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12/8/2018         We have spent most of our time packing & shipping. The Post Office has assured us we have up to the 15th for Christmas packages

                         to reach there destination. All European shipments have to be ready by  tomorrows postal pick up along with  South America & Africa .

                         Today without your own stamp machine & scale to show the amount of postage  it would be impossible.

                          Every year is different & this year like last year it is nice to rely on our European establishment for filling orders.

                          We sold over 300 US Silver Dollars from $100 plus . Sweden,Denmark, Switzerland, Germany coins were great sellers this year there are

                          increases in sales Great Britain is still the most popular.

                          We sent 4,286 Christmas Cards to Customers  in the United States & 9,400 through the rest of the world..

                          This is a fun thing for us  to do around 11:00 at night for an hour most nights during the world business report out of Great Britain.

                          By 1:00  o clock  I am ready for my 6 hours of sleep &  our coffee pot wakes us up in the morning which wakes up our 2 little dogs saying

                         I am ready to   go pee. I hate to get out of my electric blanket because it is now 55 degrees  outside & if you live in the south west that is cold

                          because   the temperature has dropped from 100 during the summer that is 45   degree drop.

                          We just bought a collection of Hungary Coins from 1070 to 1850 all Deniers part of a collection I sold back in 1972

                          We were able to fill orders of Hawaii Coins many of them Dimes. I had to break out of Slabs  9 Half Dollars...

                          If I dont get a chance to write again  before Christmas  PLEASE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HANUKA

                          It will be nice to head for Italy for New Years celebration.  My wife can now fly after 2  terrible years of in & out of surgery , 2 years of 

                               having a home health nurse.