sites.  I put several Panama Sets in  inventory.

                                  I am looking for 10 each of all the TEXAS Silver Commemorative in MS63 . I can also use MS64 & MS65  minimum or 5 each.

                                  No ugly coins. I really dont want to have to repack them to send back to you.

2/4/2019                    Any  Coin Dealer out of the  449 that go on my Web Site every month  I have a customer for the last 4 months looking for a Morgan

                                  Dollar  I can  not find one that looks  nice  1878 S  MS64 or MS65 PL .I have only seen 4  & no way were they MS64 . I dont buy coins

                                  with scratches on the PCGS holder or black spots on a PL. The MS65  the Coin Dealer agreed with me one coin was a MS63+ & his 

                                  other was a MS64 with a gouge from the eye to the jaw at least 1/16 of an inch wide the 7 & 8 had a slight shift below & to the right                                          of the 18 but I am not sure if it could be called a variety. Please if you have one sitting around not selling very fast send me an E-mail..  

                                  I  have stated what I am looking for no black spots no scratches clean looking holder PCGS or NGC. I will pay postage & I want it sent                                    so  I have to sign for the package tell me your price if I like it I will send you a E-mail..


​1/302019                  QUESTION I am 30 years old & thought about starting a part time retail business but not sure what I want to do.

                                  ANSWER : Dont let anything including friends & family stop you from doing what you want , but  listen to your wife.she pays the bills.

                                  My suggestion is a simple one start when you already have a job. Sit down & put on paper or your computer every thing you are                                              thinking about. Look closely at your job is it safe but for how long? Look at overhead. Rent, or house payment, bills, gas lights water,

                                  food. medical.. Just having a family you are already in a big business. Think, & think more.  Are you in a good economy? 

                                  Many guys let their Management    know what they were doing & in 1975 recession many 3 piece suits were on the lay off list.

                                  Many had big loans to cover & you dont do that on unemployment. The guys that listened skate through the recession kept working

                                  Not all made it through but many did..                Recessions teach you a good lesson survival.

                                 I have helped hundreds of my customers & friends   start a business. More succeeded than failed. You are working so there is no rush.

                                 The Economy has a lot to do with business. Next is knowledge of the business you want to start. Who is the competition & why have 

                                 they stayed  in business? 

                                 I have a friend that worked for me many years ago loved building model air planes, tanks & more about  $5,000, another guy started                                       building furniture in his garage , a stamp dealer, a small grocery store, a web site builder, a carpenter, a plumber,a house painter &                                         more.All that are still in business today sat down with me & figured how much equipment they needed to buy & could afford during the  

                                  time they worked for some one making a weekly pay check..

                                  The 3 piece suite guys thought I was nuts & went to the bank & borrowed thousands of dollars. They thought buy getting the                                                     exemptions  from  taxes on what they bought would lower the start up cost. OK, not a problem. But, I also told each person get your                                      resale  number, business license. The guy with the Hobby Shop opened up in his garage. after 4 months of buying his show cases &

                                 wall shelving, used. He even had a plumber put in a toilet & large sink a small wood stove,a refrigerator. He acquired tax breaks for the                                   year..

                                 He also sold $2,000 in models for the year.He  talked to distributors about ordering models. A loan officer from bank of Italy (Bank                                           America is the name of the bank today. lived down the street about 1/2 mile from him.asked his young boy one day where he bought                                       the airplane model & he told him.. Went with his son about a month latter to help him pick out a model He saw this guy with a model                                       shop in his garage  had no over head & a good loan officer cant stand he talked him into a line of credit for $8,000 to buy                                             inventory with a monthly payment of $110 . He new his job was good & decided to take it.. Getting bigger is a problem. He dident want  

                                to go into a small retail store & decided to build a barn in the back yard with plenty of parking space &  he could move the business into

                                 the barn..He was doing around $5,000 a month just  opening 6- 10 at night Monday through Friday & 12 hours a day Saturday..

                                 He is making almost the same as working for the Electronic Company. It took 4 months to build the barn. It took a month to set up the                                     barn into a retail store  & 1 month  to double the inventory. Every thing is paid for except the barn & in 2 years the barn was paid for.

                                 & he left his job & was in his barn 8 hours a day 6 days a week. His 2 sons run the business today under his guidance.

                                  So, it is possible & my way isent the all end of ways to start a business. Think , plan  , do.


1/29/2019               OK, so not every one understands Economics. of a Free Market.

                               Any study   Economics  usually starts, usually , as part of any Junior High School teaching.     Back in  1950  & 1960  it was a course   

                                      explaining  you  as a Human growing into adult hood & surviving.

                               You may  or  may not realize you as a human you are now the owner of a business. After graduating school you go out onto the world.

                               Rent , car payments, food, medical, cloths, entertainment, & it continues. Mom & Dad do not pay for every thing any more.

                               Your business is staying alive. Many people are  one pay check from being homeless. As a kid I never saw a homeless family or person.

                                A Free Market took the price of a house from $16,000 in 1960  to today   $300 K - $700 K, a CAR FROM $1 K  TO TODAY $20 K - 50 K.

                                A Free Market  of Economics is a process  that minimizes your Government intervention & maximizes the roll of the market.

                               A free market you have people & companies acting in their own self interest ( My Grand Father & Father called it Manipulation) dealing

                               with information & price of goods from their cattle.  First to market acquired the best price. 

                                Coins are a great example.

                               You collect, you invest, you are a Coin Dealer. Here is a standard Economic question. How many Coin Dealers control their self interest 

                                and manipulation in the Coin Market since slabbing came on the coin market?

                                You as a collector , investor or small Coin Company ( small     under 5 million in sales ?) have nothing to do with price.

                                Free Market  companies decide how & when prices go up & down. It consolidates & concentrates  the wealth in the hands of a FEW.

                                       As a coin collector  looking at Coin Conventions, Coin Auctions, Coin Advertising & really look at the power.

                                Start creating charts of the coins you collect. Remember a ugly coin is always going to be less expensive from a great looking coin.

                                Again Capitalism thrives in a Free Market society dictated by a hand full of private companies. with NO GOVERNMENT CONTROL

                                I show you all the time about manipulation. Every Coin Dealer will tell you there is NO MANIPULATION in SLABBED COINS.

                                This is true when it comes  to un slabbed coins  because it takes to much time to buy , grade, package & place in inventory..

                                 The 1881 CC Morgan Dollar no change in price August September  November & December no changes to any grade.

                                STARTING  WITH  JANUARY 2019 This is the un circulated   MINT STATE  grades that all had price decreases. 

                                Here is a good example  1881 CC Morgan Dollar  how do you take 9 MS Conditions & lower the price all in one week.?????????? 

                                This coin only has a small mintage  of  296,000.  MS60  -  MS62  -  MS63  -  MS64  -  MS65  -  64 CAC  -  65 CAC  -  66 CAC .DOWN.

1/28/2019               Its amazing  we are almost at the end of January. Time  stands still for no Human.

                              I have received several E-Mails from people & customers who have seen & understand what I am saying about the Coin Market..

                              I have always found the collector to be   the savviest  & watch the market movement.

                              As more people buy , demand increases & this drives prices up. I see this starting in the collector grades & large decreases in the

                              MS 65 through MS67  manipulated market. Again over & over I say find out the price from last year back at least 2 to 5 years..

                               I keep being told the COIN MARKET IS THE LAST FREE MARKET &NOT REGULATED  & DRIVEN BY SUPPLY & DEMAND.

                               I am glad many collectors are asking how many are minted,in slab in each grade, price 2 to 5 years ago, buy back police.

                               Keep asking the questions, & keep buying & remember every coin that gets slabbed the price will drop then buy another one to average                                        out on your cost of the first coin especially MS 65  -  MS67.         I think the year is going to be a good year for collectors.    .

1/24 2019              I just received a E-mail Question.  What is the best way to buy silver  & should I own a gun if I keep the silver at home?

                             This is a fun question with many answers. I personally always & still do, is buy US silver coins. Then buy silver by the ounce, 5 ounce                                      bars, silver coins if you want silver dimes you dont have to buy a large quantity you can buy 1 . 5 , 10, of more if that is all you want,

​                             10 ounce bars to 100 ounce bars.  Then like many people that make jewelry they  buy foreign silver coins.

                             I have always thought a better deal was with US Silver Coins. Also if you can not afford a full ounce of Gold but a 1/10 ounce & 1/4 ounce

                             or a 1/2 ounce.  

                              I am not telling any one to purchase a gun but to look at society  before  today & what is it going to look like in 20 +  years. 

                              My business is only  buying & selling coins from around the planet.                                                                                                                                       As a young boy I was always told America can never be taken over as long as a gun can not be taken away from its people.

                               I was told by a teacher we will have taxation with representation.  The Government will take over every  ones life. Wages in time will not

                               keep up with price changes. Every year prices of every thing you buy will increase in price along with taxes.

                              I want you to look at Poland and in the 1960  time when Russia pushed into Poland & the people were throwing rocks at tanks.

                              Look at what is happening in South America today people are throwing rocks at the dictatorships army.. Look back at Cuba & Panama.

                              Look at the history of Germany & Spain.. 

                              When I was a kid we never even locked our doors in our house & never thought anything about it. I dont remember a key for the door.. 

                              People worked for a  company 20 ,30 ,40 years & retired from the company. How long do you last at  company today.

                              The family ate all their meals at the kitchen table with the family. We saluted the flag & said prayers. YOU DONT SEE THIS ANY MORE

                               We would stick our thumb out & people would stop & give us a ride to the next town.  YOU DONT  SEE THIS TODAY.

                               In school you had respect for the teachers if not your parents were called. I never saw a kid expelled.

                               There is something very wrong when you need security  people with guns in a school to protect kids, to me  that is a sick society.  

                              I never saw a homeless person before I moved to California in 1970 . I never saw people going bankrupt because of credit cards.

​                              I never saw companies that watched your children all day long during Mom & Dad working all day. 

                              I never saw where one in a family loses their job & you can not afford to pay your house or apartment payments because the other check

                              is used to pay the monthly bills way beyond what you made every month..

                              I never saw credit card dept.  I never saw a bank or a store robbed. I never saw a house broken into.

                              I never saw a security check at a air port , bus station, or entering a building like today. Again this is a sick society today.

                              Today you need to alarm your car & your house, security cameras on your phone & car & house. Security Doors for your house.

                              Do you think this will ever change back to the way it was before 2 in a family had to work just to pay for an apartment or house

                              This question of a gun .  Read your history from the 14th century until today you will see what is going to happen.

                               I know of a lot of men & woman that carry a gun all the time or have more than one shot gun at home.


                            The start of 2019  Starting out very good. I am seeing a lot of Coins in Slab in International Countries. I just am not seeing good follow 

                            up with prices. Also Ancient Coins  the same thing . Dealers have to start more communication  when it comes to pricing coins.

                             I still have to laugh when I get introduced as a Foreign Coin Dealer.

                            My business does not have FOREIGN IN THE NAME.   IT SAYS INTERNATIONAL.   MY COMPANY HAS BEEN IN EXISTENCE 

                            SINCE 1963.  I sell more US COINS than any other country in my inventory especially  un slabbed collector coins.  I also have over

                            5,000 SLABBED US COINS FROM $100 TO 10,000  I think it is funny when a young Coin Dealer only sells plastic holders.

1/17/2019           We replaced 29 Silver Commemorative  Coins in Slab,  .  There are to many junk over graded  Morgan Dollars on the market. Again

                            I saw Dealers with the same inventory they had last year & 2 & 3 years ago. & I bought only 68 & I did not buy them on the floor.

                           We also receiver Proof Sets 1989 -  60 each     1990 - 101 each      for next Christmas & through the year..

                           But , if we really do have a slow down n the Economy  the last 1/2 of the year I have already adjusted my expectations  from 2000 for 

                           Christmas to around 800  to  1000 .   I will still buy any Proof Sets that are sent to me that look like they just left the Mint..

1/14/2019           In the Hotel  when I left Florida I did something wrong but could not remember & the next day I received a E-mail .

                           I missed picking up 2  each 1914 D AU 50 Lincolns  & THE dealer was sending them to me. I took pictures of each coin

1/13/2019           We just replaced 1914 D Lincoln Cent  6 each in FINE,  5 EACH in EF, & it has been tough to find nice AU 1914 D coins we acquired 3                                     each  in PCGS    We replaced 16 Silver Commemorative Coins. I looked at so many at a Convention that again I would not buy. 

                           I am in the process of replacing 2,000 International Coins   

1/7/2019            Here is another Coin I can not believe how the price can be downgraded in so many Grades  Huguenot Silver Commemorative

                          MS62  -  MS63  -  MS63  -  MS64  -  MS65  -  MS66  -  MS67.

                          I WAS TOLD Monday by several dealers the powers to be are dumping all there worst looking coins  on the market to get rid of & keeping                              the best for the upcoming FUN Convention     It is amazing how 7 grades for a coin can all change at the same time. Manipulation ?          

1/6/2019            Its time to put my Santa hat away & shave my white beard. Shaving has become a chore as I get older. Last year I had to buy a straight

                          edge razor like my Dad used when I was a kid. because the year before it took 3 razor blades & shaving every other day..

                          This year I took towels put them in the micro wave in water & soaked my face with the warm (HOT) water & shaved like I was a 13 year                                  old with fuse on my face. Now if I can get rid of all the desert I at as fast I will be happy.

                          We are in the process of replacing 80,000  US  & International coins  to inventory. We  are replacing  more Silver Dollars &                                                      Silver Commemorative & just plain silver rounds  than I thought we would  have to do. US & International  Proof Sets sold great 

                          A real surprise was the Gold Commemorative Coins in MS63 ,the $10 Gold Coins AU +.

                          Several coin request came early for Christmas presents were 3 Leg Buffalo nickels not easy to find , 1914 D & 1922 no D Lincolns.

                          One of the hardest coins were 4 each 1916 D Mercury Dimes in Fine condition. $20  Saint- Gauden Gold  as usual wanted..

                          I am so glad these types of Christmas wishes come early.

                          We also have many International Countries collector  coins from $1.00 to to $50.00. Some countries always more popular than others.

                          The $100 through $500 coins were very good.  But the fun all year long is the $1   -  $20 coin. I think I will never grow up Retirement is fun..

                           Collector Coin in Europe are selling very well no matter the price except for slab coins.  

                          World coin prices  are not manipulated nearly as much as US Coins. You dont have to spend weeks evaluating prices like like the Grey                                  Sheet where a price sheet comes every month but if you dont watch the computer prices every day on CDN you get lost in the                                                manipulation  of Slabbed MS63- MS67 Coins.

                          Today I heard there finally comes a year with several High End Coin Dealers changing or heading for retirement . Changes coming. 

​1/4/2019           Two years ago watching the European & our Economy I mentioned I thought there would be a Recession by the end of 2019.

                         If you remember the 2008-2009 recession was quite a severe Recession every one probably  doesent remember any more.

                         In 2008 several children were 10 years old who are now 20 years old & many have their own family with Mom & Dad working .

                         If we are lucky in Numismatics there will not be a large dump of Coins on the market for people to pay bills.

                         The last Recession many really to many slabbed coins were dumped creating a down turn in prices. These coins were not real nice looking

                          coins & I would not buy over 300 coins, black spots you could see without a 5 power glass. Dark  ugly  blotches on the coin. PCGS holders

                          with big scratches. Lesson learned by a collector. All his slabbed PCGS holders were damaged in some way. He went to one dealer

                          at Long Beach Convention & this dealer saved these coins for him for over 5 years. If a coin normally sold for $100 the dealer always told

                          him he would sell the coin to him  for 30% below the $100. He spent $6,000 a year with this dealer. The dealer said he would buy back the

                          coins whenever he wanted to sell at his original  cost to the Dealer..

                          BUT he did not do this in writing . When the Recession was in full swing he tried to sell the coins back to the Coin Dealer & it became a flat                            NO I cant buy them because I would have to send them to be re slabbed & that is to much money. 

                          He went to a Lawyer & the first thing asked were is the contract stating he would buy them back from you? I dont have one it was all verbal.

                          They go to court & the Coin Dealer swore he never said he would buy the coins back. End of the case. Until the Collector remembers                                He    has 3 different Conference calls from the dealer & each time he said I will always buy back any coin I sell you no matter how it   

                           looks st your cost      .This is on his Computer with date & time of the calls.

                          The 2 Lawyers got together  no results so back to court.

                          Judge was very unhappy & all the money was returned, all coins returned & all Lawyers bills   paid by the Coin Dealer.

                         It is a good time for business or any one to do a stress test to determine how they will determine their survival during a Recession.. 

                         This is a normal process for all Banks & if you are in Business they probably have already told you that for the 2019 predictions of growth                               will be 2.1%    to   2.9% where 2018 was 3.5% to 4.5%

                         Look at GM who made all types of publicity of expanding & keeping people working only to take all the money the Government gave them

​                         & bought back their stock & drop it from around  $55 down to $33

                         As predicted from last year the powers to be  in the Coin Business with the manipulation of prices  & this is really under 300 Dealers from 

                         what I have heard made over 6200 coin price changes through the year. More slabbing more prices decrease.. 

                         Start of 2019 there are already 140 Morgan Dollar price changes.

                         I think it is funny when you see a Morgan Dollar that has the price change  like just happened start  of January 2019  to the

                         1881 CC changes to  MS60    MS62   MS63   MS64   MS65  MS66   MS67    MS64 CAC   MS65 CAC   MS66 CAC    MS67 CAC.

                         I KEEP BEING TOLD THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MANIPULATION  IN THE COIN PRICES. . THE 1891 CC HAS A MINTAGE  OF                                       296,000 coins.   My information shows with a mintage of 296,000 this is quite a scarce US Coin.

                         my records  show  P total over 23,000 + slabbed    & N has a total over 11 thousand + just under a total of 35,000 coins.

                         This is not a very high number of slabbed 1881 CC Morgans & it is public information

                         Assumption  majority are graded in MS62 -MS66 so it is a nice looking coin.

                         The best coins people still tell me is the  coins Good - AU from Colonial Coins to Gold. .Im told it is still fun finding coins to put a set together.

                         We agree & we do sell thousands of these collector coins.  The price hardly ever changes & they dont have to think about losses in price.

                         I stilll say if you are buying a 1909 SVDB buy from a Coin Dealer you know . This is the same with the 1955 double die Lincoln. The 3                                     leg  Buffalo, the 1916 Dime.   Try & buy one of these this year any grade. The 1914 D Lincoln & there are others. Collect & enjoy.

                         If you buy more expensive coins remember have them covered under your home  insurance.Go to your local coin shows look look & look.

                         You want information, you want a grading book. Visit your local coin shop.

                         Gold & silver will increase this year. Both are very low in price but increasing in price almost every day.  Predictions on Silver for 2019 will

                         go from $14.00 to low of $17.00 to $18.00.  Gold should jump $300. 

                         Again 2019 will be a good year until assumption of September.  Remember all companies start letting people go just before Thanksgiving

                         & always before Christmas saving the company thousands of Holiday pay.  The bottom line is all they care about. Many of the people I have 

                         as friends over the years are just like us with Inventory increase of 30% to 50% for the first 1/2 of 2019 . watching how the economy   

                               changes.  I do see & already see  many brick & mortar owners retiring most of them are my age. This will make a change where Web Sites                             will be used more , along with Mail order, Auctions will be the major supplier & coin shows will start decreasing because it is very expensive 

                               to travel to the large major  shows. I WILL NEVER RETIRE UNLESS I GET DEATHLY SICK. The coin business is just to much fun for me..

​                         So remember buy yourself some gold or silver &   one very nice rare coin any grade. Watch the economy.

12/27/2018       It is nice to be able to take a breather. Christmas is a great time of year . I was concerned about filling the want list for several coins up to

                         December 8 when I was able to get the last coin requested of the 1955/55 Lincoln. I needed 7 each 1 in PCGS glad it was only one since

                         PCGS states they only slabbed 5 in EF45 &  7 in NGC Holders, NGC states 119 in EF45. I can say I have documented 45 so far in my files.                           I have always liked NGC Holders for these coins  because they show the coin much better clearer plastic not fussy  & milky like the PCGS 

                         holders. We were able to acquire all but one by the beginning of September & all were  very nice  looking coins. Several customers payed                               payments because they did not have over $1000 extra in their budget.& that is understandable.

                         My biggest hunt this year was finding 100  true EF Concord & Lexington un slabbed Half Dollars for a customer . A Lawyer I acquire for                                   every year  . He has a gorgeous display on his office wall behind his desk. Over the years I have acquired 500 EF & AU Coins. His Grand

                         Father & my Grand Father both lived in Concord in the middle 1800. My Grand Father was the Train Station Master.

                         Because of the severe snow storms several Coin Shops sent me  over 1200 proof sets & the rest of the 2000+ was easy to acquire the rest

                         of the year.. We were able to prep  over 1000 by the end of May..

                         I was not able to increase our inventory by our normal 55%  this year we were able to increase by 22%. My wife took up 7 figures 

                         for her 2 major operations & very happy we had the money for the best Doctors we could fine.. We were able to increase our European                                   operation inventory by 22%.    I can always buy product but I can not  replace  a woman I have lived with 55 years of my life.

                         Five old time Coin shops retired what a loss of knowledge acquired over 60 years in each business. Not a single slab coin in any of the 5..

                          Every year for I honestly dont know any more I would say since the 1970 time frame.  I make a prediction for the next year  Some years I                                did OK,some years I did good  but I run my business on what Ive seen in past years & what I see for the year.. It is fun as the year continues

                          Month after month to hope I am close..

                          I will say if you are in business for the last 2 years you made money with Trump as President. If you were looking for a job they came                                      available . Please understand I am not a person to follow Politics   I just  need  to know which way  in business.the wind is blowing to run

                          a business.

                          It is far from all fun working for your self  but   it is where  you cant be fired unless you lose track of buying & selling & overhead.

                          Over the years I have 8200 people starting a small businesses that have come to me & asked how do I accomplish staying 

                          in business & show them how to survive when slow times come along. Many will not listen.

                         Many were 30 to 40 years old & knowing companies want younger workers.

                         First put the plan together when you still have a job.

                         Many want to go into Retail  & many who listened still work for them selves.

                         Ill tell you about one young guy that worked  for Intel he was 21 years old & married  & this was  many  years ago.

                         He loved making models spending $2000 a year buying & building very accurate models back in 1972.

                         I had him make a list of every thing he saw in the hobby store, how big, how many lights , how much equipment, how big was the                                             inventory & how many days the store was open.. Like many, he was confused & said why do I have to do this. After he completed all the                                 tasks we sat down & drew out the store & he said oh my god I will never afford all this. I said now you know why.

                         He found out the equipment as going to cost him $10,000 I thought he was going to pass out. $30,000 opening inventory, rent $1000,

                         lights & every thing else  another $300 a month. Then there were permits & inspections of the building. Then there was his apartment, lights                           & water , car payments. & insurance. In there apartment they had a 2 car garage they never used. I told him lets find  ware  to buy the                                     shelves  & show cases were going to cost if they were new. He started saving every month. The next year he new he was safe in his job.

                         So now we can sit down  & write out exactly what you want to do.. He had a job where he usually worked 10 hours overtime every week.

                         In September a hobby shop was closing because the guy was retiring.& moving. He bought ALL THE SHELVING FOR $2,000.  

​                        . Then he went back & asked the guy if he could help him or show him how to buy inventory. The guy was very happy to let him know the 5                              companies he bought from.Initial order was only $2,000 I was surprised I thought it would be $5,000..The  guy he bought the shelves from                              told him I am not going to sell everything before I move & I will sell you everything for $10,000 & you send me a check  every month for                                 $250.. I dont need the money. The guy closes the shelves are set up in the 2 car garage & sales start the next week.

                         He gave the guy $1000 the first month & sent pictures of his inventory no shelves to one wholesaler & they waved the initial buy down to                                 $500 a month. Two years go by  & a big layoff comes up at his work. He survived  & he found a nice 1200 square foot store & rented it no                               lease . They move everything in & open 2 weeks later in the middle of a slow down with electronics. He opened at night from 6-10 &                                       Saturday  & Sunday. .  Still in business today 8 hours a day 6 days & very happy.

                         Now in my business I am usually in tune to happenings but every September starts my rush for inventory for Christmas & I get lost with                                   things that happen through to December.

                         I just found out an old friend I havent seen in over 10 years. Since I quit the Large  Coin Conventions. I was asked yesterday if I had any                                 conversations with David Hall & I had to say no because we dont go in the same directions any more.

                         For those of you who dont know  David Hall is & that would be more of my customers outside the US. He was  Founder of PCGS &  

                         Collectors Universe     & Chief Operating Officer. in New Port Beach California. As of September 8,2018  was terminated  & Joseph Orando                           the Chief Executive Officer is taking his place.Now lets look at some facts. THIS IS NOT  DECIDED OVER NIGHT IT TAKES MONTHS

                         to bring charges from  Company Lawyers & Accountants. But like I have said before if you work for yourself the people around you cant 

                         get you fired. Also in his position to keep  control you have to retain over 51% of the company . Now I do know & have heard of many 

                         concerns that have been expressed from unhappy Coin Dealers not just dealers but Multi Million Dollar Dealers. 

                         Many complaints from collectors that were ignored .  I heard Who cares about a coin collector that isent spending a million dollars &  

                         that is where the Coin Market went to only the  big money. & it did damage to the US Coin market & to all certified coin collectors. by the                                  greedy & I think in my  little mind nearly fraudulent behavior. But I dont deal in those circles so I dont know the whole story.

                         If many of you remember for the last 2 + years I have been showing you the manipulation  of the coin market by so called market insiders.

                         Did you ever see in the Stock Market go down one day & back up the next  well I showed you over 600 coins that did this in this  year.

                         I caught a lot of HELL from dealers on my Web Site & dident say anything until  late in this year when a dealer called me the droppings from                           a  dead Donkey & I explained that any E-mail I receive I have a system that tells me who the person is sending me the Email. So I copied                               the Email & sent it to many Dealers  I would say 300 dealers. copying the Dealer that sent me the original E-mail. A friend of his told me 

                         he was furious but would not apologize I dont want an apology I just wanted him to realize there are consequences   to ones actions.

                         To me the higher establishments again in my small way of thinking wanted to find a way of creating more money & created CAC.

                         I from the start thought  oh boy here we go again send your slabbed coin in to CAC & we will charge you to put a green blob on your coin.

                         Basically saying slabbing from the two major coin slabbing companies dont know what they  are doing. Between them & the Auction                                       companies  & dealers dumping to many coins every thing   took a deep dive & it has not stopped. 

                         Let me show you something that happened first the Collectors Universe Stock dividend  in November were cut to 50 % . No investor

                               wants to see  a dividend cut. The deteriorating   operational performance like David leaving & Michael Hays forced to  sell stock is not good.

                         You can check for your self at CLCT Collector Universe  where dividends dropped from 50 cents down to 17 cents. The stock dropped from.

                         $30 to $10 as of 12/23/2018.

                         The net revenue  decreased 2.3 million to 17.5 million in  3 months earlier  ending September 30 2018 from the quarterly records of 19.8                                 million most due to China.  Revenues Sept 30 2017 = 4.5 million  Sept 2018 down to  2.8 million then finish 1.7 million.

                         One thing was they only had 5 top customers submitting coins for grading making 11% of their revenue.  To me all the eggs are in                           one basket. 

                         Now let me show you inside trading of their stock  To be very honest I dont care about any of this but it is a good   Economics    lesson.

                         Average shares  sold was $15.23

                         Feb 2018  Allen       sells 30K       at $16.24 a share

                         April 2018 Allen       sells 11K        at $16.13 a share

                         May 2018 Allen       sells  11K       at $15.51 a share

                         July 2018 Orlando   sells 19,465   at $14.39 a share  he gets  $280,088  

                         July  2018 Wallace  sells 15,620   at $14.39 a share  he gets  $224,761

                         Nov  2018 Farrington sells 14,500 at $14.31 a share she gets $207,415

                         Now all the little guys that own stock are losing money & dont know what is happening.   The rich get richer & it is not against the law.

                         There loss for 2018 is 21% that is a lot.

                         If you are a small business & you sell $100,000 a year & lose  21% or $21,000 ending up with only $79,000 with overhead you are in trouble

                         I will finish up tomorrow.. Remember all you have to do is go into CLCT for the stock exchange for much of this public information.,

                         I will say David was a very nice person to me but with all the thousands of people he meats he probably would have to reach deep into his 

                         cerebellum to remember me but that is OK because I always liked him as a business man.  I was glad to see he is back with Vance & has                               his gold   Report he is not the type to not work he will push on for many more years,

                         I will tell one of the major gripes I have has is the PCGS holder. Many especially women dont care for the bulkiness of the holder. The color                             hides the coin  many women say it is designed by a man. My complaint that always go on deaf ears is the plastic. It is a dull in color & if you

                         are at a convention you a sa at least a dealer have to use a 5 power. I want to see the coin not just look through a piece plastic.

                         For quite a wile I took the dulling as a way of making all MS64 - MS67 coins look smooth & not be able to see the flaws. Just a thought.

                         Many dealers I know say there is no way Im going to use a glass on a coin owned by one of the big shots. To me I never believed in what 

                         people call a big shot.  Is he or she not a human just like you but he or she does have more money than you & can afford higher priced                                  coins  but then again remember most of these people you talk to work for the  company & work on commission . You as a dealer own your                               business where youas like the owner of any business have to do it all to stay in business.

                         You as a coin collector want what you are paying for. So start looking at the difference of what you see in a NGC or PCGS holder.

                         Remember these are  my opinion but I think you will be surprised. Also dont jump to buy a coin there will be another one always another                                 one unless there are less than 10,000  minted . I find impatience as a collectors worse enemy.

                         Now that what has happened we will see a change in the Coin Market to the better the knowledge

                        As I mentioned many times any one can be a coin dealer all you need is $10,000 or a credit card but do they have the knowledge, Can they                            grade any coin or do they only carry slab coins?  

                        Dont stop buying build your collection. Buy coins you like. Trust your instincts. The coins you like are liked by other collectors. If you like a 

                        certain series  please collect it.    

12/13/2-18       I received a E-mail last night I want to share with every one because I like how people think.

                         Dear Mr Kay  would you please inform me of a Coin company that sells US Coins $1:00 to $100..My son wants to start a coin collection.

                         I was told you were a International Coin Dealer that has been around for many years but you only sell International Coins.

                         This is a  E-mail that makes me wonder how some minds work.        What does the word         INTERNATIONAL     REPRESENT

                         ANSWER.   I really want to thank you for taking time to E-mail me your question. IT IS A VERY GOOD QUESTION..

                         First I can tell you if you go into my Web Site you will see  the word INTERNATIONAL   this word  is    to have  between  or  among  nations,                           for  the use of all nations.               I do not mention I only carry FOREIGN COINS. 

                         I did not start buying & selling coins from other countries untill I returned home  from  Viet Nam

                         But I do retain over 8,000 International Coins IN MY inventory on my Web Site or I should say if I CAN EVER FIND THE TIME TO 

                         PLACE THEM ALL ON THE WEB SITE.

                         ALSO I retain over 10,000 US Coins.  During any year I buy & sell more US Coins than I do ( FOREIGN) OR AS I SAY INTERNATIONAL.

                         Since 1970 I have acquired over 1,000 seated Dimes, 2,000 Barber Dimes, 6,000 Mercury Dimes. We have around the same in Quarter &                             Half Dollars. This was fun for me. I buy & sell  any coin graded correctly  at any price.I always have a large want list every year.

                         IF you  live outside of the US  anything from the US is Foreign. Name any country & everything out side their country is Foreign

                               British Peroliume , Exon , Bank of America or Wells Fargo Bank are not foreign companies. You can buy gas from most gas companie &

                         I can bank in most Banks in most countries like  Bank of America  or Wells Fargo so they are not Foreign Companies they are all                                             International.  So look at my Web Site & if you can not find what you are looking for E-mail me.

                         I will send you Coin Dealers I know in your area & learn before you buy.

                         How long has this person been in business, any complaints, do they have a store, web site, mail order check, are they friendly, Coin clubs,. 

                         Again thanks for opening my eyes on the representation of the word     INTERNATIONAL.


12/8/2018         We have spent most of our time packing & shipping. The Post Office has assured us we have up to the 15th for Christmas packages

                         to reach there destination. All European shipments have to be ready by  tomorrows postal pick up along with  South America & Africa .

                         Today without your own stamp machine & scale to show the amount of postage  it would be impossible.

                          Every year is different & this year like last year it is nice to rely on our European establishment for filling orders.

                          We sold over 300 US Silver Dollars from $100 plus . Sweden,Denmark, Switzerland, Germany coins were great sellers this year there are

                          increases in sales Great Britain is still the most popular.

                          We sent 4,286 Christmas Cards to Customers  in the United States & 9,400 through the rest of the world..

                          This is a fun thing for us  to do around 11:00 at night for an hour most nights during the world business report out of Great Britain.

                          By 1:00  o clock  I am ready for my 6 hours of sleep &  our coffee pot wakes us up in the morning which wakes up our 2 little dogs saying

                         I am ready to   go pee. I hate to get out of my electric blanket because it is now 55 degrees  outside & if you live in the south west that is cold

                          because   the temperature has dropped from 100 during the summer that is 45   degree drop.

                          We just bought a collection of Hungary Coins from 1070 to 1850 all Deniers part of a collection I sold back in 1972

                          We were able to fill orders of Hawaii Coins many of them Dimes. I had to break out of Slabs  9 Half Dollars...

                          If I dont get a chance to write again  before Christmas  PLEASE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HANUKA

                          It will be nice to head for Italy for New Years celebration.  My wife can now fly after 2  terrible years of in & out of surgery , 2 years of 

                               having a home health nurse.