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                                            MARCH   3    &     4    2018

                                            COIN SHOW   COIN SHOW   COIN SHOW   COIN SHOW

                                            ONE OF THE TOP COIN CONVENTIONS IN THE MESA AREA

                                            THE PHOENIX COIN CLUB COIN CONVENTION

                                            1600 S COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE

                                             MESA  ARIZONA







                  LET ME SEE IF I CAN FIND IT FOR YOU  OR SEND ME AN     E - MAIL  

                                                              2/21/18  We replaced several Silver Commemoratives, as always I find so many that are pure ugly.

                                                              Between the ugly coins  & over graded  coins in slabs  I  dont know if one is better than the other.

                                                              I was also able to expand the quantity of large cents. One was the 1798 Draped Bust style 2 hair we now have

                                                              an increase of 5 in FINE, 1855 upright 5  we have 9 more in EF, 1855 slanted 5 we now have 12 in EF & 4 in VF.

                                                              2/20/18 This morning I opened a bag of 5,000 Indian Pennies I bought 2 years ago from a Coin Dealer in a small

                                                             town in Ohio. I also bought 6,000 Buffalo Nickles the same year. He has had to close his Coin Shop because he is

                                                             now 80 years old & he promised his wife  that in 2019 they can take a cruse around the world.

                                                             I will be going to Ohio in April on my way to New England to pick up more coins from him.

                                                             I first met him 22 years ago by accident. During a trip through Ohio my wife wanted to stop & see her last Uncle.

                                                             After being there for an hour  I  went to the Butcher (YA a real Butcher) to get some steaks. Saw a little sign

                                                              in a store that said coin shop.  That started a great friendship. He had a pot belly stove with a pot of coffee on

                                                             & guys stopped in grabbed a coffee  they threw money on the counter  & of to work.

                                                              He laid coins away all the  time for customers & they paid him when they had the money.     

                                                             2/19 Thank you for letting me know I  made a mistake  un slabbed.Sometimes my 12 hour days turn into longer

                                                             days. All 100 coins were slabbed. There were 5 each 1892 CC in MS65 all in older holders all true MS65 all for  a

                                                             want list. Next a long time coming to find 2 each 1893 S  true grade of  EF again in older holders. Next 1897 S in

                                                             MS65 I bought 10 each  I usually  find the luster to be good but not on 4 of the coins. I needed a VAM 4 for a                                                                            customer   but dident acquire one . The rest were nice PLs but honestly looked like MS64 coins.

                                                             Next 1897 O I bought 10 coins  I always liked this coin  I have always found the same weakness in the strike which

                                                             I did with 6 of the coins & to my surprise 4 of the coins were full strikes & not with the usual dull luster.

                                                             I could not pass up a full box (20) 1900 O wishing for a O/CC but it was not  there. This coin so far has always had

                                                             a strong strike with goof luster. Two of the coins had the O tilted right & 7  tilted left.

                                                             The rest of the coins have already been sent to customers, all looked at  for Grade & no damage to the holders.     

                                                             2/15/18 We just bought another 100 Morgan Dollars un slabbedto grade  & as an experiment I bought 20 each 1882

                                                             Morgan Dollars slabbed  none in NGC holders but the other one. I laid them out put a 3x5 card with each made                                                                         a pot of coffee & looked at each & graded them on each card. This is fun for me. If I really needed money I wouldent

                                                             have time  for what people call nonconformist attitude but some people drink beer & watch TV . I make coffee &

                                                             try to keep with the business I have been in for so many years.

                                                            I have been keeping records on slabbed coins from its start .  Out of these 20 coins 6 were graded in (close date) 1970                                                               all 6 were true to the grade  grade of MS65 . Now I find 4 graded around 1982 these were no more than MS64

                                                             & not very bright with luster.. The 1882 Morgan Dollar has a large mintage 11,101,000 . I have found there are many

                                                             full strikes but in the same instance you will find many weak strikes. Luster  by my grading set is better than several                                                                  Morgans  from previous years even with a large mintage.The 1882 is usually thick numbers  & you can see this if

                                                             you just take a look at say a 1881 . You can find over 20 different varieties mostly in the date area.

                                                             Now came my disappointment  where 4 coins were terrible without even using a 5 x glass I saw dings in the cheek in                                                               the ear, on the ear, in liberty on the neck. on the cap. They met MS 63 grading. The last 6 met my examples of MS64.

                                                            Like I said this was a fun experiment something I never do is buy a coin without looking at it with a 5 X magnifier 

                                                             because many of the coins I buy are for clients.         

                                                             2/9/18  FUNNY THING HAPPENED LAST NIGHT.   WE HAD TOTALLY UNEXPECTED  COMPANY.

                                                             Good Friends from the East coast of Great Britain we thought they were coming next month. We were very happy.

                                                             Instead of going out to eat since every one was tired I said lets get Pizza. Four Adults & 4 teenagers ,so we figured

                                                            at least 10 large Pizzas we new the kids would enjoy that. We called & a normal $10 (for the last) year) was now $22

                                                            plus delivery charge & a $8 tip to the driver. The girl taking the order when I paused asked if I was still there. I said                                                                   excuse me but what happened to the $10 charge.She said well , we were given a raise so someone has to pay for it.                                                               Its to late so I had to say OK, but when the driver came I talked to him & asked why? He said they gave every one 

                                                            a 50 cent raise  then cut  one to 4 of their hours per week. He said he isent even getting $2 in tips from  people & its

                                                            not enough to cover his gasoline & people dont understand he has to get more insurance on his car for deliveries.

                                                            He did say the Manager sat every one down & said you people wanted the Government to raise your weekly pay.

                                                            We will do that & every one went yaaaaaaa. Then he said this is what is happening to my business because of  the

                                                            increase in minimum wage  electricity, water ,sewage, garbage pick up, deliveries from vendors cost  UP  & this is                                                                     only the start of prices to increase for my business that I have to pass on to customers to stay in business. If I go to 

                                                            high on my Retail prices people are not going to buy so now I have to look at my help. Some of you have been                                                                         working here for 5 years but I am giving you all 50 cent raise per hour.  All will have 1 to 4  hours or more cut weekly

                                                            I can not have someone work over 20 hours a week because I can not afford your health insurance any more. 

​                                                             Life continues  on.

                                                             The  next night we all went out for dinner to Golden Corral  & it only cost $100 & $10 tip  

                                                             When the subject came up about a raise in the minimum wage people really got mad at me when I said every one

                                                             had to raise their price for their product & lay people off or cut hours. The only ones that make out ok is if you work                                                                    for the Government. Your  Government workers get 16 Holidays & many people working for a Company only get                                                                      Christmas. & if you work in Retail that may not happen.  The Government is the winner with more tax for them  

                                                             to send to Foreign Countries instead of using it here in our country to help our people. Look up what is given. Or

                                                              the newest thing found out . A slush fund for Government sex offenders. Fifty years ago you could not find this out.  

                                                             I tell people you dont have to believe me the statistics are there for you to look at.

                                                             I come from a time when a loaf Table Top  bread was  10 Cents, Gasoline was 25 Cents a 4 bedroom house with a

                                                             full cellar &  yard cost $16,000 to $20,000. We bought one & 3 year later sold it for $22,000.

​                                                             Now, 45 years latter this same $20,000 house sold for $578,000 .  

                                                             WHEN YOU ARE MY AGE     (72)   & you are now 20 years old what will it cost to live, minimum wage $100 hour ??.                         

                                                                         2/7/18 My mail man (Woman) today brought me a package with another 150 Proof Sets in it all very nice looking.

                                                            2/6/18This question came to me December 12 , 2017  & I was just to busy to answer.I apologize.

                                                            I keep hearing because of so many Retail Stores closing  the government will tax INTERNET SALES ON COINS. 

                                                            ANSWER:First of all do you really think the States & Federal Government  can survive without your tax contribution.

                                                            They would not be able to give Millions & Millions of your hard earned tax money to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS

                                                            INSTEAD OF USING IT HERE IN THIS COUNTRY.

                                                             When you get paid for a hours of work starts the tax confiscation,  then you go to a store & you are taxed ,  

                                                             look at your water bill, electric  bill, if you have a car or motorcycle, & it does not stop here, now to go any ware 

                                                             you get gasoline  you are taxed, then even when you die you pay a death  tax . The Federal  Government

                                                            also requests your last Social Security Check back. 

                                                             START TO LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SUPPLY TO YOUR GOVERNMENTS.

                                                            Also you have to look at how many people will lose their jobs. Now the Government will not receive taxes from 

                                                             a minimum of 300,000 + Retail workers, & THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY .  Now WHAT DO YOU THINK.  

                                                             This is my opinion & as a Mother or Father you are also an Economist even if it has never entered your mind.

                                                             But now we will start the Governments biggest control over the people throughout  the planet.  

                                                             You are going to have to acquire a credit card because there is no use for cash any more. Every purchase is                                                                            processed   in a computer. There is no use for a checking account. so, there   is no use for cash.  

                                                             I am sure the Government has it already planned to charge tax on an  Internet sale no different than a Retail Store.    

                                                            Say you make $20 a hour  sit down look at your pay stub, then the store then your gasoline & there is more.   

                                                            When I see young children with a phone & buying a candy bar with a credit card you know this is what the people                                                                      want as the years pass. If you go to a bank to pay a $20 monthly bill & you do not  have your Drivers License  the

                                                             teller can not take your payment.     

                                                             As a coin Dealer they will have to get bigger & bigger no different than any other business. Gold & Silver will continue

                                                             to be big investments as well as Coins. You will not see large coin Shows I think you will see smaller shows  because

                                                            as Dealers my age retire I think you will see less but I have been saying this for years. Why should I go to a Coin

                                                            Convention spend a average of $3,000 to $5,000 for 5 to 6 days when I can stay in my office & buy & sell.

                                                            No matter if tax is acquired of not Coin collecting will never stop. You just have to adjust to NEW PROCEDURES.

                                                           2/4/18 This morning I replaced 112 Buffalo Nickels back into inventory.

                                                           2/3/18  This morning UPS delivered 2 packages . Both had Proof Sets. One Coin Dealer sent me 250 Proof Sets

                                                           all nice clean packages  clean holders. I am returning the other box. I do not accept junk. You wasted your time & mine

                                                           with the 20 sets from 1969. The packages smell moldy that means the plastic cases are the same. I would not

                                                           even buy the sets as break up sets.  As of 2/3/18  I do want to thank the dealers that cleaned out there safe with the

                                                           excess proof sets. One dealer sent me 26 each 1975  Proof Sets I sold  in Ohio in 1977 from my mail order list in the

                                                           original envelopes I mailed the sets in.  We had a Total of 892 Proof Sets received  as of 2/1/18. More than I usually

                                                           receive this early in the year but with the big snow storms some dealers tell me they havent  acquired much business                                                                so this gives them time to put on the coffee pot & clean up the back room of much of the excess stock accumulated.

                                                           In a normal year I would still be looking for Proof Sets up to November like I did in 2017


                                                          1/30/18  QUESTION:  Morgan Dollar 1900 - O Is this a Good Dollar to buy in MS63 or MS65 , MS66 or MS67?

                                                           ANSWER:  I went back through my notes for the past 40+ years I always liked this coin. I have very weak strikes

                                                           & strong strikes. caused by such a high mintage of 12,590,000. I found & still find the luster to be quite good for

                                                           a coin with such a high mintage. Over the years I have only handled & graded  1200+ most of the MS 63 were 

                                                           soft strikes, today in 2018 there  are to many slabbed in MS63  my estimate there are almost 28,000  slabbed.

                                                           The MS64 even has more slabbed with around 40,000 + . MS62 around 4,000 slabbed MS61 around 400 & MS60

                                                           Ive sold 42 since 1976  & at this time I could not find out how many were slabbed.

                                                           Today I am told by several dealers in the US & Europe things have changed allot  &

                                                            they have a hard time finding a MS60 because the grading is no more than 60  or 70 total but can you believe the                                                                    Grading Companies   numbers  produced since you have people who break out a coin & have it re slabbed.

                                                           First to buy a 1900-O Dollar.  Yes this coins makes a  good addition to any Morgan Dollar set from MS60  - MS65                                                                      but my opinion  in the 2018 market all Morgan Dollars are great to collect from GOOD to where you want like MS64

                                                           a collector coin.  The better the Grade usually MS65 MS66 & MS67 the less there are Graded.

                                                           I can be wrong but the MS65 starts the Investor grade for 1900-O Morgan Dollar with 14,000+ . MS66 with 2,000+

                                                           & I personally do not totally trust the MS67 , but  I also do not buy or sell MS67 Morgans because there are around

                                                           160 + in MS67 & very sought after . If I have a request for a MS67 I will find one for my customer.

                                                           Now with a mintage of 12,590,000  & a estimated 91,000+ in Slabs you still have a potential  over 12,000,000 +

                                                           that could be slabbed in the future.   I say buy the coin & enjoy  then  keep your receipt & talk to your accountant.

                                                           Just remember every year more of the 12,000,000 + are going to be slabbed lowering the price of your coin.

​                                                          1/28/18  When I went on my computer I had a message from a young boy who E-mails me sometimes 2 or 3 times

                                                          a month with questions. We try to answer & I have a young boy who answers most of the questions for  me from.  

                                                                        Europe  & there are a lot of questions. One young boy from Africa has never seen a coin from his country we sent

                                                          him one. I have said for years the kids today are far more adapt to learning but it is up to their parents . Age      

                                                          has nothing to do with intelligence. In America children dont always learn another language but in Europe many 

                                                          children learn  minimum of 3 languages & English is mandatory in any private school. He goes to school 12 hours

                                                          a day & only has 2 weeks a year for vacation. If he comes across a question I dont already have a answer to in my                                                                   file of questions & answers I started in 1971 mostly questions asked by my customers  & the file has over 6,000

                                                          question & answer he asks me.    

                                                           But my young friend who E-mail me monthly asked me ,, My Grad PAPA  wants to know if you will ever retire?

                                                          NO, I probably wont ever retire until medically or mentally I am not able to do what I have enjoyed most of my life.

                                                          When I reached 65 years old  I noticed I wasent able to jog as much as I could when I was younger.

                                                          My Doctor told me I had to cut back on going to Coin Shows. To much travel, food intake, lack of sleep, hip & leg 

                                                          pain from standing on cement floors 12 hours a day. That is when I really started looking in different directions when  

                                                          it came to business. I cut shows by not taking a booth  but going & buying product & in 2 days I was back home.                                                                       I could swim in my own pool , eat non greasy restaurant food use my own weights. I use to hate sitting on stationary                                                                 bicycles in a gym  in a hotel. At the end of his note he said I dont want you to retire I wont be able to buy coins.  


                                                          1/28/18  We were able to replace all the Canada Quarters & Half Dollars in stock plus I bought another 900 Canada

                                                         Quarters  to throw in the safe & be graded for sale at some time down the road.

                                                         1/27/18 Today I visited the Mesa Coin Club show it had a very nice lay out with a lot of customers.

                                                          Dont forget the   Phoenix  Coin Club   show at he Holiday Inn in Mesa  the end of March.               

                                                          As I was leaving I received a call from a bank in Mesa. There was a 92 year old woman in their bank wanting

                                                          to change some Canada Quarters for cash she had 33 each 1902 in GOOD CONDITION.  & she thought she

                                                          would be able to get $8.00 for them. The bank rep made her a cup of coffee & when I came in I looked at her &

                                                          I told her what I could give her for the Quarters  & she dident believe me so the Manager told her it was true.

                                                          I always ask why would you.  I enjoy the story & watching the peoples faces when they go back into their life .She                                                                     was  born 1928 in a hay field when her mother was cutting down hay in the field for the cows..Mom said to Dad

                                                          its time for the baby to be born & she brought her sickle over to the wagon in less than 10 minutes  I was born my

                                                          sisters covered   me in a burlap bag & mom went back to her sickle cutting hay.  Her Father sold cows that spring                                                                     after they had their calves , but he sold 2  cows next day after my birth & that day he  took   the  coins &                                                                                     put them  in a small  wooden  box he made  same type of box he made for  all of us with a lock of his hair. there.

                                                          they stayed. Dad passed away before I became wed to my husband & Mom gave me the box to keep.

                                                          When Grand dad  died he left 6 calves to each Grand Child & by the time I became married I had 22 cows & every                                                                   time a calf   was born I put the quarters on the rail when you entered the barn for Grand Dads memory & thanks .

                                                                      1/24/18  We replaced GREAT BRITAIN PROOF SETS TODAY  1970 back to 4 each 1971 back to 3 each

                                                         1974 back to 4 sets 1975 back to 1 set this has been a hard set to find & 1980  back to 9 each.

                                                          In 1990 we had over 200 different Great Britain Proof Sets in  stock. Most  Dealers sent them to me because

                                                         They would not t sell in their store. Now I find several dealers promoting Foreign Proof Sets.      

                                                                      This  afternoon we received 50 proof sets for 1993 this was very nice from A coin dealer on the East Coast. His note                                                                 I really liked.. Got on my snow mobile Thursday & went to the post office to send you this package. My store has 

                                                          been closed for 2 weeks with the snow & terrible cold.. I listened to you &  I went & bought   3  flame throwers for                                                                     burning the weeds  & you told me to use them for defrosting the snow. The snow plow put a 8 foot wall of packed

                                                          snow in front of the house & it was so thick I couldent pick it up to throw. We started up those flame throwers &

                                                          it took a hour  to keep cutting the snow into chunks so we could move it.  I will send you another bundle next week.                                                                    

                                                                       1/23/18  I received a  call telling me a good old friend of mine  is not with us any more . On 1/18/ 18 my old friend                                                                       of over 40 years passed away.  ED ROCHETTE  I  COULD NOT HAVE EVER ASKED FOR A BETTER FRIEND.

                                                          Ed & I  met by bumping into each other & me spilling coffee all over the place . Friends from that moment on. My

                                                          New England accent  came out when I said oh god let me get some wader to clean your shoes.

                                                          The guy with him asked what the hell did he just ask you. Ed said dont you understand the Kings English. 

                                                          Ed said this young man is from Massachusetts & we say wader & the rest of you say water.

                                                          Ed was great asset to ANA  for many years. I helped promote Ed for his election to the ANA Board in 1977 it was

                                                          so long ago I hope it was 1977. I remember 1977 as a year that went by to fast in the coin market. Beside the store                                                                   also had a mail order list of 12 pages back to back inventory of US & Foreign. I put Eds name on the back outside

                                                          page & we were mailing 1800 lists a month. This was a lot of fun. Ed laughed when he heard what I did.

                                                          Ed was my type of guy He loved to talk to people & I did the same thing  about coins.

                                                          Ed stopped in our store in Sunnyvale California many times on different trips especially when ANA was going to                                                                       have a Show in the area . We advertised for a long time to have it move because of the California tax                                                                                         problem to another state. We had a great restaurant in the Town & Country shopping center he liked.     

                                                                           I can not believe  what is happening with the US coin business.

                                                            January 12, 2018  there are   9 Silver Commemorative Coins  that dropped in price. WHO DID THIS?

                                                            January 19,,2018  there are 39 Silver Commemorative Coins dropped in price  AGAIN 1 WEEK AFTER.

                                                            Where does it show the Silver Commemorative Elgin has a coin slabbed in EF, I CAN NOT FIND ANY SO

                                                            WHAT COULD BE THE REASON TO DECREASE THE BID FROM $150 DOWN TO $130   The  AU FROM $155

                                                            DOWN TO $130 THEN   THE MS60 FROM $160 DOWN TO $130.?????????????

                                                            EF bid 2016 to 12/29/17 =$150   AU bid 2016-12/29/17=$155 .         

                                                            Elgin  only has 20,015 minted   & my records show  approximately 9,500  total slabbing 

                                                            Coins  Slab Graded under MS60 I try to buy as many as I can to show in my Numismatic  classes how good or

                                                            not so good they are graded against ANA & Photograde. I retain 20 each I graded from Good through MS66.

                                                            this took me 2 full years from 1974 to 1976.

                                                            I have never found an Elgin  in  1 - 2 - 3 - 4- I understand there is one graded in a 4 but I have never seen it

                                                            No coin graded in a  6 but there is one graded in a 8 but I have never seen this coin I was told about it a long time

                                                            ago.  Now I also do not find any Elgins graded in   10, 12 ,15 ,20,  or 25  but there is a coin graded in a 30 another

                                                            I would like to see.      Now lets go to    35, - 40 - 45   again I find none graded in a slab.

                                                            Then I find 1 graded in AU50      none graded in AU53     then there are 2 graded in AU55.

                                                            Let me talk about AU55  I made notes on this coin # 90087523  when I saw it. I tried to buy the coin , I think it was                                                                      bought  at a auction for around $120 . I offered $150 but I couldent buy the coin.I did find 5 coins in ANA holders.

                                                            I have never seen the other AU55 coin.

                                                            The AU58 I think still only has a total of 8 slabbed I was able to take a photograph of this coin in 2008 & I saw

                                                            2 in ANA holders..      MS60 I  find none slabbed.            MS61 I have found 4 slabbed.

                                                            Starting with the MS62 slab numbers increase  with assumption  MS62 AROUND 50, MS63  400+ MS65  2000+

                                                            MS66 NUMBERS START TO DECREASE 122+ MS67 200+ & MS68 UNDER 10 & I  DONT FIND ANY                                                                                     IN MS 69 or HIGHER.

                                                            These numbers if you can believe them are produced by the slab companies.           

                                                            The design of the Elgin commemorative is quite flat if you tip the coin on its side & take a photograph.

                                                            This makes the coin   marks commonplace & easy for scratching.

                                                             It is a nice looking coin with white frosty luster  most of the time.      

                                                             It seems funny that this downturn happens just after the Fun Convention .  But by WHO.

                                                             I have said for a long time as long as you the collectors dont get together & complain  & ask WHY  you will as

                                                             time gos by lose money on many slab coins you buy.                                                   .    

                                                                           QUESTION 2 I AM FINALLY FINDING SOME TIME TO GET TO THIS QUESTION

                                                             WHY IS EVERY COIN DEALER DIFFERENT IN HOW THEY DO BUSINESS???????                      

                                                                           REMEMBER THIS IS MY OPINION OF BEING A COIN DEALER SINCE THE 1960IES & I AM SURE MANY OF 

                                                                           THE DEALERS MAY NOT AGREE WITH ME.

                                                                      MOST DEALERS NEVER WENT TO SCHOOL TO LEARN HOW TO BE A COIN DEALER its not a requirement.

                                                                     Attitude, Manners, Knowledge have always been lacking in the coin business except for the higher end  dealers..

                                                             I have found no one description that fits all the titles of a  Coin Dealer. 

                                                             Iv told people when you see ADVERTISED HONEST COIN DEALER   RUN LIKE HELL THE OTHER WAY.  

                                                             When a person tells you they are a coin dealer are they Flee  Market dealers , part time, vest pocket,or                                                                                      professional coin dealer. Becoming a Coin Dealer requires  Knowledge. Do you know how many different coins

                                                             there are just in the United States. I love to talk to some of the young Coin Dealers today. I hear oh sorry that is                                                                        out of my expertise.  Ask how many are minted, how many are in a grade, how do you grade a specific coin.

                                                             In this multi billion dollar  coin business you will not find a single rule telling you who can say I am a coin dealer.

                                                             When I was a young boy if you went into a Coin Shop & asked about a Foreign Coin the Owner threw you out.

                                                             Things have changed a lot since 1960 & now you will see Foreign,& Ancient coins along with paper money in

                                                                            most Coin Shops. In the United States US Coins are the major collected coin  & will be for a long time with a

                                                             lot of changes to continue to come.

                                                             Coin Shops before 1970  you usually saw a neat dressed man in a 3 piece suite & a tie. They were courteous &  

                                                             got to know their customers needs.  Medium or Large coin shows had not even been thought of  yet. But they                                                                            would get on their phone & every dealer had coins they could not sell in their area of the State or across the

                                                             Country.  The 1970 ies came technology old timers did not understand from grading to the Internet.

                                                             A  UNCIRCULATED  COIN WAS JUST THAT UNCIRCULATED . Now  we start using Mint State MS60 MS64                                                                            MS65  but it dosent stop there in time we have MS61 MS62 boosting the Slab Companies. Then MS66 MS67

                                                             MS68 MS69 MS70.  It dident stop her next comes PROOF 60,61, 62, 63, 64,65, 66, 67 .  I dont recall seeing a

                                                             PROOF 61 or 62 coins. I took the ANA grading course . There were 70 people in the class. I am always full of                                                                          questions. Because of the change in Grading ANA jumped quickly to hold courses.  

                                                             I was not happy with the teacher & his assistants were not happy either. Most of the people in the class did not

                                                             understand half of what was being said. He was talking more to the 12 Coin Dealers in the class  & being a big

                                                             shot. At lunch the teacher sat with the Coin dealers & ever one else sat together. Lunch was part of the package.

                                                             The 2 women assistants sat by themselves so I asked them to join the rest of us.

                                                             I asked who acquired any good information from the course this morning? Teachers can be good or not. No One

                                                             said anything & I said Im sorry but I will say the information sucked. Several said Im confused & if this is ANA

                                                             teaching I want my money back.. This shows you can have good or bad in any industry. Iv been in this business

                                                             a long time so I held the 2 assistants back & asked who I could talk to about the course. They gave me a phone                                                                        # to call. but she called before we returned to the class room & no one new..

                                                             When we returned to class all the dealers were sitting in front of the Teacher & all the material   & notes

                                                             from all the students paying for this class had been moved out of their seats  & placed in the back of the room

                                                             on tables.  Every one was upset & several said they wanted their money back.                                                                                                                            One of the assistants called back to ANA & explained the problem.One of them asked if ever one would

                                                             stay the rest of the day & at the end of the day if you wanted a refund it would be given to you before you left..

                                                             ANA had the same class in San Francisco & one of the Teachers came to our class in less than a hour.

                                                             Non of us new this new teacher came in nor did the teacher we had because again he was pandering to he                                                                              dealers. I finally stood up & said I paid $125 for this  terrible course from ANA  by a terrible  teacher. Both                                                                                  assistants went in front of the teacher  & asked  6  others that were leaving to please sit for a minute &  waved a                                                                        man up from the back of the room.  It was the teachers boss. He did his apologies & then 2 more assistants came                                                                    in the room.   Things changes very fast.   It turned out to be very informative for ever one.  I brought 100 Morgan

                                                             Dollars with me & during the 3 days all were graded by the 2 new assistants  who were graders for ANA    from                                                                        my  MS60 to MS61, MS2 ,  MS63 & MS64. I still have this grading set.  My grading of MS63 & MS64 were good                                                                        It is understanding what was required for a MS61 & MS62 & it became a lot of fun for me Most of the class        

                                                             noticed I was a coin Dealer & we acquired a lot of business from these people & their friends.

                                                                    In buying coins you need knowledge more  today in 2018 than I needed in 1970.

                                                                    The Coin Shop owner represented a large segment of the Industry. You could find hundreds of coin shops across

                                                                    the United States some no more than 20 miles apart .  Many were small mom & pop operations with a gross  

                                                                   annual revenue  of $50,000 to $100,000. As years passed rents, electricity & taxes went up & to keep up you 

                                                                   had to go to $100,000 minimum in sales .  The $20 retail coin was the most bought coin during 1960-1970.

                                                                   For us we offered a large wide range of coins from 50 cents to $500. Still every one could afford to buy the $20                                                                           coin & when they wanted a $100 to $1000 coin they paid payments.  We started acquiring large amounts of silver

                                                                    gold  & platinum coins. We started opening Sundays & attended Coin Shows.   

                                                                    We had a large displays of supply  & now carried foreign coins.

                                                                    We always had a coffee pot on the burner & new our customers like they were family.  

                                                                    As a business a Coin Shop is a nice business but it requires money.

                                                                    Many people ask me how do you open a coin shop.  I SAY VERY CAREFULLY.

                                                                    My suggestion  to any business is buy your equipment first, store it if you have to but have it paid for,  

                                                                    What sells in the  50 mile surrounding   where your store is.

                                                                                   A coin shop can offer a wide range services. We had want list come to  us by the Fax machine, over the phone

                                                                                   through the mail & brought into the store, we did all types of appraisals for coins, stamps  & jewelry. We                                                                                    purchased collections & educated collectors. Again there are no reason why any one can own a coin shop.

                                                                   If you can talk, learn , & listen & have money , beginning inventory & equipment it is an enjoyable business.

                                                                    The Mail Order Coin Dealer.  This is one of the easiest segments of the business to enter.

                                                                    Im working for a good company & working 40 hours a week I am a coin collector. I have a coin shop close to  

                                                                    where I live. I buy the Numismatic news & coin world. I acquire mail order coin lists from advertisements. Then

                                                                    one day talking to my local coin shop & ask what they think.  They say go for it since we always have coins you

                                                                    able to buy from us to advertise. Now I go to the SBA to find out all the rules & advice. Now I am excited.

                                                                    I look at all the mail order lists & design what I want for my list. I talk to our tax people & explain what I want to

                                                                    do & we create a 5 year plan. They tell me about tax credit on gas for my car, for attending a small local coin                                                                             show, for making the lists & sending them through the mail, for my equipment i need.

                                                                    We set a goal to buy $5,000 in coins through the year & this $100 a week dosent affect our household budget..

                                                                    Sometimes you can go 6 months or a whole year not selling a single coin.

                                                                    That is not a problem remember you have a good paying job your wife is working & you are acquiring tax breaks

                                                                     each year. Each year $5000, $5000, $5000,$5,000 $5,000.

                                                                    Now a recession comes along & through the years you bought some gold & silver that you can sell to the coin                                                                           shop to help you until you find another job If your wife dosent loose her job you have no problem paying your

                                                                    mortgage every month. Now you dont have to sell any of your gold or silver. You can spend more time learning 

                                                                    about the coin business. You notice  in a bad time the coin shop is buying more & more & he always has the 

                                                                     money to keep buying. You are learning a good lesson in Economics. Now a year gos by & you are back to work

                                                                     so you start buying coins again & orders start coming in every week. The coin dealer showed you to reinvest

                                                                     the money from the sale & expand upward. So, you sold a coin for $50 & it cost you $40 you take that $50 &

                                                                     buy a $50 coin.  You sell a $100 coin & you bought the coin for $80 you take that $100  & buy a $100 coin.

                                                                     Always buy better & more expensive coins.    You are a mail order coin dealer.

                                                                     more later         

                                                                    At the FUN Show I mentioned I acquired 9 really nice coins for customers.

                                                                    I find this show to be one of the top shows of the year. 

                                                                    Again  Gold was every ware  & I was happy to see  a Dealer with nice MS65 Mc Kinley Gold that were real

                                                                    MS65s. Last year I looked at 22 during the year &  I  really  did not  like any of them. I had a dealer that had a                                                                            copy  of my want list  & I ended up buying the Mc Kinley  &  a very nice Panama Pacific in MS64.

                                                                   I acquired a nice light toned Antietam  MS66 , a 1903 -O Morgan Dollar in MS67 & 1889-0 in MS67.  

                                                                   A coin that has been tough for me to find is 1891-S  & finding 2 of them with one dealer  was a lot of fun.

                                                                   In 1988 we had 16 of the 1891-S  Morgan Dollars in stock in MS65  & sold for around $1500. We could not sell

                                                                   one of them & now they are selling around $1450 & I have a hard time finding them.

                                                                   This was a interesting coin for me. I found all but 2 with weak hair over the ear. I found 4 to be dull & 12 to be                                                                            bright especially the Eagle on the reverse & 2 of them the lips on Liberty had a little separation 

                                                                   I found a 1908 with motto Saint Gauden in MS65 . This was a very nice coin much better than the normal that I

                                                                   see. I think there are only 53 Saint Gauden  & in  MS65 & I have been able to find 32  that could be kissing                                                                                cousins  all in PCGS Holders.

                                                                   I have a good friend that has been collecting Silver Commems in EF uncleaned. Do you know how hard this is to

                                                                   find with light luster.  I found a Hawaiian Silver Commem in a brown 2 x 2 envelope  date on the envelope was    

                                                                   1/5/1947. This coin was bought for a  womans  husband returning from WW2. One of the Grand Children sold

                                                                     it. He told the coin dealer he was selling the coin because he dident know his Grand Parents & when his

                                                                   own Dad passed away the coin was left to him to keep in the family & he wanted 1 million dollars for the coin.              

                                                                                 THERE ARE A COUPLE OF COINS  I NOTICED I WAS NOT ABLE TO REPLACE AT THE FUN SHOW.

                                                                                 EVERY ONE HAS BECOME A   SLAB COINS DEALER   & I NEED UN SLABBED.COINS.

                                                                   I BUY SLABBED COINS FROM AROUND 600 COIN DEALERS AROUND THE UNITED STATES. 

                                                                   I NEED WASHINGTON HALF DOLLAR MODERN COMMEMORATIVE  QUANTITY OF 1 TO 20 IN PROOF                                                                            AND IN UNC . FOR THE YEAR  I NEED 50 EACH. CLEAN PACKAGES NO DINGS, RIPS , DISCOLORATION.

                                                                                  WORLD CUP 1986 PROOF & UNC 10 EACH.  PLUS  MANY SILVER $ COMMEMS IN UNC & PROOF.

                                                                                   PACKAGING HAS TO LOOK NEW    

                                                                    I NEED TO START REPLACING PROOF SETS I PROBABLY WILL REPEAT MY SELF THROUGH THE YEAR

                                                                    BUT TODAY IN JANUARY 2018 I NEED TO REPLACE 2000 +  SETS FROM CHRISTMAS

                                                                                  It is Tuesday & it is 11:45 at night & it has been a long fantastic day at the pre set up for the show.

                                                                   I was able to acquire several coins I needed to replenish inventory. Several dealers brought coins from my

                                                                   want lists. I was also able to acquire  9 great coins for customers requests.  

                                                                   Before I head  for the air port I always try to spend time with different dealers.

                                                                   Im always looking for information on their thoughts on 2017 business, good, bad , moderate. A lot of this depends

                                                                   on inventory  & attitude. I asked 22 dealers what they thought about the Gold & Silver being at $17 when the stock                                                                    market was higher than any time before. Most slab dealers did not  care. Several said it is a hedge, buy it sell it &                                                                      expand it every year in a bad year it pays my bills..

                                                                   Several dealers said anything $10,000 or higher was always in demand just watch the amount of auctions & the

                                                                   competition to buy was at a all time high.

                                                                   This has been true for me all through 2017 with our own increase in coin sales $5,000 to $20,000 acquired for

                                                                    customers want lists.

                                                                   Each year I am fortunate  in acquiring collectors who trust us with their request of coins of this stature .

                                                                   Many coin shops have told me the same thing  all year long except they hate the MS65=MS66 -& ESPECIALLY

                                                                   THE TERRIBLE MANIPULATION OF THE MS67 MARKET. WHY DOES A COIN GO UP IN PRICE ONE WEEK

                                                                    FROM $1,000 & THE NEXT WEEK DROP $1,000.. THE GRAY SHEET SHOULD HAVE TO TELL WHAT                                                                                DEALER ARE CREATING THESE MOVES IN A  INVESTOR MARKET.

                                                                    Here is one I have heard for the last 3 years. WHEN WILL COIN DEALERS HAVE TO HAVE A BROKERS  

                                                                   LICENCE TO SELL  SLABBED COINS. EVERY SLAB COIN HAS A REGISTERED NUMBER TO FOLLOW

                                                                   JUST LIKE BUYING FROM THE STOCK MARKET.

                                                                   I get n trouble with some dealers when I say this is a good idea  because  most Foreign countries are slabbing 

                                                                   many coins even Ancient coins are being slabbed also.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I will be attending the Fun Coin Show January 2, 2018. I need to replace & expand a lot of inventory.

                                                                  I do not set up at the Fun Show since I cut back on attending many conventions.  I do not miss  5 days

                                                                   living in a hotel, to much rich food , lack of good sleep, back & leg pain after 40 plus  years. Time passes to fast.  

                                                                                 I started figuring out  some of our sales for the year. The US Proof Sets are always the easiest , but still takes

                                                                   me 3 full days to figure sales & we almost met our goal of 2200 sets. We finished with sales of 2176.    

                                                                                 I will show more as time gos on.

                                                                  First I want every one to know I really appreciate every customer or any one who  looks at my Web Site.

                                                                  The questions asked this year expanded & I like that you are listening.

                                                                  The top Slabbed Coins were as usual Silver Commemorative  1893 - 1936.

                                                                   There are 5 wives that need to be taken on a long vacation & 5 Husbands that acquired their dream coin.

                                                                   We sold 5 each MS65 Slabbed Lafayette Dollars almost all white no small black spots not a easy task but fun .

                                                                   Three of the orders came to me January knowing it was going to take me Months to find such a coin.

                                                                   The next order came in March & the last order came in September. 

                                                                   In 2000 this coin was bid $7600 understandable at the time with a low production of 36,026.

                                                                   Here is why I tell every one you have to know the value of a IBM stock or   an Investor Slab Coin just like you                                                                            have if you were buying that IBM stock. It can be any stock on a stock market I use IBM because I own a lot..

                                                                   COIN BIDS :  April 2000 =$7,600,  Then in April is jumped to $8,400 , Then in December 2010 = $9,500.

                                                                   Americans are tout to  buy in the  Stock Market when the price is escalating up.They dont care about you but 

                                                                   have to make commissions to keep their job.

                                                                   The $9,500 bid had a very good run but in 2016 comes the crashbid  drops to $6,000 & this isent the end.

                                                                    February 2017 bid  dropped to $5,500.   Mar 2017 another drop to $5,000. April bid increases to $5500 .

                                                                   The last time I looked  at a bid is was still at $5,500 at the start  of December 2017.

                                                                   The question you should have to any Coin Dealer. What was the price in the year 2000 how many are in the grade

                                                                   you want to buy? How many were minted ? What grade has the highest  amount graded. The Lafayette Dollar

                                                                   has over 1700 coins graded  in MS 64 The next highest Graded is the MS 63 around 1300. Estimation.

                                                                   The best question is how many were minted & what is the total coins graded.????????????

                                                                   Remember if you buy a MS64 with 1700 already slabbed in MS64  & 10 or 20 or 100 down the road get slabbed

                                                                   in MS64 you are going to loose money because the price is going to keep decreasing the more available.

                                                                    In 2010 I had orders for one customer to find him 5 each WHITE ONLY  Bid went down to $5500. This took me

​                                                                    almost 5 full years.

                                                                  I have 2 questions I will start answering  in the next couple  of weeks. These questions have a lot to tell.

                                                                  Both questions are going to have long answers so keep coming back to catch up on MY OPINIONS ON BOTH.

​                                                                   As always these are my opinions & other Coin Dealers may & will have better opinions.        

                                                                  #1 QUESTION: HOW BIG IS THE COIN MARKET ?

                                                                  As you have seen me say many times the Rare Coin business is a multi billion dollar a year business.

                                                                  I have been buying & selling coins since I was 9 years old & I will be 72 years old in January 2018.

                                                                  Back in the 1950 s &1960 s it was fun trying to find a coin for you  to fill your collector books. But like everything

                                                                  times change. & there is no doubt in my mind when 1970 came along the coin market was evolving from just

                                                                  collecting coins to investing.

                                                                  Starting in 1970 I opened a coin shop with a good friend of mine but I still had a mail order business. I attended

                                                                  coin shows almost every week end & Mac kept the store open Saturday & Sunday. We had a coffee pot on all the

                                                                  time  all of our customers were like family.  

                                                                  Large Auction houses started attending Coin Shows & they sold coins that were not slabbed for the 3 large slab                                                                        companies . Times change but our customer kept getting bigger & expanding their collections.

                                                                   But as time changed so did the requirements of the Large Auction Companies for the better of the customers

                                                                  consigning coins & customers buying.

                                                                  It dident take long before several Auctions only wanted slabbed coins.

                                                                  People send in a slab coin to Auction. No fuss no mess. They dont have to repackage & grade.

                                                                  The slab has all the information needed for auction.

                                                                  At the time Slab Coins were becoming very popular  & we bought what we thought we need to have a                                                                                       representation but the Gray Sheet was what was now  the control on prices. When they started showing

                                                                  the quantities slabbed of each coin things began to change not in a good way.

                                                                  We had phone calls every day asking if we could buy 1879 Morgan Dollars in MS61- MS65. One Dealer

                                                                  sent me 200 PCGS 1880 O Morgan Dollars. We were entering into a very large recession due to the Electronic

                                                                  market.. Things change again as they always do & markets change & the strong survive & several Auction 

                                                                  Companies took over. 

                                                                  One good thing that happened was the Vest pocket dealer almost disappeared from the business. Here is how

                                                                   some things became.      One Guy took out another loan on his house for $80,000.

                                                                   He had a great job making lots of money & his wife worked making almost the same.

                                                                   He called us every day two times a day. He wanted any $1000 coin we bought in the store & within 4 months of

                                                                   attending coin shows ,buying from coin shops he spent his $50,000 to go along with his already acquired $30,000

                                                                   he bought before the loan. He went to Coin Shows to sell & buy & found out many dealers dident have customers

                                                                   $1,000 or higher coins.  

                                                                    We saw the decline approaching because of our  communication with Coin Dealers in the US & Europe.

                                                                    The  European recession hit so fast but many of the companies we did business with saw it coming &  

                                                                    told us they were cutting their buying & faxing us their inventory.

                                                                    For the next 3 months I bought over 4,000 British & German coins.  I put most of them into the back office

                                                                    because of lack of time to open the boxes.

                                                                    I bought a lot of German , Irish, Dutch, Polish & English coins from Europe from dealers I trusted.  

                                                                    When the recession hit Europe we talked to all of our customers & showed them what was  happening.

                                                                    Many  made doubled payment on their houses. They stopped using their credit cards & paying them down.

                                                                    Many sold their gold & silver & within 6 months the Recession started in the US.

                                                                    Many of our customers did not have to sell their collections but most of them lost their jobs.

                                                                    Prices started dropping in the Stock Market because the upper echelon started dumping

                                                                    Our guy who took out the $50,000 loan one day they called him into the office & let him go.

                                                                    The same day they did the same thing to 90 people.

                                                                    Two weeks later his wife is let go & her company let 180 people go.         

                                                                    Today I still sell more collector un  slabbed coins than I do slabbed  in US & International Coins.

                                                                    When I say this it is where I will sell a $100 to  $1000 SLAB  coin. This is strictly business.

                                                                     Then I will sell 100 coins at $20 to $75 of US or Foreign coins. This to me is a lot of fun buying , repacking    

                                                                    My problem after all these years is the same.  I just dont have enough time.

                                                                    I sell a lot of $100 to $2,000 slab coins & that to me is business & very enjoyable because mow I have to replace.

                                                                    But, my most fun still is opening a 2 x 2 box I have had for over 20 years in a safe not looked at & packing

                                                                    a $20 coin to sell.   

                                                                    But again the Coin Industry has changed & Any one who wants to be a coin dealer just needs money.

                                                                    I see dealers that cant grade a coin or could care less. The plastic tells the story &  the  grade   is 

                                                                    guaranteed but the slabbing company.  It is just a commodity like any share of company stock bought by brokers.

                                                                    There never have been any reporting requirements except for $1000.00 transactions for Numismatic sales.  

                                                                                     In 1960 as a young boy I found a booklet that had Coin Dealers across the country. There were                                                                                                 426 names & addresses in the booklet.  Most were mail order companies with lists of maximum 30 coins.

                                                                    Large full page adds were from Boston The May Flower Coins & 3 other names. California & Chicago had the                                                                           most full or 1/2 page adds. Mr & Mrs Beeby from Nebraska were the kindest coin dealers I met as a young boy.

                                                                    From 1970 to 1980  I met over 8,000 Coin Dealers , & I would say 6,000  vest pocket dealers.

                                                                    I attended coin shows from Boston to Hawaii in the US. I also went to 6 European Countries every year.

                                                                    In Europe I spent 3 hours drawing different things I saw & during slow times at the conventions  I would paint.

                                                                    Today 2018 I would say 60,000 + coin companies  across the US. My numbers could be low. The gray  sheet

                                                                    would be a closser number. But even the gray sheet could be low since the cheep so called coin dealers xerox

                                                                     the gray sheet & 10 people use it multiply this by 1000 & they are not counted by the gray sheet.

                                                                    The size of a coin company can be from 1 person to  international companies with 100+ people employed.

                                                                    There are more large companies than you think with 500 Million Dollars in sales a year. We have 3 of the largest  

                                                                     companies in the here in the US.

                                                                     Then there are what they call  the  mass marketer these are very big companies

                                                                     Investment companies  you wont find a $100 coin but you will find beautiful $50,000 to i Million Dollar Coins.  

                                                                     Then you have the bullion companies. These companies are all over the United States.

                                                                     Then there was the Money Managers that created accounts for people.  

                                                                     Again these are my opinions something every person has.

                                                                     But the Coin Market is controlled by some very brilliant minds. 

                                                                     Any one who bought Base Ball Cards found out the greed of the market when more cards were produced

                                                                     because of the prices going up so fast. Then there was the crash.

                                                                     Coins have a mintage created & the dies are destroyed  & no more made for that year. 

                                                                     You have a choice to collect or invest. There are millions of coins  to collect.

                                                                     If you are going to invest you have a great tool of the Internet. consume all the data you can .

                                                                     You also have the Foreign Coin Market that is just as big as the US Market.

                                                                     I have coins from over 200 countries & I know of  667 companies just from the US that sell Foreign Coins.

                                                                     There is another market just as big or bigger the Ancient Coin market. This is full of beautiful coins.

                                                                     We have 176 Ancient coins in our inventory not on our Web Site yet I usually take to conventions. 

                                                                     DO NOT GET TALKED INTO THE PRICES ARE GOING UP . BUY BUY BUY.  TYPICAL COMMISSION SALE.

                                                                     REMEMBER YOU ARE BUYING A INVESTMENT WHERE MORE INVENTORY CAN LOWER PRICES  

                                                                     IN THE GRADE OF THE COIN YOU ARE BUYING ESPECIALLY MS65, MS66, MS67.    

                                                                     ALWAYS LOOK AT MINTED QUANTITIES, HOW MANY ARE TOTALLY SLABBED IN EACH GRADE.

                                                                     WHAT GRADES HAVE THE MOST SLABBED.

                                                                     WATCH THE ECONOMY. WHEN PEOPLE LOSE THEIR JOBS   PEOPLE DUMP THEIR COINS & STOCK..

                                                                     I TELL EVERY ONE BUY SOME SILVER COINS OF OUNCES IT IS AFFORDABLE TO EVERY ONE.

                                                                     BUY GOLD IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. NOT EVERY FAMILY RAISING CHILDREN CAN AFFORD GOLD.         


                                                                  # 2 QUESTION WHY IS EVERY COIN DEALER DIFFERENT IN HOW THEY DO BUSINESS ?  


                                                                                ITS BEEN A TOUGH 2 MONTHS.  MY WIFE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL EMERGENCY FOR DIETECULITOUS  OF THE COLON.

                                                                                THE COLON SHRUNK TO THE SIZE OF YOUR LITTLE FINGER & THE INTESTINES WERE READY TO ERUPT  & DID AS THEY

                                                                                THEY STARTED TO OPERATE PUTTING HER INTO CARDIAC  ARREST. 6 1/2 HOURS LATTER THEY FINISHED THE OPERATION 

                                                                                & 2 MONTHS LATER SHE IS STILL IN A NURSING HOME WITH A VERY SLOW  RECOVERY.

                                                                                                I AM STILL FILLING ORDERS & BUYING INVENTORY I AM JUST A LITTLE SLOWER  THAN NORMAL.


                                                                                 QUESTION :   IM SITTING IN A AIR PORT AS USUAL. THIS QUESTION IS ON MANY PEOPLES MINDS & TO ME IT MAKES SENSE.

                                                                                 WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR A CAC GRADED COIN?

                                                                                 REMEMBER THESE ARE MY OPINIONS  WHICH MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS OTHER COIN DEALERS

                                                                                 IT DOSENT TAKE MUCH COMMON SENSE TO SEE WHERE THE COIN BUSINESS IS GOING.

                                                                                 UP UNTILL LAST MONTH YOU DIDENT SEE ADVERTISED BIDS FOR MANY CAC COINS.

                                                                                 HOW MANY OF YOU CAN AFFORD A CAC COIN IN MS65, MS66, , MS67 OR MS68 ?

                                                                                 HOW MANY OF YOU CAN AFFORD A $100 TO !,0000 LOSS ON A SINGLE COIN?

                                                                                 I AM A PERSON WHO ENJOYS LISTENING TO  EVERY THING & I KNOW AT THE TOP OF MY HEAD AT LEAST 6,000 COIN  DEALERS

                                                                                 SEVERAL OF THEM MILLION AIRS COIN DEALERS. DONT TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT  BUT IT TOOK US 20 YEARS TO GET ON  

                                                                                 THE LOW END OF THIS GROUP & HAPPILY STAY THERE FOR OVER 20 +  YEARS.

                                                                                 IT IS REALLY EASY TO DO  IF YOU WORK 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR 20 YEARS & RETAIN A GOOD LINE OF CREDIT.

                                                                                 BUT IT DOSENT  MEAN A THING. FOR ME IT IS THE ENJOYMENT OF MEETING 10 TO 20 THOUSAND PEOPLE A YEAR FROM THE                                                                                      US, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, AFRICA & SOUTH AMERICA

                                                                                 CAC TO ME IS A DOCTOR WITH A SECOND OPINION IF I AM CORRECT I THINK IT HAS EXISTED AT LEAST 10 YEARS & BECOMES

                                                                                 A MAJOR POWER PLAYER IN THE HIGH END COMMODITIES COIN  MARKET.

                                                                                 FROM THE BEGINNING I THOUGHT THE 2 MAJOR SLAB COMPANIES  WOULD  ALWAYS RETAIN CONTROL.

                                                                                 DO YOU KNOW WHO OWNS THESE 2  COMPANIES?    DO YOU KNOW WHO WHO OWNS CAC  & WHO ARE THE PARTNERS?  

                                                                                 WHO OWNS  THE GRAY SHEET & WHO ARE THEIR PARTNERS?  WHO OWNS THE AUCTION COMPANIES?

                                                                                 TALK TO YOUR TAX PEOPLE & FIND OUT IF YOU CAN TAKE A LOSS ON YOUR COINS LIKE YOU DO YOUR STOCKS.

                                                                                  CAC HAS A LOT OF POWER & DOES DO  A GREAT JOB BUT I STILL HAVE TO LOOK CLOSE AT A CAC COIN JUST LIKE ANY OTHER                                                                                   COIN I BUY FOR A CUSTOMER.  I DO ADMIT THEY DO A GREAT  JOB. THIS TAKES KNOWLEDGE & TIME IN.       

                                                                                 I SAY BUY IF YOU WANT & ENJOY YOUR COINS, BUT WILL SOMETHING NEW COME ALONG IN ANOTHER 10 YEARS?

                                                                                 I DO BUY CAC COINS FOR CUSTOMERS BUT WE WATCH THE MARKET VERY CLOSE FOR THEM & MONTHLY UPDATE THE FILE

                                                                                 MAKING SURE THEY DONT LOOSE MONEY.

                                                                                 I HAVE A QUESTION THAT I AM ANSWERING WAY TO MANY TIMES IN THE LAST 2 YEARS..

                                                                   QUESTION  I BOUGHT A 1882 O MORGAN DOLLAR 3/1/13 FOR $1689  I FEEL LIKE I WAS LIED TO BY THE COIN DEALER.

                                                                           I WAS TOLD THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST DEALS ON THE MARKET BECAUSE IT IS ALLUSIVE IN MS65 CONDITION &

                                                                           IN A HIGHER CONDITION IT BECOMES EVEN RARER. I ALSO BOUGHT A 1878 S & WAS TOLD THE SAME . 

                                                                           NOW AT THIS TIME IN SEPTEMBER  2017 I WAS TOLD I WILL LOSE OVER $2,800.   HELP.

                                                                           I HAVE OVER 8,000 PEOPLE A MONTH SEND ME E-MAILS. IM TEACHING A YOUNG MAN TO BECOME A COIN DEALER

                                                                           THERE ARE TO  MANY QUESTIONS TO ANSWER SO HE WORKS  HIS ANSWERS  ON ANOTHER COMPUTER, & HE IS

                                                                           VERY GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES. THIS BOY IS 12 YEARS OLD  & TELLS ME HE CANT BELIEVE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC

                                                                            IS SO UN INTELLIGENT WHEN IT COMES TO INVESTMENTS & THEY CANT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THEY ARE BUYING

                                                                           INTO THE STOCK MARKET ON MS65, MS66, MS67  US COINS & IF A COIN HAS A MINTAGE OF A MILLION PLUS    

                                                                           THE MORE THAT GET SLABBED THE LOWER THE PRICES ARE GOING TO GO.  THE KID IS FULL OF COMMON SENSE. 

                                                                           ANSWER: LETS START  IN 2013.  REMEMBER ONE THE MINTAGE IS 6,090,000 COINS & THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE.  

                                                                            YOU SAY THE DEALER NEVER TOLD YOU HOW MANY WERE MINTED. FIRST OF ALL HE ISENT  RESPONSIBLE TO                                                                                        MENTION HOW MANY ARE MINTED. YOU ARE BUYING A COMMODITY & AT THE TIME HE DID NOT LIE TO YOU IT  

                                                                           WAS A GOOD DEAL AT THE TIME BUT AS A BUYER OF A STOCK MARKET PRODUCT WHICH A SLAB COIN IS BUT                                                                                          COMMON   SENSE  HAS TO COME IN TO FACTOR AT SOME TIME.

                                                                            I WILL TELL YOU WHAT A DEALER WONT TELL YOU & REMEMBER HE IS IN BUSINESS TO MAKE A LIVING JUST  LIKE

                                                                            YOU & HE WORKS LONG HOURS & MANY TIMES ONLY MAKES 1 TO 2 % FROM EACH COIN HE SELLS. SO, ON A $1000

                                                                            COIN HE MAY ONLY MAKE $10 TO $100 & HE HAS TO BUY & SELL A LOT OF COINS.

                                                                            SO, AGAIN AT THE TIME 2013 HE WAS HONEST WITH YOU. BUT HERE IS WHAT HE DIDENT TELL YOU & YOU DID  NOT

                                                                            ASK BECAUSE YOU WERE HAPPY.

                                                                             THIS YEAR 2017  OVER 100 EACH MS65 1882 O MORGAN DOLLARS HAVE BEEN SOLD  AT AUCTION  IN LOTS OF 6 TO                                                                                10  AT A TIME MOST ARE NOT GREAT LOOKING SO THIS MONTH THEY ARE SELLING BETWEEN $500 TO $600                                                                                                EXPECTED FOR INFERIOR COINS. HIGHER END MS65 COINS  ARE AROUND $800. LAST MONTH 16  COINS SOLD THE                                                                                   MONTH  BEFORE 22 COINS SOLD. IT LOOKS LIKE THE UGGLYS  ARE GOING TO AUCTION. 

                                                                            NOW REMEMBER THERE ARE 6,090,000 MINTED.  EVERY TIME A COIN GETS SLABBED  IN MS60- MS67 THERE ARE NO

                                                                            MS68 S IN THIS SERIES THAT I KNOW OF THE PRICE IS GOING TO DROP.

                                                                            MS65 IN 1/9/13  THERE WAS A ESTIMATED TOTAL P =700  TOTAL N = 400 AT THIS TIME THIS WAS A GOOD BUT   

                                                                            MS65 IN 9/1/15  THERE WAS A ESTIMATED TOTAL P =845  TOTAL N = 477 AT THIS TIME THIS WAS A GOOD BUY

                                                                            MS65 IN 4/1/16  THERE WAS A ESTIMATED TOTAL P =900  TOTAL N = 478 AT THIS TIME THIS WAS A GOOD BUY

                                                                            AS YOU CAN SEE   N       IS NOT GOOD AT REALLY LETTING THE PUBLIC KNOW HOW MANY WERE SLABBED  

                                                                             MS65 1/9/17 P = 994  2/10/17 P=1006  3/2117 P=1031 4/4/17 P = 1036  9/1/17 P = 1066  LOOK AT THE INCREASE IN MS65                                                                                FROM 2013 TO 2017 THAT IS NOT A LOT OF YEARS TO GO FROM P OF 721 TO 9/1/17 OF 1066.

                                                                            DOSENT IT MAKE SENSE THAT EVERY ONE THAT BECOMES SLABBED THE PRICE IS GOING TO DROP.    

                                                                            I MENTIONED EARLIER MINTAGE WAS 6,090,000 WITH ONLY A TOTAL OF AROUND 43,000 SLABBED IN ALL GRADES.

                                                                            LEAVING 6,047,000  POTENTIAL COINS TO BE SLABBED BUT 1/4 TH OF THESE PROBABLY NEVER WILL.    

                                                                            IF IT WAS ME I WOULD DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR ACCOUNTANT TO SEE IF YOU CAN SELL & TAKE THE LOSS AT 

                                                                           TAX TIME. I KNOW SOMETIMES THIS IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. BUT, YOU AS THE CONSUMER  YOU HAVE TO ENJOY

                                                                           WHAT YOU BUY & THAT IS ALL PART OF COLLECTING COINS.

                                                                           IVE TOLD PEOPLE FOR A LONG TIME USE CAUTION ON BUYING UPPER  END COINS & I HAVE MANY DEALERS THAT  

                                                                           ARE NOT HAPPY WITH ME . THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF COINS YOU CAN BUY & NOT LOOSE MONEY ON.

                                                                           MY ADVICE TO ANY ONE WHO BUYS SLABBED COINS  IS BUY WHAT YOU LIKE & WANT TO OWN.

                                                                           KEEP YOUR RECEIPT FROM THE DEALER ATTACH A BUSINESS CARD TO IT. GET A COPY OF HIS RESALE # SHOW IT

                                                                           TO YOUR TAX PEOPLE.. NOW INSURE IT. NOW IT IS LIKE AN EXPENSIVE PAINTING ON YOUR WALL. 

                                                                           I WAS ASKED WHY I USE LARGE LETTERS ALL THE TIME ON MY WEB SITE. THIS IS A GOOD QUESTION.

                                                                           SEVERAL OVER 600 MEN & WOMEN WHO BUY COINS FROM ME MENTIONED TO ME THROUGH THE YEARS AS THEY GOT

                                                                           TO  WHERE THEY NEEDED A MAGNIFIER TO READ MANY ADDS OR EVEN THE NEWS PAPER IT HAPPENS TO A LOT OF US.

                                                                           ALSO WHEN I TRAVEL IT IS EASIER WHEN I AM ON A PLANE OR IN A AIR PORT IF I HAVE TO STOP TYPING FOR ANY

                                                                           REASON I CAN FIND WHERE I LEFT OF ON MY NOTES MUCH EASIER.  SEE JUST A SIMPLE REASON.

                                                                           I WENT TO THE PCGS SHOW IN SEPTEMBER AS I TRY TO DO BECAUSE IT IS NOT A BIG SHOW.

                                                                           I NEED A LOT OF COINS FOR EUROPE & I WAS ABLE TO FIND TRULY GRADED  MS63 & MS64 MORGAN & PEACE DOLLARS.

                                                                           I NEEDED 20 EACH MS63 & MS64 1879 MORGANS I FOUND OUT WITH SLABBED COINS WOMEN LIKE THE NGC HOLDER MORE

                                                                           THAN PCGS. THEY LIKE THAT NICE FLAT WHITE HOLDER. I AM HERE TO DO WHAT A CUSTOMER REQUESTS. BUT AT THE

                                                                           SAME TIME I NEED BOTH. I WAS ABLE TO ACQUIRE 20 EACH OF THE  1879  IN MS63 & MS64. I WAS VERY SURPRISED.

                                                                          THE BIGGEST SURPRISE WAS 2 EACH 1879 CC DOLLARS IN MS63. THE DEALER DID NOT HAVE THEM OUT BUT IN HIS CASE

                                                                           & ASKED IF I STILL NEEDED ONE. THESE COINS COULD HAVE BEEN TWINS. THE MARKS ON THE COINS WERE THE SAME.

                                                                          I WAS SURPRISED BY HOW MANY PEOPLE ATTENDED THE CONVENTION.

                                                                          I FIND ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS ABOUT TRAVELING IS DOWN TIME. AVERAGE ONE HOUR  AFTER GOING THROUGH                                                                                                   SECURITY. THIS TIME I HAD THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE TIME WITH 2 YOUNG GUYS THEY SAID IT WOULD TAKE AT LEAST

                                                                           2  HOURS FOR THEM TO LOOK AT EVERYTHING.  I ASKED FOR A OFFICER & THEY GOT MAD & ASKED ME WHAT  I WAS                                                                                                 IT I HAD HIDDEN. FINALLY  A GUY SHOWED UP I HAD MET SEVERAL TIMES WITH ANOTHER OFFICER. ONE OF THE YOUNG                                                                                              MEN WHO I COULD TELL NEVER HAD ANY AUTHORITY  OR POWER BEFORE PROBABLY A SHELDEN COOPER TYPE 

                                                                           SAID HOW DO I KNOW IF A BOMB IS IN ONE OF THESE COINS. THE OFFICER LOOKED AT EVERYTHING MAX 10 MINUTES. 

                                                                           WHEN I WAS PACKING UP I HERD THE OFFICER WHO NOW WAS UNHAPPY.  LOOK I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU AGAIN YOU

                                                                           ARE NOT GOD & IF YOU TREAT ANOTHER PASSENGER LIKE THIS I WILL FIRE YOU. I KNOW THIS GUY HE TRAVELS A LOT.

                                                                           THIS IS YOUR 3RD DAY & 6TH TIME WE HAVE HAD TO BE CALLED TO ASSIST.

                                                                           THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN AT DIFFERENT TIMES  THAT IS  WHY I AM ALWAYS EARLY.

                                                                           BUT WHAT I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT IS A MORGAN DOLLAR  & WHAT I SEE TO MANY TIMES.

                                                                           THE 1878 CC DOLLAR HAS A MINTAGE OF 2,212,000

                                                                            I LIKE THIS COIN IN TRUE MS66 ..    TRY & FIND ONE. MY PERSONAL OPINION  I WOULD NOT BUY FOR A CUSTOMER OVER

                                                                            141 THAT I HAVE LOOKED AT. THERE ARE 42 I WOULD BUY BUT WHEN THEY ARE A TRUE  MS66 YOU PAY FOR THEM.

                                                                            I DONT THINK THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 50,000    SLABBED FOR THE 1878 CC   & IN MS66  ONLY AROUND 500.

                                                                            I DID BUY SEVERAL IN 2015 & 2016 NICE CLEAN CHEEKS & VERY FEW SMALL MARKS.

                                                                            I BID ON SEVERAL  IN THE LAST 2 MONTH & I WAS WAY UNDER THE PRICE PAID.

                                                                             THE BID HAS BEEN CONSISTENT I CAN SAY IT STAYED FROM 12/28/16 UP TO THIS WEEK  $5400 A GOOD PRICE.

                                                                            ON 9/15/17 THE PRICE DECLINED  TO $4250 . THIS IS A DROP OF $1150 . CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO THIS OLD MAN  

                                                                            WHY???????????           ARE YOU TELLING ME THERE ARE LESS THAN 500 COLLECTORS IN MS66 MORGAN DOLLARS.

                                                                            LIKE I SAID EARLIER I BID ON SEVERAL.

                                                                            ONE SOLD FOR $2880 I WAS NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE COIN BUT WANTED TO MAKE SURE I KNEW WHAT IT SOLD FOR.

                                                                            TO ME IT WAS NOT IMPRESSIVE & HAD TO MANY PROBLEMS  TO BE CALLED A MS66 . MY OPINION.  I THOUGHT IT WAS                                                                                                AT BEST A MS65.

                                                                           THEN I BID ON ANOTHER ONE THAT SOLD FOR $3840 THIS WAS ADVERTISED AS A COIN THAT OCCASIONAL BECAME

                                                                           AVAILABLE. I THOUGHT IT WAS TO DARK IN COLOR WITH TO MANY MARKS TO MAKE A MS66 GRADE. NOT A COIN I WOULD

                                                                           REALLY BUY FOR WHAT IT SOLD FOR..

                                                                           ANOTHER ONE A NICE ALL WHITE BRIGHT SOLD FOR $3290.   I COULD NOT BID ON THIS COIN AT ALL WITH OVER 14 SMALL

                                                                           CHIN MARKS ABOUT 1/16 INCH LONG. A SCRATCH FROM THE NOSE TO THE EYE LID. MARK BELOW U & R  ANOTHER MARK

                                                                           BELOW E & U  MARK ABOVE HEAD UNDER N AS WIDE AS THE LETTER.

                                                                           ANOTHER  MS66  $3525 THAT LOOKS LIKE SHE GOT IN A FIGHT WITH A BUTCHER KNIFE .

                                                                           THERE WERE 2 MORE  THAT HAD TO MANY SCRATCHES.

                                                                           THIS IS MY OPINION & MY MONEY I SPEND FOR A CLIENT & I WILL STILL PAY $5000 FOR A TRUE PURE WHITE CLEAN CHEEK

                                                                           MINIMAL MARKS ON THE COIN OR EVEN FOR STOCK BECAUSE THIS COIN IS WANTED ALL THE TIME.

                                                                           TIME TO GO, BUT PLEASE  BE CAUTIOUS ON MS66 & MS67 COINS . THE MANIPULATION ON PRICE IS TRAGIC.

                                                                          WE WERE ABLE TO START BUYING FOR CHRISTMAS SALES THIS WEEK. I ACQUIRED IN THE MAIL 20 EACH 1903 MS63

                                                                          MORGAN DOLLARS WE USUALLY RETAIN 10 AT ALL TIMES IN WHITE PCGS & NGC.

                                                                          I RECEIVED A E-MAIL & NEXT WEEK WE WILL HAVE 50 EACH 1921 MORGANS IN MS64. THIS COIN HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD

                                                                          BIRTHDAY PRESENT .. THIS YEAR I LET OUR NORMAL INVENTORY OF 50 EACH MS62, MS63, MS64  & MS65 DROP

                                                                          BELOW OUR NORMAL INVENTORY.

                                                                          THE COIN I REALLY NEED FOR CHRISTMAS INVENTORY ARE UN SLABBED SILVER COMMEMS. MANY ARE CLOSE TO THE 

                                                                          QUANTITIES EXCEPT CONCORD & LEXINGTON.  PLEASE, PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING TO SEND ME YOUR EXCESS                                                                                                           INVENTORY I USUALLY BUY EVERYTHING EXCEPT COINS NOT GRADED CORRECTLY.

                                                                          I AM TIRED OF SENDING PACKAGES OF COINS BACK TO COIN DEALERS ESPECIALLY FROM SLAB DEALERS..

                                                                         TODAY I AM SENDING BACK TO A DEALER 120 MORGAN DOLLARS MS65, MS64, MS63..

                                                                          THERE ARE  30 EACH MS65 MORGANS THAT ARE NO CLOSER TO MS65 THAN PLUTO IS TO THE EARTH. AT BEST THEY ARE                                                                                           MS63  &   MS64. I DO NOT JUST BUY PLASTIC. THESE COINS WILL NEVER BE RE SLABBED THEY FLOAT FROM DEALER TO                                                                                               DEALER, & SOME ARE IN OLD GREEN  PCGS HOLDERS SO THAT TELLS YOU HOW LONG THEY HAVE EXISTED.

                                                                          WE BUY WELL  OVER  $  7 FIGURES  WORTH OF COINS A YEAR. I HAVE GRADING EXAMPLES OF OVER 12,000 COINS.

                                                                           EXAMPLE 1880 MORGAN DOLLAR UN SLABBED AG -  MS 66 , SLABBED  NGE & PCGE BOTH 1 EACH AU  - MS66.

                                                                           I REALIZE WHAT SEVERAL DEALERS ARE TELLING  ME WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE LOSING MONEY EVERY DAY ON SLAB

                                                                           COINS. PRICES ARE JUMPING AROUND MORE THAN THE STOCK MARKET.

                                                                           IN MY NUMISMATIC COURSES I TELL WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME FOR 58 YEARS WHEN YOU BUY A COIN FOR INVENTORY

                                                                           BUY THE COIN , NOW IF IT DROPS IN PRICE YOU BUY 2 MORE TO EQUAL OUT THE PRICE OF THE FIRST PURCHASE.

                                                                           I TELL MY CUSTOMERS THE SAME THING.   YES IT TAKES MONEY & BRAINS.

                                                                           I  ACQUIRED A LOT OF E-MAILS WITH CHRISTMAS WANT LISTS. i LIKE IT WHEN A DAD OR MOM ARE LOOKING TO START                                                                                               THEIR CHILDREN ON A COIN COLLECTION. IM TALKING ABOUT PROOF & MINT SETS, & DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS.

                                                                           BOOKS THIS YEAR ARE ASKED FOR MORE THAN THE LAST 3 YEARS.

                                                                           I KEEP TRYING TO REMIND COLLECTORS YOU REALLY HAVE TO WATCH PRICES OF MS66 & MS67  & HIGHER  VALUE

                                                                           COINS UNLESS  YOU CAN PUT YOUR LOSSES  INTO YOUR YEARLY TAXES.

                                                                           SOME OF THE PRICE SHEETS FOR RETAIL COLLECTOR COINS ARE SO FAR FETCHED IT IS TERRIBLE. I BOUGHT A COIN

                                                                           FOR A CUSTOMER A MORGAN DOLLAR IN MS63 NOT EXPENSIVE I PAID $42 A NICE WHITE COIN. I LOOKED AT A PRICE

                                                                           MAGAZINE & IT HAD A PRICE OF $22  SO I LOOKED AT ANOTHER PRICE MAGAZINE & THE SAME COIN PRICE WAS $38.

                                                                           FIRST OF ALL PRICES CHANGE ALL THE TIME & THESE SO CALLED EXPERTS KNOW THIS & WHEN A COIN DEALER ATTENDS

                                                                           A COIN CONVENTION IT COST HIM OR HER A LOT OF MONEY. IF YOU HAVE A COIN STORE NEAR YOU TALK TO THE OWNER

                                                                           & HAVE HIM GUIDE YOU. TALK TO A WEB SITE OWNER . DONT TAKE UP A LOT OF THEIR  TIME BUT THEY WILL HELP.

                                                                           YOU WILL FIND MOST HIGH END COINS GO TO AUCTION & IT BECOMES A GREAT HISTORY LESSON JUST TO SEE SOME OF

                                                                           THESE $50,000 TO $1,000,00 COINS. MANY YOU WONT SEE AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE TIME 

                                                                           MY WANT LIST FOR THIS YEAR IS STILL WITH 286 COINS IN A $1K TO $6K RANGE. THERE ARE A LOT OF COINS TO BE                                                                                                     BOUGHT BUT DONT SEEM TO MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF MANY CUSTOMERS & I KEEP SEEING THE SAME COINS AT

                                                                           EVERY LARGE CONVENTION. MOST OF THE TIME A COIN I AM LOOKING FOR A DEALER WILL HOLD FOR ME.

                                                                           THIS SHOW I WAS ABLE TO BUT A NICE 1858 LG LETTERS FLYING EAGLE IN MS65 NOT A BLACK DOT ON THE COIN.

                                                                           I HAVE   SEVERAL    GUYS  LOOKING FOR SHIELD 5 CENTS IN PROOF.

                                                                           I FINALLY FOUND A 1868 PROOF 66 & I ALMOST DIDENT GET THE CHANCE TO LOOK AT IT. THE GUY LOOKING AT THE COIN

                                                                           KEPT TURNING IT OVER & OVER FOR A GOOD 5 MINUTES. HE HANDED IT BACK TO THE DEALER & I WAS ABLE TO BUY IT.

                                                                           SOME COINS JUST DONT COME ALONG EVERY MONTH & THIS WAS A GOOD WANT LIST FILLER.

                                                                           I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR STANDING LIBERTY QUARTERS IN MS67 . MANY TIMES DEALERS ALWAYS GET TO THEM                                                                                                      BEFORE   I DO. THIS TIMES I FOUND A 1930 S MS67 WITH LIGHT TONE THAT WAS SAVED FOR ANOTHER DEALER WHO                                                                                                   DIDENT NEED THE COIN ANY MORE. NICE BUY.

                                                                           SUMMERS I REALLY LIKE BECAUSE AT TIMES I RECEIVE E-MAILS FROM DEALERS THAT HAVE EXCESS INVENTORY & I AM

                                                                           ALWAYS BUYING BECAUSE MANY DEALERS I KNOW FIND THINGS TUCKED AWAY THEY FORGOT THEY HAD.

                                                                           BUT, FOR MANY REASONS I STILL LIKE ATTENDING THE LARGE SHOWS. LONG BEACH IS ONE I LIKE & DONT LIKE.

                                                                           AS A LIFE LONG COIN COLLECTOR & BUSINESS MAN I ENJOY LOOKING AT COINS I KNOW I DONT HAVE CUSTOMERS FOR

                                                                           THAT ONLY SHOW UP IN AUCTIONS. I HONESTLY CANT SEE BUYING A $50,000 COIN TO HAVE IT SIT IN STOCK FOR 6 MONTHS

                                                                           TO PUT BACK IN A AUCTION BUT IF I HAVE A CUSTOMER I WILL TRY TO BUY IT.

                                                                           IT IS AMAZING HOW FAST TIME MOVES FORWARD WHEN YOU GET OLDER. TODAY SEPTEMBER 1 WE RECEIVED OUR FIRST

                                                                           BOX OF ROLLS OF COINS FROM NEW ZEALAND WITH AUSTRIA 1 & 2 & 5 & 10 & 20 HELLERS TOTAL OF 1200 COINS. WE STILL

                                                                           HAVE 13 MORE BOXES TO BE DELIVERED WITH COINS FROM MANY COUNTRIES  WITH  10,000  MORE COINS.

                                                                           NEW COINS PURCHASED IN NEW ZEALAND: NEW ZEALAND 1/2 CROWNS 1933 PROOF, 1934 PROOF, 1935 PROOF 1937 &

                                                                           1941 PROOF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER BEEN ABLE TO BUY THESE COINS IN PROOF.

                                                                            WE HAD REQUESTS FROM DEALERS TO BRING MORGAN DOLLARS UN SLABBED CAME OUT TO JUST OVER 2,135 COINS.

                                                                            OVER 1,500 COINS WERE SOLD THE NIGHT WE LANDED. DEALERS WANTED THEM FOR THE OPENING OF THE SHOW.

                                                                            AFTER WE SET UP WE HAD THE REST OF THE DOLLARS ON THE BACK TABLE WITH PAPER WORK FOR EACH DEALER.

                                                                            THE SHOW WAS FILLED WITH COLLECTORS MOSTLY UN SLABBED COINS $1 THROUGH $500 COINS.

                                                                            WE HAD REQUESTS FROM 21 PEOPLE TO BRING COINS MOSTLY FRANKLIN HALF DOLLARS & MERCURY DIMES.

                                                                           THERE WAS A MAN MY AGE I WATCHED HIM WALK THE  FLOOR OVER 2 HOURS  WITH A LARGE THICK LEATHER BAG ON

                                                                           HIS SHOULDER. THIS GUY HAD TO BE 6 FOOT 4 INCHES & WEIGH 250 + POUNDS. I WATCHED HIM STOP AT MANY DEALERS   

                                                                           AND SHOW COINS THEN WRITE SOMETHING. HE WAS ALMOST IN FRONT OF ME & I SAID HELLO YOU LOOK TIRED WOULD

                                                                           YOU LIKE TO SIT & HAVE  SOMETHING TO DRINK & TO MY SURPRISE HE DID. WE HAD A GOOD CONVERSATION & HE SAID

                                                                            WHERE IS ARIZONA SO I TOLD HIM.. HE SAID TO BAD YOU DONT SELL NEW ZEALAND COINS OR I WOULD SHOW YOU WHAT

                                                                           I HAVE TO SELL FOR MY GRAND DAUGHTERS WEDDING. I SAID I BUY EVERYTHING FOR $1 TO $500,000.

                                                                           HE THOUGHT THAT WAS FUNNY. SO HE PICKED UP HIS BAG & PULLED OUT A 410 SHOT GUN PISTOL  & PLACED IT ON THE

                                                                           COIN CASE. I SAID WOW I HAVE ONE OF THESE BUT NOT AS OLD. THEN HE PULLED OUT THE BOOK I WATCHED HIM SHOW

                                                                           OTHER DEALERS. HE PLACED THE BOOK DOWN & OPENED IT &  THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE COINS WERE FANTASTIC. I LOOK 

                                                                           UP & I SEE AT LEAST 30 DEALERS THIS MAN STOPPED AT TO GET A PRICE STARING AT ME, I ASKED HIM DID HE KNOW

                                                                           ABOUT THE COINS. HE HAD HIS DADS ORIGINAL BUY SLIP & PRICES HE HAD BEEN QUOTED FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS FROM

                                                                           COIN DEALERS. AFTER CALLING A FRIEND OF MINE I NEW I COULD PAY A LOT MORE THAN HE HAD BEEN QUOTED. i SAT

                                                                           DOWN & LOOKED AT WHAT HE WANTED & IT WAS LESS THAN WHAT I WAS TOLD I COULD PAY. I GAVE HIM A QUOTE & ON

                                                                           THE PAPER I TOLD HIM WE WERE BEING WATCHED BY DEALERS SO HE SAID I COULD BUY THEM. I SAID TONIGHT  I WANT

                                                                           YOU TO PICK A RESTAURANT HE WOULD LIKE TO GO TO & I WILL PAY HIM & HE COULD GIVE ME THE COINS THEN. HE THEN

                                                                           SHOWED ME ANOTHER BOOK OF COINS & I BOUGHT THEM ALSO.

                                                                           BUT, AFTER HE LEFT ME ON THE SHOW FLOOR I HAD 6 DEALERS COME OVER TO ME & ASK WHAT HE WAS BUYING. I

                                                                           SAID NOTHING HE WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT HIS GRAND DAUGHTER & HE REALLY NEEDED SOMETHING TO DRINK..

                                                                           BESIDES US OLD GUYS LIKE TO TALK. ONE DEALER SAID HE HAD COINS FOR SALE I REALLY WANTED BUT HE WANTED TO

                                                                           MUCH MONEY. THE NEXT DAY I SHIPPED THEM OF TO ITALY.  WITHIN 4 DAYS WE HAD 9 I COULDENT BELIEVE IT 9 QUOTES                                                                                           TO BUY THE LOT.

                                                                           AUGUST 24 RETURNING FROM NEW ZEALAND COIN SHOW. THIS IS MY 6TH TIME I HAVE ATTENDED A COIN SHOW IN NEW  

                                                                           NEW ZEALAND. IT IS ALWAYS A FANTASTIC TRIP. WAS ABLE TO BUY SOME NICE COINS.

                                                                           QUESTION; I HAVE A SON WHO IS INTERESTED IN HISTORY & I THOUGHT ABOUT THE US MODERN COMMEMORATIVES..

                                                                           MY GRAND FATHER SERVED UNDER DWIGHT  D. EISENHOWER & TOLD ME MANY GREAT STORIES DURING HIS YEAR

                                                                           WITH HIM AS AN AID..

                                                                           ANSWER: THIS IS A GOOD CHOICE THERE ARE AT LEAST 74 MODERN SILVER COMMEMORATIVES.

                                                                           Only one  Commemorative  coin was issued in 1990. This coin was issued to represent the Centennial of the birth of Dwight D. Eisenhower

                                                                            on October 4th 1890. I can honestly say as an Artist  I have painted 3  portraits  in 8" X 10"  that are in different Historical Museums 

                                                                            around the United States.

                                                                            For John Mercanti to engrave 2 portraits on this coin is amazing.

                                                                            This coin also shows Eisenhowers retirement home in Gettysburg & this  is a National Historical site.

                                                                            This coin was  issued by the Government in UNC  & PROOF conditions. This is also issued in the 1990 Prestige Proof  Set.

                                                                            I sell many of these coins & always have 30 to 50 on hand all year.

                                                                            The 1990 W  Uncirculated Silver Coin has a mintage of 241,669 . To me this is a rare coin with a mintage under a million.

                                                                            The 1990 P Proof Coin  has a mintage far beyond the Uncirclated  with a miintage of  1,144,461.

                                                                            I am sure your son will enjoy the coin & all the stories you can tell him from  your Grandfather..

                                                                           Just trying to catch up on my notes since we had to spend 3 days in a hotel because our air conditioner went out on us & inside the

                                                                           house was a sweltering 94 degrees & 106 outside at the pool..

                                                                           Long beach we were able to buy 3  Isabella Quarters in MS64.  Three were for customers want lists. I looked at 14 that were dull gray &

                                                                           almost all black. another silver  Lexington MS 64  very lite tone totally rounded leg. 1889 CC 2 EACH IN EF FROM A DEALER

                                                                           WHO HAD THESE ON MY WANT LIST FOR OVER A YEAR. This gives my customer a increase to the  10 he wanted in his collection.

                                                                           The 1889CC is not a easy coin to find .A nice buy of 5 each 1886 MS 60 Silver Dollars. We both thought the grading should be better.

                                                                           Baltimore pre show after looking at every thing was better than I thought. The first 1856 Flying Eagle I have ever purchased  in GOOD

                                                                           this coin completes   a set a man has been working on for 32 years.

                                                                           I am seeing so much lack of dignity from the coin manipulation .Example 1911 S MS 65 red there is no reason for this coin to drop in

                                                                           price  In March the coin is+$2000  now in June it is at -$ 1750.  Collectors have to start complaining.

                                                                           When a customer wants a coin I have to buy when I can find what is needed. I have no control over prices no different than gold & silver.

                                                                           When these things are done a name of the company or dealer should be attached .  To me this is an embarrassment, but not going to go

                                                                           away until the public says enough & that will never happen.  

                                                                           I am told it is going to get worse because the big money has the control & now all Foreign countries coins  are being slabbed. 

                                                                           So, as I have mentioned before you need to learn to watch prices closer as time passes. Buy only when it drops in price, keep records.

                                                                           Dealers tell me stop bitching.. Im not bitching Im trying to educate the collectors of today & tomorrow.

                                                                           Finally non of my clients buy Gold or Silver on a up market because they understand it will cycle back down in time.

                                                                            If you can buy 500 oz of silver on a market that has dropped $2 an ounce you just made some good money when it gos back up.        


                                                                           QUESTION: Can you explain to me the law of supply & demand .Not  Every coin dealer understands my question & I heard you use 

                                                                           to teach this in your classes in California.

                                                                           ANSWER: Yes I did & the law  of supply  & demand hasent changed in 1000 years.

                                                                           Here is what I use to teach & still do .BECOME A  PERSON WHO BUYS ON THE DOWN TURN OF PRICES.

                                                                           This I was tought as a little boy. The law of supply & demand is a theory  explaining the interaction between the supply of a product & the                                                                                          demand for the product.  The supply & demand defines the effect the availability of a particular product & the demand for that product has

                                                                           on the price.

                                                                           Usually a low supply & a high demand increases prices & then the greater demand  the lower the demand, the lower the price will fall.

                                                                           I have mentioned the manipulation of the Coin Slab market by a hand full of Coin Dealers. Just look as I have mentioned before the

                                                                           Silver Commemorative Market. People collecting for many years bought into the advertisement & the push large Coin Companies

                                                                           shoved at collectors from 1940 - 1970. Iv  shown you many over the years. Now when a coin in MS 70 declines $1000 in a week  

                                                                           & there is less than 100 slabbed in MS67  & then it increases back up $1000 the next week. Where is the supply  & the demand..

                                                                           The most basic economic law of supply & demand ties into all economic principles in one way or another. In some practices

                                                                           supply & demand pull against each other until  the market finds a balance in price Now multiple factors affect both supply & demand

                                                                           causing them to increase or decrease in various ways. 

                                                                           As a coin collector , COLLECT & dont worry . I sell more un slabbed coins than I do Slabbed. If you only buy slabbed coins you are 

                                                                           buying a certified product like a share of IBM stock & you have to watch the market. But if you buy a set of Lincoln cents in MS63

                                                                           is a auction company going to want to put them in there auction? A lot of time spent & not much profit. If you have a $500 coin it can go

                                                                           to auction because the Auction is going to make an average of %15 from you &%15 from the buyer. Usually they sell a coin every 

                                                                           2 minutes of less. Also they sell a Million Dollars at an average Auction.

                                                                           Here is a good example of a buy I did in 2007.

                                                                           I bought 12 each Lafayette Dollars in MS66 FOR $12,000 EACH. & PUT THEM IN A SAFE IN THE BACK OF THE STORE.

                                                                           Like all coin stores you buy more & put them out for sale & a lot of times forget what you bought last week. & if you have a busy store

                                                                           this happens more than you could think.  I paid $12,000 each. We put 2 out for sale. The next week we bought  2 more..

                                                                           When we moved I had a moving company move 4 safes 6 ft by 4 foot. We opened the safe with the Lafayettes in them  & my wife

                                                                           walked over to me & slapped me on the shoulder. The coins had dropped $3000 each. I still have all 10 coins as a reminder.

                                                                           I still buy Lafayette  Commemoratives  in MS66 & each one lowers the price of $12,000 each at to days market.

                                                                           But  we also had 86 each $10 Liberty gold coins in AU  & I paid  $180 each when she looked at the market that day they were over $600

                                                                           each & that was a help. I dident get slapped for that buy. 

                                                                           This is a good example of supply & demand. Lafayetts have increased in price over the years. But I am not what they call a market

                                                                           maker. Im just a business man & at this time we did not have a computer to keep track of inventory all the time. We had a business

                                                                           we enjoyed every day & made a good living. Our customers were happy filling want lists with a   buy back  policy   on our

                                                                           coins we graded. Computers have become a great tool where you can keep figures on quantity minted , quantity in each grade

                                                                           & the changes in prices. It is a lot of work but can help you when you want to sell..

                                                                           So, remember you need to know how many were minted.

                                                                           How many are graded in each grade

                                                                           Total mintage  for that particular coin

                                                                            What is the price of a ugly, dark , partially dark, light, spotted & white toned coin?.   

                                                                           These are not a responsibility of a coin dealer to tell you even though he should have most of this information.

                                                                           You are responsible to be a smart buyer. His or her responsibility is to have inventory to stay in business. To have a neat & organized

                                                                           display. Are they  friendly & knowledgeable. Always find out what the buy back policy is. Always be polite.

                                                                           I understand a lot of Dems dont care for our current President but you dont really understand how the rest of the countries around

                                                                           the planet feel. They think Americans are spoiled & have to much, & complain about every thing. Americans act rude like if they were

                                                                           still in America. As a business man I talk to as many people I can in any country I go to. The biggest thing I hear for the last year is how   

                                                                           do  Americans put up with the lies the news tells every day on the television.

                                                                           The Brits, Germans ,Italians & Greeks I was able to talk to this trip said they were glad a US President is finally helping make changes.

                                                                            I agree because international travel has become safer in the last 5 months from what I have seen.

                                                                           QUESTION: I was asked this question by an American in Italy this trip.

                                                                           When should I buy Silver.?

                                                                           ANSWER: This is a difficult question because I buy & sell all the time.

                                                                           But, its always difficult to know when to buy so I will tell you what I learned as a 9 year old boy & it worked for me for many years.

                                                                           Early January is the best time to  buy. Sometimes also October & November prices are lower.

                                                                           Early May is the best time to sell.

                                                                           I just finished looking for coins at Baltimore pre set up show & it was nice to see many dealers I did not see at Long Beach.

                                                                           I new I would not be able to go to the show after set up since I had to catch a plane for Europe.

                                                                           We bought some nice coins & I will put them on the Web Site after I reach Italy.

                                                                           The dealers are really buying anything good $1,000 on up.

                                                                           Dealers had a lot of $5 & $10  & $20 gold. More than I have seen in a wile.

                                                                           When I leave  Italy I will be in England then Brazil  & a buying trip to 1 other countries then home.   

                                                                           Remember no matter were we are  we still fill all orders for coins.

                                                                           It is nice to see so many collectors buying $1.00 to $20 coins this year. 

                                                                           We really have sold more $1  -  $10 coins than $100 -  $500 coins here in the United States.

                                                                           In Europe we sell a lot of coins from 50 cent to $20  ,   $50,    $100 coins

                                                                           Also today I received a E-mail for a new coin show this November  4 & 5 Saturday & Sunday 2017

                                                                           from the Phoenix Arizona Coin Club. This is a new show at the Holiday Inn in Mesa.

                                                                           The Coin Club will be having 2 shows a year.

                                                                           This for me is good because I like a November Coin show

                                                                           IF THERE IS A COIN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FOR A CHRISTMAS PRESENT   E-MAIL ME.  


                                                                           IF ANY DEALER HAS EXTRA MS63 OR  MS64 LEXINGTON CONCORD SILVER  COMMEMORATIVES IN STOCK

                                                                           WHITE OR VERY CLOSE TO WHITE NO BLACK SPOTS  I NEED 10 OF EACH I WILL TAKE 1 THROUGH 10 ANY TIME.

                                                                           PLEASE E-MAIL ME.  IF THEY ARE NOT WHITE I DONT NEED THEM. ANY SPOTTING I DONT NEED.

                                                                           I NEED 20 LEXINGTON CONCORD IN TRUE EF . I NEED 10 EA 1920 PILGRIMS IN TRUE  EF. I NEED  SEVERAL OTHERS.

                                                                           IF YOU HAVE EXTRA SILVER COMMEMORATIVES SEND ME A LIST.

                                                                           I STILL NEED LAFAYETTE DOLLAR PCGS MS65  CLOSE TO WHITE OR WHITE  NO SPOTTING NO BLACK AT ALL

                                                                           NO MARKS IN THE FACE AREA THAT IS VISIBLE WITH YOUR EYE.

                                                                           I NEED SHIELD NICKELS & V NICKELS  GOOD  -  EF.

                                                                           I NEED WORLD PROOF & MINT SETS ANY COUNTRY I STILL HAVE 420,000 FOREIGN COINS TO PACK BUT ALWAYS

                                                                           NEED BRITISH & GERMAN & DENMARK & SWEDEN COINS $20 TO $100.

                                                                           I can not believe it is already June & it could have been  another somewhat  dull  Long Beach if it wasent for a couple

                                                                           of friends of mine who E-mailed me & had some of the coins I was looking for in my want list.

                                                                           But I still have not changed my opinion about summer commercial  coin shows that dont work like they use to.

                                                                           There use to be an excitement about getting ready to go to a coin show.

                                                                           So  many collectors tell me I cant get excited about buying a piece of plastic. I can look at several Web sites & find what I want

                                                                           for my collection & I dont have to go from one table to another & after a hour  of more not find what I need.

                                                                           I have heard this story so many times in just the last 5 years more than in years past..

                                                                           As many people know I dont take a table any more at Long Beach or any California coin show any more because of the paper work

                                                                           for the state taxes. California has so many taxes its ridiculous&  Im not ridiculing Im just continually turning  to states I feel comfortable.

                                                                           I pay a friend of mine 1/2 of his table cost & have a show case to put my inventory I acquire from dealers at Long Beach.

                                                                           At this Long Beach I had received several E-mails of East Coast dealers that were not attending. There is Baltimore   in 2 weeks.

                                                                           Thursday & Friday at Long Beach   I was able to fill several coins on my want list but was really  wanting more.

                                                                           A nice  1920 D Lincoln in MS65 Red this was a surprise & I almost missed it. A 1872 2 Cent Piece in MS65 very nice better than normal.

                                                                           was a very clean 1916 Standing Liberty 25  Cent in AU 50. To put a set of AU50 Standing Liberty Quarters together use to be  very easy  

                                                                           for a customer. Im not finding that to be true these days.. A nice 1916 D MS65 Buffalo Nickel this is another coin I find hard to acquire.

                                                                           Boon 1935 S Silver Commemorative astonishingly almost all white  in MS67 & Im not impressed with the manipulation  of the MS67

                                                                           Silver Commemorative market. Its another un intelligent move showing it is a commodity like a share if IBM stock.

                                                                           But I also have to admit GOOD  $1,000 + coins are still scarce.

                                                                           My want list has grown again this year to a 7  figure + $ list of $1,000 plus  coins.

                                                                           New Email Question:  You sent me a 1920 D Lincoln Penny in EF & I am told by 2 coin dealers if is not a EF Condition.

                                                                           One Dealer has a bright copper EF cheaper than your coin.   Please advise 

                                                                           I like these types of Questions.  

                                                                           I am one of the few coin dealers around the country that ALWAYS WILL GUARANTEE  THE GRADING ON ANY COIN WE SELL 

                                                                            that is a  un slabbed. coin. We retain over 8,000 coins we have graded as examples with mintage   & the normal condition .

                                                                           Please if you are unsatisfied with the 1920 D Lincoln Cent I want you to send it back to me & I will send you your money & the postage.

                                                                           First let me say  what  this dealer you talked to should have done before he got you upset. The characteristic  of the 1920 D.

                                                                           I looked up our sales on this coin  & we have sold just  in EF condition since 1962 a total of 4,687 coins.

                                                                           The 1920 D  Lincoln  has a production of 49,280,000 . Any Dealer should be able to explain to you  the quality was not good..

                                                                           The mint decreased there staff a  lot since the Government cut the budgets after the war ended..

                                                                           This  created inferior coins  through the 1920 time frame.

                                                                           Listen good.   VERY FEW AT LEAST WHAT I HAVE SEEN IN THE LAST 50 PLUS  YEARS HAVE A SHARP STRIKE. 

                                                                           THE DIES WERE USED MUCH LONGER THAN THEY SHOULD HAVE.

                                                                            With a 49,280,000 mintage  PCGS  has only slabbed around 464 coins.

                                                                            It is a common coin in conditions GOOD - FINE a scarce coin in VF & EF 

                                                                           Also the 1920 S is no different in strike &  with hardle any bright red or no red color & the mintage is 46,220,000

                                                                           I just attended a convention in Ohio mice small 50 tables. Friendly people , no big shots who thought they were the best around.

                                                                           I did not sell a single slab coin. We sold coins  from 1/2 cents to $10 gold. People were filling there Dansco Binders.

                                                                           It was fun to sell coins instead of plastic holders pre graded. We sold & bought several coins from Denmark, Portugal,Great Britain

                                                                           & Cuba & many US coins..

                                                                           Last week I received a E-mail from a young Coin Dealer, 28 years old to me is young. This Dealer does not advertise,does not have

                                                                           a Web Site , used a friend of his computer to send me the E-mail thinking I would not find out who he was.

                                                                           Please understand I dont care who you are just be honest with me & I will answer any question from Coin Dealers or collector..

                                                                           This E-mail made me laugh. I wasent laughing at the Coin Dealer but the way he was so prejudice against   coin dealers who did not

                                                                           sell Slabbed coins & thought I should only promote SLABS & not just carry junk. Again this was cute for me to read. I really enjoyed it.

                                                                           Being the curious person I am I sent a E-mail back to the address.

                                                                           I asked how many Slab Coins the Dealer had & if he went through my whole Web Site. His friend who owned the E-mail address

                                                                           wrote back to me & said he new his friend  had 40 Slabbed ANACS pennies & some ANACS Jefferson  Nickels.

                                                                           I wrote back & said please tell him to look at my Slab section of my Web & he will see a very good selection  of coins.

                                                                           Most Coin Shows I attend I carry AN average of 300 to 400 PCGS & NGC COINS. All are not on the Web Site because some sell to fast.

                                                                           I always have in 2x2 & 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 cardboard holders 50, 1/2 cents , 200, Large Cents, 20, 2 Cent Pieces ,  80, 3 Cent Nickles & Silver

                                                                           100 Morgan Dollars plus gold & other US Coins. I buy a lot of accurately Slabbed Coins ( ACCURATELY IS THE KEY WORD).

                                                                           My total inventory as of January is 880,000 coins between US & International Coins we also have Ancient Coins that I will start placing

                                                                           in our Web Site along with Foreign paper money next year. I just have to understand how to take the pictures of each to upgrade our 

                                                                           Web Site.   What I want to say is every coin does not have to be in a piece of plastic. The first thing is you need to learn how to grade

                                                                           so when you look at a coin you know what to look for. Also remember I could be wrong but sooner or later you are going to have a

                                                                           brokers licence to deal in coins.  When you have a product that has a designated number like a stock certificate it is called a commodity.

                                                                           You pay the Brokers fee when buying & selling .Selling becomes part of your income & taxes also have to be paid because the

                                                                           Coin Dealer will have to record the number on the slab. If anyone thinks I am wrong please advise me because I always like to learn.

                                                                           Take any coin. Isabella Quarter is a good example . I have 62 not slabbed all Ef , Au ,MS60  - MS63 & I sell every year.

                                                                           There are 24,214 minted,     PCGS has a evaluation of 5350 slabbed        NGC has 3616 slabbed.

                                                                           PCGS has average of MS63=1236 slabbed & MS64= 1270 slabbed the most of all the grades from GOOD  -  MS 68.

                                                                           NGC                         MS63=770                  MS64 = 1009   You still have 15K+ that can be slabbed bringing down the price you pay  

                                                                           for a coin today.      I always carry 10 each in MS63 & MS64  because these are the most popular grades & if the price drops I just buy  

                                                                           more to balance out my costs of what I have in stock.

                                                                           If you like only Slabbed Coins buy just Slabbed Coins, but remember there is still another world of Coin Collectors out there still.


                                                                           We have been quite busy since the Bay State Show.

                                                                          The Bay State Show was not as busy as last year. I did not see half of the customers from previous years. It was not the weather

                                                                          it was actually warmer than past years . But I was able to increase our ANCIENT COIN INVENTORY. We will start placing these

                                                                          beautiful pieces of History in our Web Site I hope by October. My problem is trying to understand how to photograph the coins 

                                                                          the place them into the Web Site. I started collecting Ancient Coins in 1972 during several courses I attended at Stanford Collage.

                                                                          We had a Professor buy coins from us in Sunnyvale California & Stanford was only 4 miles up the El Camino in Palo Alto California.

                                                                          Many times we had a collection of Ancient Coins come in for us to buy. I would call Stanford & he would come to see us on Sunday

                                                                          spend the day & he graded & packed every coin if it was a collection of 10 or 50 coins. We dident start to sell Ancient Coins until l 

                                                                          understood the coin I was selling so many went into a safe. But at the same time they were being used in the Professors class.

                                                                          I am flying to several coin shows to acquire coins for customers. 

                                                                          I just bought Isabella Quarters in MS 60 , MS 61 , MS 62 , MS 63 , MS 64 , MS 65 , & MS 66  ALL MORE THAN 1/2 WHITE for

                                                                          a customer. This is nott something that comes along very often & Iv  been trying to find  this match in coins 3 years.

                                                                          We will return  from Italy  3/25/17 .

                                                                          It has been a very enjoyable trip & we were able to acquire many new coins for our store in Rome. I am starting to see many

                                                                          PCGS & NGC coins that we bought but many customers request us to break out the coin of the holders. Then we have the younger

                                                                          20 to  30 year  old  collectors  that  only buy NGC & PCGS. The young  women like the NGC  holder,  they say it is easy to look at.

                                                                          We will be getting ready for the Bay State  Coin Show in Marlboro Massachusetts. This is a very good 2 day show.

                                                                          Please  remember what I have told you about Slabbed Coins. The more that get slabbed the lower the prices go.

                                                                          Study the NGC & PCGS  statistics. Just look at the ups & DOWNS of the MS 67 Silver Commems market. 

                                                                          Starting this month we started buying for Christmas & our inventory is over  880,000 coins between the US & Italy.

                                                                          I still need US Large Cents, Shield Nickles, 3 Cent Silver & Nickels, Flying Eagles in Good - UNC plus many more 

                                                                          1/2/2017  I have not acquired time for answering questions in the last couple of months.

                                                                           But ,  Here is a interesting question. Great Britain Key Date  of FARTHINGS , HALF PENNIES & PENNIES.

                                                                          ANSWER:  FARTHINGS  have several dates.     1842,  1844,  1849,  1863, 1895, & 1937.

                                                                           HALF PENNIES have several dates.  1825,  1843,  1845,  1860,  1871,  1902 ,1904, &1957 with calm sea  

                                                                           PENNIES  HAVE THE MOST OF THE COPPERS  1837,  1843,  1861 as a 1860,  1869,  1871,  1875H,  1895  1902

                                                                           1912 H,  1918 H,  1919 H,  1919KN,  1926,  1937,  1950,  1951,  1954.

                                                                           Some of these years have many varieties & some varieties are more expensive. Remember condition is the major concern

                                                                          when purchasing any of these historic coins. 

                                                                          February 18 , 2017  We just finished placing on the WEB Site 38 1/2 British Pennies in the 1700eds , 9  Large Cents in the 1700eds.

                                                                          Also 2 silver pennies for the year 1892 both in BU condition & they could almost be twins & 12 Farthings. These all came from a good

                                                                          friends estate who played a Western Gambler called Maveric for several years. I played golf with him many times at Pebble Beach &

                                                                          we went to dinner at his favorite   restaurant  in Palo Alto California across the street from Stanford Collage. 

                                                                          February 1, 2017 we acquired a hand full of very nice 1500eds  Hungary deniers medieval hammered coins for Ferdinand the first along

                                                                          with coins from several other countries. You will see several new Great Britain coins mostly Large Pennies & half crowns. We put 

                                                                          over 40 new coins into Inventory. A nice lot of U.S. Indian, Flying Eagle, & Lincoln Cents, 152  Silver Dollars & several Bust Half Dollars.

                                                                          A nice increase in U.S. 1.2 Cents & Large Cents. We also have another 30 Large Cents not looked at yet.

                                                                          Any one who has excess U.S. Proof Sets  clean boxes no scratches on the holders I need 100 each 1970 ,71 ,72, 7 3, 74 ,75,76.

                                                                          I also need 100 3 cent silvers minimum VF also EF.  100 each 3 cent silvers VF & EF, Shield nickels 50 VF & EF . E mail me.

                                                                          Please dont send me coins you know do not fit the grades. IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO GRADE send me the coins I will grade the

                                                                          the coins & buy the coins at those grades. Last year we bought over 70,000 coins from customers & dealers we returned 2644 coins

                                                                          to Coin Dealers & returned non from customers. This may not sound like a lot of coins to you but the time involved,   took 88 hours of our

                                                                          time opening packages, inspecting inventory, grading & pricing each coin , E mailing to explain the problems, repacking & shipping.

                                                                          Also when this happens  we will not  accept packages from these companies again . 

                                                                          It is the last day of 2016 & this will be our final writing for this year.

                                                                          It has been quite a good  year for Kay Coins International. I learned a lot.

                                                                          This is a fantastic   business to be in for over 50 years watching the changes.meeting some of the most fantastic people in business.

                                                                          We have acquired some fantastic collections over the year. We filled all our want list requirements. This is the first year I can say this. 

                                                                          But,First, not spending 1/2 of the year in an air plane flying from Coin Show to Coin Show I feel like I acquired  much more sleep.

                                                                          We also dident have to spend 4 to 5  days at a convention eating restaurant  food.

                                                                          Lobster , shrimp, clams, scalllops,, bread & cheese & ice cream. The high intake of food does not agree with me any more.

                                                                          But we always end up going to dinner with other Coin Dealers or Clients & I love spending time with both..

                                                                          For us we have experienced  & seen that collector coins &  the investor slab coins have remained  steady in the US market.

                                                                          I think the tragedy of so many people losing thousands of Dollars on the SLAB SILVER COMMEMORATIVE MANIPULATED MARKET

                                                                          the so called market maker who ever they are   I hope learned a lesson. But, I doubt that.. But this is my opinion. 

                                                                          I keep telling people you are playing with the stock market process when you buy SLABBED US COINS. Only the rich very high end

                                                                          slab market players make money.

                                                                          Ask  this question of your coin dealer.   HOW MANY COIN COLLECTORS ARE THERE IN THE UNITED STATES?

                                                                          HOW MANY ARE INVESTORS?  WHO CONTROLS THE MARKET. There are more collector coins than investor coins.

                                                                          Look at how many Coin Companies have diversified  into wine, art, jewelry   & several other commodities.

                                                                          Collectors from Europe, South America. Africa, & Asia are still buying collector coins $1 through $100. But, they also know what can  

                                                                          happen to their paper money with the inflation that happens.

                                                                          I do find many people still like to build & put coin sets together or buy nice historical coins..

                                                                          Kay Coins International has always followed the Planets financial markets because the Commodities marked affects every one including

                                                                          the Rare Coin Market

                                                                          Please dont think I am against SLAB COINS.I think it was one of the best things to come along for Coin Collectors.

                                                                          ​I just want you to become more educated.  

                                                                          This year there were price changes in many coins , many dropping, & I watched many gold coins  increase in prices. 

                                                                          I do not belong to these two companies  but I heard from many coin dealers  in around October there was large demands for coins from

                                                                          CCE & CDN Coin Exchanges.  This I can understand because of Christmas requirements.

                                                                          Every year Kay Coins sell over 1,500 to 2,000 US Proof Sets to coin shops across the country.

                                                                          We will see interest rate  increases in 2017, I thought it was really going to happen in November.

                                                                          People pushed for an increase in the minimum wage. My opinion & every time the minimum wage increases so do the prices of product.

                                                                         Look at the statistics. In 1960 I paid 25 cents for a gallon of Gas for my car. Minimum wage was $1.25. Mom stayed home took care of the  

                                                                         family. There were no credit cards & very few had a checking account.  We all got paid from our companies in cash. 

                                                                         College cost did not put you in dept. Some times I  wonder if we are really better & smarter.

                                                                          Medical is the big winner with the advancement.  

                                                                         We did buy a lot of nice coins this year many Silver  Commemorative , Dollars & several collections . We did a lot of work in Europe,

                                                                         One of the things that was  as much fun as buying & selling Coins  was spending hours in the Sistine Chapel drawing & painting parts

                                                                         of Michelangelo  Ceiling. I was able to draw over 100 drawings. The Statue of Saint Peter  the founder of the Catholic Church was one

                                                                         of the most visited. One day when drawing the statue from the right side  the line to touch this statue I asked one of the Swiss Guards

                                                                         how many people were in line & he said 742 people from all over the world & it is not lunch time yet. I could only go to the Sistine

                                                                         Chapel one day a week & when I would come back to my office every one would come in with their bread, wine & oil to sit & look at the

                                                                         drawings & tell stories about their visits to the Church.  They looked at my canvas every day & would discuss  the drawing on the canvas.

                                                                         The Customs people told me I could take paintings up to 11" x 14" with me when I returned to the United States but nothing larger..

                                                                         My favorite  canvas is 8" x 10"  & 6" X 8" easy to carry 20 each in a brief case.

                                                                         My new computer is nice except it has a function that when you touch the screen it changes sizes. I have to get use to it.

                                                                         Please let me know if you are looking for any type of coin or want to sell I also buy all the time.

                                                                         I placed more coins into inventory today.


                                                                          We just packed  & graded 7 very nice EF - BU German 1/2 Marks.

                                                                          We replaced over 16  Silver  Commemoratives  including 4 each  Alabama 2x2 & 2 California  all coins as usual are White

                                                                          12/26/16 placed into stock 9 more 1/2 cents. The 1849 is not a coin I see a lot of in extra  fine condition.

                                                                          I still have my set of Graded  Examples of  1/2 Cents from my course on Half Cents from 1800-1857

                                                                          from AG to AU each year & grade has a quantity of 5 each.

                                                                          We have all slabs showing in stock, plus another 60 not looked at yet & we have all Dollars  packed in 2x2 in stock.

                                                                          12/23/16 We placed into inventory today 29 new US 1/2 Cents with still 50+ to pack.

                                                                           STARTING JANUARY 1, 2017  WE WILL NO LONGER SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES.

                                                                              ALL INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WILL BE SHIPPED FROM OUR OFFICE IN EUROPE.

                                                                              Today we replaced a lot of Inventory for British India. This is  tough country to keep in stock & sometime to find.   

                                                                              WE WANT TO WISH EVERY ONE A HAPPY  HANUKKAH  , KWANZAA  &  MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

                                                                              12/20/16  It has been an interesting week.

                                                                              We were able to fill a couple of Christmas wishes wives had for their Husbands.

                                                                              A 1852 Large Cent MS65 RED .This is a coin I have never seen in RED or even very many UNC CONDITION. A nice coin for $4700.

                                                                               Another nice coin 1875 Indian Cent MS66 RED $7900 I have been hunting for this coin for 2 years. This wife deserves a trip to Europe.

                                                                               Peace Dollar 1923 D MS66  $4000.  Then a 1927 S Peace Dollar MS65 $8100. These Peace Dollars are hard to acquire in high condition

                                                                               Several British Large Cents in the $1.00 to $20.00 price range. German 1/2 Marks most $20 to $40. Denmark was impressive 2 coins 

                                                                               for $60 each & 16 Coins $1.00 t 10.00. Over 80 Indian & Lincoln Pennies $1.00 to $80.00.

                                                                               We still have over  300 coins we have to ship for Christmas from Russia, Slovakia, Australia, Strate Settlement, Mexico & India & more

                                                                               It is nice to see coins from $1 to $20 bought for kids collections across the United States.

                                                                               All will  be shipped in time  for Christmas.

                                                                               For Inventory we acquired Saint Gaudens 1908 No Motto MS65  $7500

                                                                                       Saint Gauden   1908     Motto MS65  $6500   

                                                                                       22 Rolls Indian Pennies not graded , 16 rolls Mercury Dimes, 60 rolls Washington Quarters 


                                                    BAY STATE COIN SHOW

                                                   MARLBORO MASSACHUSETTS

                                                   BEST WESTERN HOTEL

                                                   APRIL 2018

                                                   I HAVE ATTENDED THIS SHOW EVERY YEAR SINCE 1975

                                                  TAKE THE MASS TURNPIKE HEADING WEST UNTIL  YOU COME TO HIGHWAY 495.

                                                  TAKE A RIGHT HEADING EAST TO THE MARLBORO EXIT. GO UNDER THE BRIDGE

                                                  & HEAD NORTH YOU WILL GO DOWN A LONG HILL 1/4TH MILE THE HOTEL IS ON

                                                  THE RIGHT HIDDEN IN THE VERY TALL PINE TREES . THE DRIVE WAY IS OVER

                                                  100 YARDS  LONG UP HILL . HOTEL IS ON YOUR LEFT.