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5/21/2018                   I just replaced more Large Cents  with still more to be completed. There should be 100+ so far.

5/17/2018                    I replaced several more of the U. S.  Large  Cents  with still a lot to place on the list. I still have many of the original coins &                                                      envelopes  Walter Breen graded & gave me the variety # that I will not sell . I made a bad mistake in 1980 & gave a Large Cent to 

                                    one of the  so called Grading companies .  The coin came back to me CLEANED & THEY THREW THE ENVELOPE AWAY.

                                    The paper work I made out I wrote return the envelope with the coin. I was not very happy & drove to Southern California from

                                    Sunnyvale to the company & told them I want to talk to the grader & have him explain  his reason why the coin was cleaned & why did

                                    they threw away the Envelope. It was a terrible communication . The Guy I talked to never read the paper work, dident know I was a                                        Coin dealer or we were on their list of people that were allowed to submit coins for grading. He was to impressed with his new suite

                                    & shoes.  Things happen & you   learn a lesson from every encounter with a human..

                                    At conventions we never had this company

                                    talk to us about submitting coins & we never did submit another coin to this company, We have had another Slab Company slab

                                    coins for us & it really is a small world because they new about the problem. When you as a small company deal with 2000 + Coin

                                    Dealers in the US & Europe the world becomes a big family. 

                                    I took the coin to a Convention & showed it to 12 Dealers we bought coins from & all agreed it was a MS63. We submitted it at the 

                                    Convention  & paid over $100 to have it slabbed at the show & it came back to us as a MS63 red brown

                                    This is still a great business to enter  if you have money  & love to travel , but you still have to learn History, Economics, & how to                                             grade a coin. You can even start a Mail Order company with $50 or attend small local coin shows.                     

5/10/2018                    I mention this request for 2 coins to show how people want to remember their wedding. 

                                    This planning has taken 2 1/2 years  for the 100 guests , the Cardinal, plus , plus , plus.

                                    I need for a customer a 1891 CC IN MS67  & A 1892 CC IN MS67 BOTH HAVE TO BE PURE MS67  WHITE for a wedding

                                    Thanksgiving Day in 2018 a United States Holiday. This is the Birth Day of the Mother of the Bride.

                                    The wedding to be held in Rome Italy at the astonishing  Borgia estates. This is one of the largest estate parks in Rome.

                                     There will be 100 horses,  50 on each side of the 22 foot wide  path leading up to the Mansion . Each horse will have  a blanket of

                                     Cardinal red flowers hung over where the saddle will be. The Bride  will ride side saddle 100 yards up the path with her

                                     brides maids holding her 50 + foot train. The Horse will have a poop bag on under the train just in case , but no one will see it.

                                    Iv explained to my customers the CC coins will not happen since to my knowledge there is only 1 slabbed in PCGS & 1 slabbed in  

                                    NGC with a bid of $50+K & THEY ARE WILLING TO PAY $70 K each.

                                    So,their second option I am able to accomplish.

                                    Each Brides Maid 12 in all will ware a 8mm gold chain 28 inches long with a 50 Lira Gold coin that can be removed from the chain

                                    with a small pull. The Bride will have her brother stand beside her with a open silk purse  & each Brides Maid will place the gold coin

                                    in the purse then walk to the Cardinal & yank of the gold chain & place it in a gold bole with Holly Water on a small table

                                    A Cardinal plus his 6 assistants will be waiting .

                                    The bole will be placed on the alter during the ceremony. The bole is engraved with so much information it took 90 days to engrave.

                                    The bole is to be empty, the chain was payment to the Cardinal & the Church.

                                    The bole is a fresh new start empty for the envelopes from the guests & always  watched over by the younger brother.

5/5/2018                      I finally have time to start replacing most of the large amount of  U. S. Large Cents sold this year.

                                    I have planned for 5/16/2018 to have many graded & priced. Sixteen hour days are still my normal work day for my retirement so far.

5/1/2/018                     I was able to buy a small  lot of Hungary Denier Coins that I sold in 1980 out of the 37 coins I sold I was able to re buy 9 total coins..

                                    I enjoy history & acquiring coins from Ancient time up to today.  They all have a story to read about Ferdinand 1 is very interesting

​                                    of Hungary is fasinating along with the Krakow Mint

5/5/2018                      QUESTION. I just bought a slab Half Cent that I was talked into by a friend of mine 1826 .The holder is EF40. The photo on the 

                                     Auction is not the coin I purchased. I want to send the coin to you & give me your opinion .

5/8/2018                       ANSWER: My opinion: RETURN THIS COIN.      Call the company & tell them you want to return the coin or you can keep a coin

                                     that is only a Very Good in condition . I am sending you a copy of a PHOTO GRADE  BOOK &  AN   ANA GRADING BOOK. I will 

                                     send you a coin  exactly the same as what you acquired but not slabbed . You purchased a lot of coins from me & I am glad you

                                     requested help. You can send everything back to me at a latter date.


                                     HOUSE THAT SELLS EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. Looks like a Kay Mart Closeout Sale.

                                     Fist thing I see is this slab  holder  # does not belong to this coin. I have not seen this   a lot on Auctions. I have seen this at Gun                                             Shows & flee Markets.

                                     The 1826  Classic Head 1/2 Cent is a great coin to purchase slabbed or raw .

                                     The coins has 234,000 minted      It is part of the 1809-1836 a short series

                                     Over the years I dont think I have seen more than 100 of the 1826  Auctioned in all grades.

                                     I am not a fan of Slabbed 1/2 Cents or Large Cents. If I grade a coin & sell it  you know who graded the coin.

                                     Try & find out who graded a slabbed  coin. My opinion something I can swallow along with my cup of coffee all day long is slabbing is

                                     a factory with employees that are under directions to  move product. Iv been grading coins for 60 years but I am not a Multi + Million 

                                     Dollar Company like some of the Slabbing companies.  If the job was accomplished correctly why would the only song played on a

                                     Coin convention floor  be the banging of a slab being broken out to be re submitted again.

                                     Why would CAC have been created. To me it is stupid to send in a coin  graded by the slabbing company to another company

                                     & pay for the coin to be graded again.. So, it now has a funny little sticker sooner of latter the Chinese will reproduce like plastic

                                     slab holders were & you lose more money. But like buying a Chevy car & now it magically turned into a  fancy car.

                                     The 1826 1/2 cent with 234,000 coins has one company only has 400+ total coins slabbed & another company only has 300+ coins

                                      slabbed. I have looked at  5 in VG 10 & 4 in VG 8. & in EF40 I have seen over 40 ..

                                      Up to today a EF40 should sell between $120 -$150   &  a  CAC would be  average $180-$210.

                                      You paid $172 plus $20 shipping for a VG coin  that should  sell between $70 to $85.

5/7/2018                      I was not able to attend the Glendale Coin show  my flight from  Florida had one of Americas  current typical rude  Americans .


4/28/2018                    I will be back home  for the one day coin show May 5  in Glendale at St James Church

4/18/2018                     I need for inventory 10 each all TEXAS COMMEMORATIVES    MS64 & MS65  WILL ALSO BUY UP TO 30 MS63 NO UGLY                                                  COINS​ FOR THE YEAR AT THIS TIME

4/17/2018                    We still have 48 more SILVER COMMEMORATIVE  HALVES & 145 MORGAN SLABBED COINS TO INPUT.

                                    We have also replaced 10 Saint Gauden Gold PCG or NGC MS63 ,MS64  & MS65  1914,1914 s, 1915, 1915 s, 1910 pluss

                                    I looked at over 46 Saints at the Coin Show & I am surprised that I did not think several did not meet MS65 standards I have used

                                    in my class on Saint  Gauden Gold coins & many dealers did not know to perceive the grading parameters.

4/15/2018                    After such a long time I finally found time to start placing DANSCO COIN ALBUMS on our supply page.

                                    We have in stock the whole line of DANSCO ALBUMS I just have to make sure I have them all on the Web Site this month.

                                    I have 1,000 red boses of all 2x2 cardboard holders.

4/13/2018                    Excessive of Military Aircraft logos of France & Great Britain flying  the skies starting 80 + miles out from Europe.

​4/13/2018                    I need to replace 20 each George Washington half dollars in PROOF & in UNC for Christmas orders with boxes & certificates .

4/11/2018                    If you are planning on buying a 1909 SVDB  remember the amount that are being slabbed in the last 2 weeks are going to drop     

                                             the prices with an increase of around 200 more coming on the market. This is the problem with SLABBED COINS.

                                     the prices may not change allot  except in MS65,66 & 67.

​                                     Years ago the dealers told every one buy & hold for 10 years  this kept the prices going higher because of supply & demand.

4/1020/18                     QUESTION : I am looking at buying a Gettysburg silver commemorative  in MS65 can you elaberate?

                                    ANSWER:    The Gettysburg Silver Commemorative is a great example  of art on a silver disk with great history.

                                    This coin only has 26,928 minted with a cost from $600 dark gray tone . $675 for a light Gray , & $800 to $1000 for  a white or

                                    pure white coin. Quality means everything if you are going to buy a MS65, MS66 0r  MS67. I gave the high end prices

                                   Find out what the Companies buy back policy is in writing . Do they only buy plastic or do they really know how to grade the coin?

                                   What was the price 5 years, 10 years 20 years ago? How many of the 26,928 are in Slabs. I will tell you but still ask the question

                                   because if  you are looking for a Coin Dealer to  do business for a long or short  length of time you need information.

                                   Are you dealing with a commissioned or salaried  sales person or the owner.

​                                   The sales people sometimes jump from company to company , but many dont as long as they keep their sales figures on target.

                                   The 2 major slab companies are PCGE & NGC  one company  has over 5900 slabbed  & the other company has over 3,000 slabbed.

                                    With a mintage of 26,928 & figures of over 9,000 slabbed you have almost 1/3rd  of the total production in plastic if you can trust

                                    the numbers with all the crack out coin dealers.

                                    Most of the high mintage of this coin  in slabbes are  in MS64 over 3,000 & MS65  over 3,000, MS66 around 1,000 , MS 67 over 150

                                    There is still a potential of 17,000 more coins that could be slabbed.There are 2 to 4 other slab  companies also. 

                                    If you like the coin buy it you will enjoy  & expand from this experience. Collecting is a lot of fun. I dont recommend investing in the

                                    lower priced coins. Also  buy your self some gold & silver against inflation. This I do recommend to every one.

​                                    Keep some small $1 & $5 bills around & loose change in case the power ever gos out. Stores cant take your check or credit card . 

4/ 6/2018                    Any Coin Dealer that has extra Concord & Lexington Half Dollars  in Extra Fine or Au I need  for a customer for Christmas

                                   a quantity of 50 un slabbed  no dark coins. Please I dont like receiving coins not graded correctly. If you dont know how to grade this

                                   coin send them to me anything under Extra Fine I will buy at $2 over melt because I dont return un slabbed  coins any more. 

                                   I have become very tired of Dealers sending me Coins that dont come close in grading.

                                   I will always return Slabbed Coins that I do not agree with the grading. Last year I only returned 25 Morgan Dollars out of a total

                                   of 3600 Morgan Dollars I received. Please put the serial # on the invoice so I can explain  my reason for sending them back to you.

                                   We have conversed with our Lawyer September  2017 & as long as WE explain to Coin  Dealers our return  policy it is binding.

                                   This was coming for the last 5 years & I just became tired of all the unproductive work of inventory not to ANA or Photo Grade

                                    grading procedures. It dose not cost a lot to attend ANA Grading Course even as a total Slab Dealer you should know grading.

                                    CUSTOMERS  or non Coin Dealers please send us your coins  THERE ARE NO CHANGES IN BUYING YOUR COINS.

                                   We will look at your coins & tell you what we can pay you. The inventory will be returned as you sent to us.


 4/1/2018                    I started replacing Inventory of SILVER COMMEMORATIVES with the Isabella Quarter I estimate I have 20 in Slab.  


3/30/2018                  I think I made a big mistake  thinking i could make changes to the WEB SITE quickly but every thing takes time.

                                 TIME IS SOMETHING i CONTINUE NOT TO HAVE ENOUGH . I will start replacing the SLAB INVENTORY IN APRIL.


 3/28/2018 Question :  Ive read a lot of your information about Numismatics  & the collecting of Coins. Im told & you show Investors loosing a lot of money.

                                I would like to collect but still very confused. Can you give me your opinion?

                                ANSWER :  You are very smart just by asking the question. An informed Numismatist is a key.

                                First you use a word I disagree  with  from the beginning of the Slabbing of  Coins.  INVESTING. I DO NOT & NEVER HAVE                                                   ENCOURAGED INVESTING.  I have shown over 1000 reasons  not to do this. There is no organization that protects a INVESTOR in

                                NUMISMATICS.  As stated many times many Dealers are not happy with me when I tell people not to invest but to collect coins & enjoy

                                the hobby.Remember Dealers say HOLD THE COIN FOR 10 YEARS TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUR INVESTMENT. 

                               I have shown time & time again how wrong this thought  is. I always thought it was a tool to take many of the coins of the market showing

                               a lack of supply of a product & it worked. Every one is now in a hurry to slab coins to sell to Clients not customers but  a Clients a  big                                      difference in a customer who spends $20 a week & one who spends $10,000 a month. In the 1970 ies this sunk in quite fast in my

                                brain . 

                               Just look at one segment of Numismatics     The Silver Commemorative & how the thousands of guys now in there 70ies & 80ies lost

                               between $50,000  & $500,000.   Who would do this to any one that is Investing in Coins . Remember this was a minipulation of to many 

                               Coins being Slabbed. Just look at the prices from 1970 through 2016. Now it is being done with coins in MS67  up $1000 one month

                               down $1000 the next month. Silver Dollars are taking a terrible hit on pricing MS65 - MS67 because to many being slabbed A KILLER.

                               Collecting Silver Dollars up to MS64 prices dont change  every day oe month  as well as some MS65 Dollars. 

                               You can put together a great collection from AG to MS64 coins from 1/.2 Cents to Gold & enjoy your collecting.. Why AG coins. Well a

                               1881 CC in EF=  almost $400 , 1889 CC =  $700 in EF, 1893 S =$3,000 +  so  coins below these grades are still very affordable. 

                               We would have an average of 100 to 150 people a week buying coins $1 up to $5,000  with 80% buying $1-$50 coins.

                               I had a friend in Southern California every day call asking what did we buy that was $1000 or higher & want  us to overnight ship it to                                      him. He would have a check in the mail the day we said we were shipping the coin. But several of our customers  also bought $1,000

                               plus  coins. When a recession came along our collectors dident have to sell a lot of their collections but the Investors went nuts.

                               Every day I watched dealers send us FAX copies of their Inventory & the down turn in prices & phone call constantly.

                               Your question do I want to collect or Invest????????????

                               Collecting in easy. There are over 6,000 coin collecting companies in the US & over 6,000 in Europe.

                               Now I will make the  Collector Dealers uncomfortable.   You asked about E-Bay I have nothing to say at all , never have or never will. 

                               How long has this Coin Dealer been in Business?    Does he stand behind his grading ?  Is he friendly ? Does his inventory look neat? 

                               Does he answer questions you ask? What is his buy back policy?

                               There are thousands of US & International Coins you can still collect. Collecting is the enjoyment of finding & increasing your  collection

                               of anything. I still have my collection of marbles from 1950 & 1960 some of the colors are magnificent. I have a collection of Baseball

                               Hockey  other sports cards & Gene Autry, Roy Rodgers , Poncho & Cisco & others. It was fun & I never expected to make money back.

                               I have thousands of Stamps from the US & all around the world.

                               People ask me how I can tell people what they never hear from other dealers.

                               SIMPLE;    In all honesty I buy a lot of Coins without any problem all year long. I also retain over 886,000  coins inventory not including

                               new inventory we have acquired since January & I estimate 6,000 coins.. 

                               I have a constant want list of  very expensive coins $$500 to $100,000. I am able so far to acquire 80% of these coins every year but I

                               will not buy a Coin that I would not have in my own collection.

                               Last year we set a goal of selling 2000 proof sets for Christmas . We ended up selling a little over 1800 +. This is March & by my surprise

                               we have now bought 1786 proof sets to replenish inventory. We want to increase our inventory this year to 3,000 + sets.

                               Here is a good example.  I have a customer going on 26 years  who only wants one type of coin the Concord & Lexington Half Dollar. 

                               He is a Lawyer & could but $100,000 coins any time but his GG Grandparents  fought in 1775 on the British retreat back to Boston.

                               & very proud of his heritage.  He has 1062 coins in EF  to UNC on a wall display on a wall across the room from his desk & sees this

                               family pride every day.   I have enjoyed buying all 1062 coin on his wall & he is very happy when I send him more every year.

                               SO, dont hesitate to start collecting what you want & enjoy the Hobby. But , also buy some silver gold or platinum & keep some cash

                               in case the power companies fail even for a day. Remember your credit card or your bank check will not work if there is no electricity.



           3/1/18  We will be making changes to our Web SITE over the next couple of Months

         We still have our Inventory of Coins so please E-mail me