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4/21/20             i HAVE    9  Christmas orders for 1953 US Proof Sets  &  I only had 12 left in stock   . I now bought another 5 sets.

​                         The sets from the 1950 time frame are not as easy to acquire as customers think with  really good condition packages.

                         I returned 12 sets that when I opened the package I took it out side. The package smelled so bad of mold I put on a pair of plastic gloves to                             re seal the package.I think after all these years on this Earth I speak  English.  PLEASE I DO NOT BUY JUNK .             

4/20/2019         I am in the process of replacing over 300 Denmark Coins the 2 ORE & 5 ORE & 10 ORE  are still  very popular.

                         I bought a box of 412 Denmark coins last month & they will sit with other countries of over 50,000 coins most are from 1870-1890 5 Ore a 

                         collection that was acquired from 1903 - 1949 in Denmark & I bought them in England from the Grand Son of the man who bought them..

4/19/2019         Buying all year long   PROOF SETS PACKAGING LIKE THEY JUST LEFT THE MINT with Certificates   NEED 2000

                                                           MINT SETS  CLEAN ENVELOPES NO WRITING OR SOILED   PAYING E - MAIL ME

                                                           PRESTIGE PROOF SETS WITH CERTS  SAME AS ABOVE PAYING E-MAIL ME

​                                                           Shield Nickels, V nickels, & Buffalo Nickels  GOOD through EF  true grades

                                                           All 2 Cent & 3 Cent GOOF - UNC    EVEN SLABS

                                                           All Dimes Except Roosevelt

                                                           All Quarters GOOD - UNC except Washington    Washington Quarters E-mail me on dates & Condition .I have 4,000

                                                           Half Dollars ALL        except Kennedy Halves   UNC only   Need rolls or broken up PROOF Sets


4/3/2019           I have found some time to add in some more information on die varieties on 1931 Large Cents.

                         I still have several more  Varieties I have to explain. 

​4/6/2019           I was able to add a die variety for 1798  First Hair Style S-144