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10/18/2018                          Today we placed 8 more 1850  & 12 more  1851 Large Cents into stock. 

10/17/2018                          Here we go where the  Investor dealers  stick it to   the collector  who  loses more money  on over 40  Silver  Commems

MS64, MS65 ,MS66  & MS67  just lost     thousands of Dollars. So many of my customers  do not believe the powers to be are telling the truth about changes in prices. They think the top 20 Coins Companies are responsible. They think the slabbing companies on purpose slabbed to many MS64 MS65 MS66 coins & will continue because all they want is the money. 

Some of this I understand but as long as dealers want the coins slabbed & willing to pay the slabbing price why should the slabbing companies  turn away revenue. They dont care about the price of a coin  or how many are minted they care about getting paid to slab only.

What are the names of the Dealers who get together & do this.

I here collectors are told its the market makers.                                            Who are these market makers?    Why arent their names mentioned.

  I have no answer to this question.

You  the collector or Investor are the ones that should be yelling for this information

I agree with you it is not the Auctions many of you tell me the same story.  

You bid on a coin & the owner  also bids to up the price& I believe it when you say the owner buys the coin if it does not reach the price the owner wants , then submits the coin again & as many of you  see  it dosent  take much to recognize  the same coin up for auction again.

Again the Auction Company dosent care they still make their %15 in the transaction of the owner or another %15 if the coin sells.

Remember they dont own the coin most of the time

My dad showed me how this was done when he bid on horses & cattle back in 1956 when I kept a ledger on all the animals at the Auction & my brothers went around & found out who owned the animals. Dad  bought many farm animals after the auction was over. The farmers really needed the money  & they dident want to haul them back home a second time            .  It was a lot of fun.

Now MS68 prices are showing all the time   & in time you will see the push for MS69 & MS70  dont kid yourself they are coming all the way up to MS100

AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2 month the $20 Gold took a dump  $10 gold took a dump,$5 gold took a dump, Barber Half Dollars 

I KEEP SHOWING how bad this business has become but people still run to Large Coin Conventions & buy without thinking.

I just shows you the Isabella Quarter & Lexington & Concord Half Dollars how bad they dropped

Now this week Lexington & Concords dropped in price from   MS64 - MS67

But the Isabella Quarter also dropped in 2 different grades                Then  Isabella   back in AUGUST had  6 different grades dropped   in price

10/15/2018                         This morning we had some very nice rain  again in Scottsdale & even the mail woman said she liked it 

                                           then she told me the Post office is going up 5 Cents on stamps after Christmas & to buy as many forever stamps at the                                                             current   prices   as you think you will need for next year. She said the Post Office has not made a profit in 5 years.

                                          QUESTION:  explain to me current   pricing of the Isabella Quarter & the Lexington Silver Commem I bought in 2010.

                                          ANSWER :    I really enjoy when Collectors are paying attention to historical prices on their coins.

I will get my self in trouble like I always do .  BUT you are  no different than a Coin Dealer having  to watch how many are in a grade this dictates if there are more than the market can handle as the years go on. You see the same in the Stock Market.

You picked 2 great coins you bought in 2010. Lexington Silver Commemorative  MS65  &  Isabella Quarter  MS65. These are very nice looking coins in white or close to white. Also in bright toning . But are not a great buy in dark gray or black. One difference is the Lexington & Concord originally came in 

a small wooden box & many  toned dark exist. .

Isabella    : I will tell you what I sold a  MS65 coins in 2010  =$2790                        Lexington    MS65 in 2010=  $525

                                                                                  in 2911 =$2750                                                       in  2011= $660  

                                                                                  in 2012 =$2700                                                       in 2012= $660

                                                                                  in 2013 = $2580                                                      in 2013= $565

                                                                                  in 2014  =$2485                                                      in 2014= $545

                                                                                  in 2015 = $2470                                                      in 2015= $445

                                                                                  in 2016 = $2040                                                      in 2016 =$380-$395

                                                                                  in 2017 = $2000                                                      in 2017 =$365-$375

Before 2018 is over many of the Silver Commemorative Coins are going to drop in price MS63 through MS67  because to many are being slabbed

In time the prices on most US coins will decrease in price as long as the Slabbing companies keep slabbing MS63 THROUGH MS67 & NOW MS68.

Remember in thought  they are not making enough money so they want to change to 100 grades from 70 grades & regrade all UNC slabbed coins.

Before the end of 2018  you are going to see a big push on MS68 Coins. But I think you will see a lot of MS67 coins now be sent in to re slab to MS68.  

I only sell bright white or white not very often do  I sell a medium +  toned coin . I buy inventory like I am a collector . No Coin bought unless I would place it in my own collection. Nothing wrong with a dark bright scattered blue, green, yellow, lavender toning they are very nice coins. I just never had collectors tor toned coins deep toning. You will find many beautiful toned Isabella Coins.

Now , what I have had a lot of collectors do is buy 1 or 2 or 3  of the same coin at the going prices of a year to average out the price then sell all the coins. This happened a lot in 2014 with the Isabella Commemorative . A average difference of $300 loss on the purchase in 2010.

This is very confusing  to many people because they cant get out of their mind they paid $300 more in 2010

I have mentioned when you buy ask what was the price one, five, or 10 years  ago. Now how many were slabbed in a MS60- or MS67 .

Many Dealers may not have this information. Their goal is to buy & sell at current  fair  market prices to make a living just like you 

But you should already have an idea  just by the decrease in the pricing over the years.

​Also remember there are A,B.C. & D GRADED COINS If you look at a coin & the strike is above average or the luster is above average this coin may  cost more than the average looking coin. You are buying the quality of the coin

You also have to remember you are collecting (I never recommend Investing unless you are buying coins $10,000 or higher?. 

10/12/2018                        There  was to be a Coin Show      NOVEMBER    3   &   4      AT THE HOLIDAY INN IN MESA ARIZONA.

THE HOTEL  ACQUIRED A PROBLEM       AND   NOW  THE  SHOW                WILL ONLY  BE ON                     SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4TH.  hours 8-5


10/12/2018                Rain again at 5:45 in the morning coming into the Office. The rain was soft coming straight down. I started the coffee & the first time I have started the fire place but it was around 60 degrees  after the summer with to many days over 110   degrees now   60 degrees  is chilly to me.

. I have a friend lives in Main & he thinks 60 degrees is still warm. So I remind him if his 60 degrees drops 50 degrees  will it be  like our 110 drops to 60 he think that is still warm. I   think at 10 degree  he would certainly put the fire place on but his would be with oak logs.

I placed 6 more Silver Commems into stock this morning.

10/10/2018          Its not to often I get excited about Collectors listening to my  thoughts or some call  assumed ridicule of the coin business where we went from a great Hobby to Multi Million Dollar Coin Companies & Auctions  for most coins that can only be bought by a hand full of people. Every day I watch  the price of a coin drop in price & go up in price then down in price like the stock market.  My QUESTION IS STILL WHO DOES THIS?? I have been asked this question  over & over. The Grey sheet owners keep saying it is the Market Makers. Who are the Market Makers & I think that is a poor answer or the big brush of.

Again it shows it is a business  with no government controls & you are the buyer & it is up to you to do the homework.

Iv shown many coins placed in slabs where the price keeps decreasing. History is part of Numismatics. Pricing & how many per year are in the grade youare buying.  I keep informing  you  every time 10 or more coins are graded in AU50 through MS67  the price starts to drop in price.

It is basic supply & demand of any product. The more there is the less it will cost. If there are 10,000 collectors of a Morgan Dollar of a specific year & there are 50,000 in the same grade slabbed does this show to many on the market so the price is going to keep dropping.

I have a question asked of me 2 years ago. I bought this Silver Dollar at a convention & the Dealer told me I would make a lot of money when I went to sell it in 10 years. I did not get a sales receipt & he did not have a Business Card so I have no proof of his verbiage but I just checked the price. I bought the coin for $900 & it is now at $700 because 88 more are slabbed in this grade. 

Now the thing that has impressed me the most is collectors woke up to the 70 GRADES   &  THE 100 GRADES I hope I helped in people speaking up .

I mentioned the 100 grades would have more down side than upside. 

You would not believe how many E-mails that basically told me to keep my mouth shut.  Now, one of the things people dont seem to understand even though you dont sign your E-mail my system still can show me who sent the E-mail. Your address is not confidential with a IPI address. I can acquire your name & address.  It does not  take much but like I have said before  what Coin Dealers answer questions & again it is my thoughts & you should do your own research..  I mention down grading & it really would be devastating  in my opinion since I have a hard time finding true MS65 slabbed coins for clients.

I find  many MS65 Silver Dollars  sometimes will not  meet MS64 standards of my 200 slabbed MS64 coins I retain for grading.   

Now with this push for 100 grades I hear the slab companies are tightening  there grading. SO HOW DO YOU GRADE A SLABBED COIN??????

A serious question that should be asked by all collectors. Were does anything on paper explain how a slab coin is graded from any slab company?

Its not up to you as the collector, its not up to standards from the Government.  It is  all up to the 2 major slab companies.

A question I received yesterday.   Does that mean the Coins I purchased  are   not going to meet the new standards.

If you purchased a Slab or un slabbed  coin from me I have always stood behind   the grading of the coin as long as it stays in the holder I sold you the coin in with no damage to the holder or the coin.

But  90) % of dealers only sell slabs & they dont have to do this. It is stated by the slab company   they  do this  talk to them.   I hear it all the time.

10/9/2018            Today I placed several 1849 & 1857 Large Cents into stock

​10/5/2018            I placed several 1855 Large Cents into stock

​10/4/2018            I just placed 12 each 1954 Large Cents into stock today..

10/3/2018            The trip into the office Tuesday was amazing to see the rain clouds with the early morning thunder. When I started looking out the window                               after making coffee the rain  was merciless on the cars. With the clouds & the rain & the strong wind  all day there were times I could not

                             see the top of Camel Back Mountain. I watched the rain pour of the roof of the 3 buildings I see across the street  like they were water                                     falls. This was the most  impressive rains I have seen this year. 

10/2/2018             I still need  many US Proof Sets for orders. If you have extra Proof Sets please advise me on your requirements.

                            I also need any International Country Proof Sets. If you have Russian Mint sets in hard plastic with certs I need 1980-1996 sets.

                            France, Great Britain, Ireland,  basically most European South American , Australia & New Zealand  sets for my store in Italy.

10/2/2018            I  still   have another 140 plus  Large Cents  to  place into stock along with 82 CC un slabbed Morgans Dollars & Slab Morgan Dollars ,                                    slab     Silver Commens . I have 12 Saint-Gauden $20 Gold all nice MS63 coins but I have to fill orders first. I have 5 of these for                                              Christmas   presents I have to pack & have ready for the last week of November shipping.

                            I have 80 very nice EF & AU Great Britain Large Cents ready or inventory.

                            This is still  such a fun business but I still run out of time every day.

                             Please dont take this as being mean, I never would be mean I just need people to understand my  business procedure.

                             Now  ,  As I have mentioned before if you do not know how to grade & you send me coins & they do not muster

                             the Great Britain Large Cent grading or my grading I will not buy the coins.. This is the same with any International coin.

                           I will send you an E-mail & please if you are in the coin business  & do not have an E-mail  address dont spend your time sending me any                                coins. But if you do send me coins my policy is very clear. I do not have  very much time for the phone. I am buying, grading,packaging &

                             placing inventory in my Web Site. I will look at the inventory you sent me & pay you appropriately  with a check. SO, please understand                                  my policy..  Many lots I acquire I dont find  time to place in inventory for 5 or 6 month or sometimes longer.  

9/30/2018          I just places 2 Cleveland Silver Commems one MS64 & one MS65 in stock & a Connecticut in MS66

                          Connecticut mintage like most Silver Commemorative has a low mintage of 25,018. Very low mintage for any US Coin

                          Total slabbing  if you can believe the figures is over 8,000 with 90% in MS64 & MS65

                          Cleveland  mintage  50,030    with a  slabbing of around 13,000    with MS63 over 1600 slabbed , MS64  over 4,000 slabbed, MS65 over                                4,000  slabbed.

                          Alabama a KEY Coin  exceptionally low mintage of  6,006.   Every Coin Collector should be doing what the big money is doing & buying

                          every good looking MS63, MS64 & MS65 & MS66 they can .This is a coin if &  when they  go to 100 grades will make a big change. 

                          In  MS62 a little over 200  , MS 63 around 400 , MS64 around 1500 ,  MS65 800 plus , MS 66  200 plus  . MS67  around 14  total There are                             NO  graded   & no I mean   NO,    NO  coins  in   MS 68 graded.

                                                             .     Assumption   MS63  around 400 graded     now will become MS65 or MS66

                                                                   Assumption   MS64  around 1500 graded   now will become MS66 ,  MS67 or MS68 

                         But remember the grading controlled  by 2 companies  can also go the other way if the Slab Companies decide to tighten up on the grading..


                               I have always enjoyed how people think & enjoy learning. I was told many years ago The nature of memory is imperfect .

                          Keep asking the same question  & see how it changes with time.       

                             I am so glad my office is in the same building as the bank I use with  the convenience to store inventory. I have such a beautiful view 

                          of the valley with Camel back mountain. It is so much fun to sit in the garden area for tenants & their clients to smell the flowers that are                                  changed every 3 months & listen to t he Lawyers during lunch.   The one thing my wife liked was watching the  Dress  makers   come every                            Thursday with beautiful dresses & shoes for  Clients .The dress makers are amazing with sometimes 3 full rolling racks of dresses. The                                  Tailors  with mens suites shoes & shirts. I never realized hand made shirts & a  tie was such a big business.

 9/29/2018         I just places  a Bay Bridge MS63 Silver Commem & 2  California  MS66 Silver  Commems in stock.                                 

9/28/2018          I just placed  2  Albany Commems  bright   white in MS66   & 2 Arkansas 1935 D commems bright  white in  MS65 in stock

9/27/2018          I just placed 4 each MS 65 Alabama 2  X 2  Silver  Commems  in stock bright white. 

                          I also placed a MS 64 Alabama Silver Commem in stock.all coins bright  white

9/26/2010         QUESTION;  Am I going to lose a lot of money with this change from 70 point to 100 grading ?

​9/26/2018         ANSWER :  This is going to be a long thought ought answer with so much to think about.

                          Im not sure if I really want to get involved  in the 70   verses  100  point   system. is a good question. 

                         I have mentioned many times YOU the collector it is your money.

                         I want you to look at  any Morgan Dollar.  How many MS67  coins are there? Now look at how many are MS66  -  MS65 -  MS64 - MS63.

                         MS 67-66-65-64-63-62-61  are going to be the most minted grades to the  least minted grades.

                         Look at the manipulation in prices in the last 40 years but the key time is the last 10 years. Down one week up the next.

                         Iv told you before every time coins are graded creates a larger # in population  . DOWN turn on  the price.

                         How many Web Sites answer questions????

                         Today I sent an E-mail to a HI end company with a question for a customer . Two companies are selling the exact coin with the same PCGS                           # on the holder & I think they were $10 apart in price.

                         Again I appreciate customers time to ask a question & I  try to  acquire the time to give my opinion 

9/26/2018       HERE WE GO AGAIN.   you may not hear this from other Coin Dealers but I dont need money & have a 887,000 coin Inventory.

                       I  still have over 100  double row boxes of Slabbed  coins  I bought back in 1970-1975 I have not looked at. since I bought them..  

                       If I need a coin & cant buy it in the United States I have many sources in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand & China.

                       This 100 point system  has been slowly coming to a head for   a couple of years.         Stick it to the collector.


                     . 100 point grading system from a 70 point system.



                       There are no Government controls on the Numismatic Big Business & the so called Authorities know this better than most.

                       Lets say you have a collection of a minimum of 100 coins. Most of my customers have 300 plus MS63 - MS67  COINS.

                       AGAIN LETS SAY 100 COINS MS 60 & UP. & IT IS GOING TO COST YOU $20 each = $2,000 . The coin now becomes a AU Coin, is the                             coin & missed grade the first time. There are a lot of  things you have to  think about.

                       Can this happen, it already has many times. If the coin is MS 61 - 62 or 63 can these coins become MS64 I doubt it. BUT they want you to                              submit the coins anyway.     The biggest thing collectors have to remember & most do not know they cant go to their 

                       Congressman with a complaint there are no Government restraints on the Numismatic Big Business. 

                        It is an uncontrolled business run by a hand full of rich  people.

                        THE STATEMENT that was issued  that    ALL COINS WILL HAVE TO BE RE SUBMITTED.


                        The powers to be do what they want.    How many coins are not graded  to the slab grading standards     what ever they are.

                        As a buyer of Slabbed coins do you have a certificate or anything from  the slabbing companies telling you what made the coin a MS63-                                  MS64-MS65. 

                        Do you have anything from a Government association that  you can go to  help with your concerns ?

                         Ask you dealer at the next coin show what made the coin the grade on the holder. Ask him to put this in writing on his sales slip & sign it .

                        You will hear    Oh it takes years to learn how to grade.    A true statement but now you are talking to a 20 year old sales man & he buys the                            coin as a MS 65 & that is what he sells it for & says talk to the grading company they graded the coins  That is not my name on the holder.

                        The last 6 Coin Shows I attended I talked to 88 Coin Dealers.  Like every show I find the same over graded coins in the same dealers cases.

                        They dont realize the collectors see the # on the Coin Holder & make a note so they know how long the dealer has had that coin.

                        believe me when I say 4 out of every 10 coins you see in a Dealers inventory has been with him one or 2 years. 

                        I have a San Diego Silver Commemorative MS65 I bought in 1982 to use as a grading example. I paid $40 for it because it was not the                                  usual.good looking bright coin people were seeing all the time. I never have had one person look at the coin at a  coin show.  

                        Now with all the problems the Grading has had over the years the  multi million dollar Authority  & it sounds like this man that has come 

                        up with this idea works for the grading companies.

                        This dose not sound like he sat down & came up with this idea of 70 to 100 overnight .

                        When , where , who & why, how   Every thing you do in your life is thought out even if you dont remember doing it.

                        Start 1986 slab companies dident  just  say  one  da lets put coins in plastic & charge every collector $20.00

                        Lets put a bar code & tracking # on each holder just like the stock market does.

                        Where can this be accomplished?  Why California instead of Chicago, Boston, Miami, New York City  or any other big city in the United                                   States. If you think about it you will come up with the answer.

                        Who,  this is another easy question to answer if you follow the MONEY. Always follow the money.

                        Why?     Time,  Think of this . You have a collector come to you with a coin. You have to grade it to buy it now you have to pack it, now  you 

                        have to re grade it to make sure it is correct, now you have to figure out how many are minted & are in circulation.

                        Look at your Numismatic history, every thing has to do with history. This was hard information to acquire back 50 years ago.

                             How many Companies in the United States had the 7 or 8 figure amount of money to jump in to this adventure & not worry if it failed.

                        The equipment had to be bought , the programs had to be created, the advertisement, acquire enough big names multi million dollar                                        business owners to help , &  convince the banks to lend the money.

                        Now push & distribute this idea.  It was a beautiful  operation with a  laid out plan that no one would loose any money.

                        I said from the beginning it was what Numismatic collectors needed.  A Company that stood behind there product.

                             The How was the easiest part.  You have to have a very large advertising budget. But you have these other well known Companies to help.

                        The problem from the start .. My self we did not have a computer system just like any small coin shop.

                              I had ledger books to run our business. Then tracking prices was a night mare as your business expanded & in all business you expand 

                              or get out. But if you like what you do in life it is also fun & you dont have to be worried some guy is going to say you dont work here any  

                        more.   In the coin business it is easy to expand  MONEY THAT IS ALL YOU NEED & COMMITMENT..

                         Also  we had a lot of very smart customers  who taught me the basics. I created a book of instructions so I could follow until  I understood.

                        Like I said earlier things  dont  happen over night. Now I dident have to stay awake until  midnight working on a ledger.

                        Sales,expenses, & buying I could do on  the desk computer   any time of the day but still midnight was a norm .

                         So again things dont happen over night.

                         I bought 200 MS61, MS62, MS63 coins. I put up a wall rack in the back office . At Stanford Collage I acquired a magnifying  glass12 inches                             wide 6 inched high on a moving  adjustable stand & every day I looked at the coins to understand what it took to grade a MS61 & MS62.

                         We sold a lot of these coins & replaced just as fast..

                              So again dont think things in the Big Business of Numismatics   changes come   over night.

                          I dont attend big conventions very often any more. My body cant take the 6 days of walking the floor, hotel beds, rich food every day.

                         Now, I will give a different thought .First   I dont think I have ever met the creator of the 100 grades but  I have met so many people I could.

                         I personally like the PNG & I  know several of the members  & thought about joining their organization many times.

                         The 100 grading system  makes for a good argument  because if grading was done correctly the first time you would not have CAC.

                         Now lets look at collections in a different way than I mention above on a positive path..

                         Say I have a MS63 coin that I paid $20 & I  send  it in to regrade & it comes back a MS68 .

                         What is  the increase in price from MS63 to MS68 ?

                         Now a MS64 is worth $40 when I send it in for regrading  & it becomes  MS68 & there are no MS68 coins for this date.

                         Sounds like it could be a good deal depending on who creates a price & it doesnt go up & down every week.  

                         What ever comes of the process of 70 to 100 you as a collector  have to make up your own mind.

                          I just received a E mail that said find out when this is to happen & dump every  thing before &   buy after the change.

                               That is not a bad idea but what if you   had a coin that really was under grade & it came back a higher grade.

9/26/2018       I just placed in stock   3 Lafayette  Silver Commems & 2 Isabella Quarters

9/26/2018       We finished last night at 11:45 labeling   625  Christmas   U.S. Proof Set packages. I still have 801 labels to print.

So far I see no reason not to go  beyond  last years goal of 2,000 sets, with sales of 1,800 plus .

This year we have had more sales  for silver coins, silver rounds & small gold  for  Europe than we did for last year  &  not a one is for a slabbed coin.

Italy is a great place to have a retail store, the wine, the bread baked every day, the fresh cut sandwich meat & cheese, the music & the people.

Almost 5 years ago we had a young boy 16 years old standing on a corner playing his violin  & I waked by him many times. I would put a US Dollar in his little bucket.

I asked the stores & restaurant  around me if they would mind if I had him come & play in front of my store. I found out he needed money for advancing his music schooling. The woman at the Restaurant went with me because I am as bad at Italian as I am at any language. She talked to him for a  half an hour & told him I would pay him $10 a day US money & he could keep his bucket for tips. I put a chair , small french  table out under the tree beside the tables at the restaurant. A month later I was in Arizona then back to Italy 2 months later & the kid is playing his violin & every one was very happy. He has graduated school & now teaches music.. But every once & a wile we will hear him in front of the stores or I am told   when I am  not there   playing his Violin especially on a Friday night at the restaurant with one of his students. 

9/21/2018       I finished placing  80 more 1853 Large Cents into inventory

9/15/2018       ! finished placing  24 more 1852 Large Cents  into inventory.

​9/14/2018       I will have another 20 Large cents in inventory at least 16 from 1848

​​​​​​​​​9/12/2018       I started moving Barber Dimes to their own page

9/11/2018       I will start this answer to this question  but I am looking at a bunch of coins I want to get packed so I will answer as I acquire time.

Question        I am being told by my Coin  Dealer ,  not really ,but a Slab Coin Dealer to buy 1923  MS64 Peace Dollars he wants to sell me 20 each every 3 months for a year at $58 each. He told me PCGS price is steady at $60 - $62  each so I can buy them at $2 to $4  back of standard Retail. He said this is a real human face on the coin.I think  this is a nice  looking coin .  I have bought several coins from you over the last 30 years . I thought it would be a great thing to buy at a low price & to put in a bank   deposit box for the Grand kids in 10 to 20  years.      Please advise me. 

Answer:         First thing it is true this is a very nice looking coin  ,the  poser was a real very nice looking woman, so he is not stretching the truth here.           But the coin does retains   a very high mintage of 30,800,000. This is the 2nd highest mintage in the Peace Dollar series with 1922 having a mintage of 51,737,000 ,      next 1923 S  mintage 19,020,000,      next 1922 S  mintage 17,474,000,     next    1922 D mintage 15,062,000.

 MY          Question           Do you think there are any ware close to 30 million Peace Dollar Coin collectors ?      I CAN TELL YOU NO 

Did the  sales guy tell you how many were minted or how many there are in MS64 condition & I would think he dident.

 You mention PCGE but where does it say you will only receive PCGE Slabbed coins? Read the small print closely.

                                                                          Lets look at a little history of the coin 

                                                                      Mintage 30,800,000    That is a lot of coins 

MS64  9/1/2018        N SLABBED =148,910                                                                               P SLABBED = 87934              

MS64  8/1/2009        N SLABBED =  99,064                                                                               P SLABBED = 59603

 INCREASE IN YEARS                     49,846  (A INCREASE OF 49,846  JUST N )           INCREACE              28,331 ( AN INCREASE OF 28,331 IN P )        THIS MAKES A TOTAL INCREASE IN SLABBED MS64 1923 PEACE DOLLAR  =  78,177  NOT INCLUDING OTHER SLAB COMPANIES  SINCE 2009                                                                                   This tells you a great story. 

Now lets look at total mintage 30,800,000            total slabibed  N & P NUMBERS FOR ANY ONE TO SEE 236,844 & you dont really know if this is true.

but you still have 30,563,156 left to be potentially slabbed.

Now here is the question on a average of the next 10 years how many more will be slabbed in MS64?

What will your Grand children sell them for?            I will say less than you paid for them if each  year more & more  become slabbed prices keep dropping..

If it was me I would buy  1  or 2 each for the kids & buy 20 ounces of silver every 3 months.

But you should speak with other Coin Dealers & try not to let them  know what I have told you  & compare notes & do what you think is best..

I hope this helps you in your decision. 

​Thank you for the question.

​9/10/2018      I placed 10 more Large Cents in stock today.

9/10/2018      I have a question that I am going to answer that I have discussed many times in the past. In my way of thinking it is the same as here in Arizona many people have contractors  start repairs    on their house, pool, roof,  & yard & turn over a  check up  front      sometimes for $10,000.

Every single news station tell stories how this happens & the contractor never finishes the job, & most never see the job finished or their money.

This is in the news at least once a month.

Question       I have a customer just send me a coin & says he had the screws stuck  to him in the purchased of a coin.

Answer:        I am going to be a little to the point on on this question. Remember this is  my opinion & other Coin Dealers may think different.   

I certainly do not  mean to be harsh in my answer & as you say you talked to 4 Coin Dealers  who new nothing about this coin which is not a coin but a  Great Britain Token. Many but not all  US Coin Dealers are  proficient in Tokens from other Countries.

First thing ,       I have mentioned to you before & many  over 50,000 people ,  in a auction, on a web site, in a mail order list, or in a store. do not buy

Numismatic item without a grade on the holder.  If you take the item out of the holder AS  it was sold to you  Now what is your guarantee from the dealer?

THE GUARANTEE can not be verbal but in writing  in   the company policy.

Auctions do not on a large  average take back product sold & in there verbiage no one reads or understands most of it.  you can have  a Lawyer    find this out for you for $150  an hour..

In the Auction you bought this Token from  ?  if you read close there is a statement they have   WE DO NOT GRADE ANY COIN PRESENTED  IN OUR AUCTION.               NOW READ  

CLOSE   BECAUSE THEY STATE                GRADING IS EXTREMELY  SUBJECTIVE TAKING MANY YEARS TO LEARN  & WE DO NOT OWN THE PRODUCT, IT IS ON CONSIGNMENT. If the product is not sold we return it to the owner & charge 10% for handling.

The popular  Auction houses in America & Europe   have most  Coins   on consignment. They dont own the coin. They make money buy you sending your inventory to them to sell. This is always done with Art & Car  Auctions.

Thank you for sending me the Token.  First  you only paid $19 on sale from $48 . This PRICE was a good hook for a customer.  WOW I get it at 1/2+ price.

No grade .  CANT BELIEVE HOW MANY TIMES I have stressed this is a terrible way to buy a coin  .

   I graded  the Token as a   nice looking  VF Obverse & Reverse.

I have never seen a picture of this Token nor have any of the Dealers I corresponded with . This is not the first time this has happened with a Token.

I am always curious so I contacted  several European Dealers I have known for over 20 + years dealing in Great Britain Numismatics. No data from any one.

This is your 3rd  not so great experience at buying from an Auction.

You have a peace of history sooner of later someone will  recognize . You dident spend a $100 to a $1000. 

But , it is your money & you buy what you want as a collector, it is fun, you can afford it, & it is there to give you pleasure. But remember AUCTIONS exist because people want to get rid of what they have & it cost nothing except  40%  of what it is sold for. So you paid $19  & the Auction Company made  $7 & the consignor  made $12

Remember I am not trying to be mean    but I have always said do not buy without knowing the grade  . Dont buy from Auctions or any one this way.

Any one can be a coin dealer today with slabbing it only takes money. The Slab Dealers  are not responsible for the poor grading the slab company is.

I have stated many times I will look at 300 or more coins at a convention & pass on most because of the grading. Im not Joe  blow coins  my name is on my business.   BUT remember every time  50 or more  coins are slabbed (Say a Morgan Dollar)  the price is going to drop & you are going to loose money so enjoy your collection & remember it is a collection .

Your other question  IS no I DO NOT recommend     Investing in coins unless you follow the stats & buy coins above $10,000. There are many Coin Investor Dealers in this business   to talk to but check the Web some have had trouble in the past  & do nothing to fix the problem  for the customer.

Also remember the salseman needs to sell to keep his job for these multi milllion dollar companies.

As investments I do recomend Silver & gold. Both are down in price & people are buying & when silver jumps $2 they will end up selling 1000 rounds. Instant money for next years vacation.

​Again  you wanted my thoughts  & other Dealers probably have other thoughts.

9/9/ 2018       I still have 86 Large Cent to grade & place on the Web Site . I placed several slabbed Mercury Dimes on the list yesterday.

                     I still need close to 1,000 Proof Sets to fill Christmas requests. As of the end of September we have prepacked 1249 Christmas requests                           ready to ship the first week of   December.. We are looking to sell over last years 1868 sets. Our goal was 2,000 sets. This year our goal is 2,500.

                    Any dealer that has extras sets that look like they just came out of the mint E-mail me.

                    My poor wife is back in the Hospital today a 6 inch incision opened up & split about 1 inch wide.  She cant win.

9/5/2018      I am adding 4 more Silver Commemoratives  today

9/3/2018      I placed another 25 Morgan Dollars on the Web Site today, & priced more 1/2 cents

9/3/2018      I have not had a lot of time for answering questions so here is one.

                    You speak of Walter Breen many times  . Question Did he write a book & look like a man from the mountains?

 Answer:  Yes Walter was a big man with long white hair & beard. I met Walter by accident in Beverly Hills at a Beverly Hilton  lunch  for a coin auction..

Mack was great with buying  collector coins & I was good at $200 - $10,000 coins. So I attended many auctions.  

Walter did not have a table for lunch & I had a table all to my self so I told the waiter to ask him if he would join me. He accepted & we became friends from that time on. Back in the 1970 time frame you made deals with Coin Dealers on a verbal conversation. A Coin Dealer from Michigan came over & said Art I have  a bag of 100 Circulated Large Cents some 1700 up to 1833   I dont have customers for & he dropped it on the table  knowing I could never say no & said how much he wanted for it. He new I would buy it & he said send me a check.

Walter talked to me about a lot of thing about the Auction & said he had seen me many times at different Coin Shows & all the time keeping an eye on the bag of Large Cents. The bag got the best of him & asked if he could look at the coins. Here we are in one of the most plush Restaurants in Beverly Hills

Walter opens the cloth bag & spreads the coins out on the plush bright silky  white table cloth.. 

Harvey Stacks came over to the table with 6 people & he said Art would you mind if we took Walter we need his advise. The waiter came along to fill my wine glass & Mr. Stacks assistant  told the waiter to put our meal on his account. Then  he said would you mind if Walter took your bag & look at the coins. His assistant gave me a blank check in good faith.

Two weeks later Walter gets of the train in Sunnyvale & walks over to our  store called Macs Coins.

Walter had packed all the coins  graded them & wrote on the holders the Variety or any special detail.  I ordered lunch for Mac, Walters son Walter & myself. During & after lunch customers coming in & meeting Walter I told him to come back into the office. Now I new who Walter was & said let me open this safe & I pulled out 1560 Large Cents & said see Iv  been buying Large Cents since 1954. It was the beginning of  me creating classes I could teach about grading, & varieties for Large Cent & Half Cent. Every Coin Show I attended & Walter came he would have his son call me to bring him a minimum 100 large cents to look at,

I usually brought more.

One time I asked someone who new Walter for a long time why did he want me to do this. He said first he has a back table to read , work at & take a nap. You have a micro scope  for him to use, & a lot of great coins .You dont bother him with 1000 questions. You give him a book to make his notes , you let him take any coin he wants with him to do more research.

You feed him. You take care of all the customers , you pay the bills & make out the checks for the customers & Mac & you guys buy a lot of coins  where Mac buys & you pack & you take them back to the store & start all over again. Walter is free to look at any coin you buy. Basically you have a candy store full of goodies.

In this business it has never been about  the money for me   but the friends I made. You want money you go to the bank, they know you but their not your friend.  My horse , my dogs are  great friends.  In business I treat people the way I want to be treated & hope they become my friends.  

I do have to admit my banker did become a very close friend.

Years later Walter ended up with some severe  problems that I never new about & no one ever told me about.

He passed away & we dident know about it until  a month latter from one of his friends who was one of my customers & Professors at Stanford University..

To meWalter  was a friend with a brain no one could match. He treated me with the same respect I treated him. 

9/1/2018         I started moving  the Half Cents to their own page but I have not had the time to price them yet

8/31/2018       I want to Thank ever one for understanding yesterday. I estimate over 17,000 people went to  the funeral. It was still quite hot  in the sun but it

did not stop  people from standing in line with their water bottles. 

8/29/2018       I apologize but we will not ship anything until around 10:00 tonight.

We will spend the day at Senator John Mc Canes funeral services in Phoenix.

We just finished spending time with 2 old friends both great  Governors of Arizona.

Please continue your orders & I will answer everything tomorrow.

Thank You

8/28/2018   Over the last 3 Months I have received several E-mails about how confusing US Proof Sets have become &  ABSOLUTELY  I 100% AGREE

with your thoughts. I will make some changes & if this is easier  to find the correct  set of coins let me know. Thank you very much.

​We will start pre packing for Christmas proof sets in September.

8/26/2018 Added more Large Cents, Morgan un slabbed Dollars, Slabbed Mercury Dimes, Slabbed  Buffalo Nickels, German Coins & Swedish Coins.

8/20/2018  We just replaced  40 more Silver Slab Commemoratives



William Harkins is the President a very hard working man.

​I have been a Life Member since the 1970ies



If you need information on the Convention please E-mail

Also at the last show I had several requests for Slab Morgan Dollars & Silver Commemoratives. If there are any coins you are looking for pleas e-mail me..

I was able to place several Austria 3 Kreuzers into stock all from  the years 1600 +.  Also several BU 1/2 German Marks.

8/13/2018   We were able to replace & expand the Un slabbed Morgan Dollar list with 60 more Dollars , another 60 Indian Cents, 30 Large Cents, several Peace Dollars & 30 new International coins, Australia, Austria,Great Britain, Germany & 1 to 5 of several other Countries

​8/8/2018     Replaced several Slabbed Silver Commems & Morgan Dollars & a very nice 1845 Large Cent in VF condition .

8/6/2018     I was able to place 4 each 1846 Large Cents into stock today. They are all SMALL DATE coins & I have explained the 3 different Varieties.

I also have a very nice 1795 Large Cent in VG & a 1798 style 2 large cent in Fine

8/1/2018      My wife has now finally been moved to a Rest Home for a minimum of 2 weeks.

I have more Large Cents & Un slabbed Morgan Dollars  I will try to place on the Web site   ( this week? )

I am placing several coins from Sweden,Germany,Spain  & other Countries in inventory.

I have acquired a colection  of Austria coins I sold in 1972 to a customer from the 1600 -1680  ies & should have them in ( inventory this week? )

I also have a collection of U.S. Large Cents coming in the mail.

7/12 2018    I am still living at the Hospital with my wife. She still needs 24 hour coverage. She has to swallow 8 tea spoons of liquid every 30 minutes & there just not enough Nurses because every bed in the Hospital has a patient in it & it is the summer. During the winter with the extra 180,000 people that spend the winter here in Mesa its hard just to see a Doctor.  

I was able to fill all the orders from the last 2 weeks & now I am working on a collection of  100 Morgan Dollars that have been in Dansco Albums for  over 40 years that have sat in my safe since I bought them 3 years ago. Many lower end EF condition  CC Dollars. Most Dollars are MS63 to MS65  . Also I am increasing several coins from Denmark & then several coins from Great Britain I hope tomorrow.

6/29/2018    I  was just informed OF    the   SUPREME COURT    SALES TAX   REVERSAL DECISION  




i will be down for a couple of weeks . Thank you