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6/22/2019         question     I bought a coin 1888 S  MS66 I was told the price would always increase in price. I just went to sell the coin & I lost over $6,000.

                       answer       Good question  This is one of the reason I tell every one DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE BIG SHOT HIGH END PLUSH COIN


                        OR THEY WONT KEEP THEIR JOBS.  

                        First I know the woman you bought this coin from . Let me ask you a question.  Did she ware a very  light cream blouse , white 1/2 cut bra                              with top 3 buttons unbuttoned  & most of the time she bent over the desk with a unicorn on a gold chain  moving back & forth   & the coin                                was on a small square 6" x 6 " mirror.  I never new this woman  or her name

                         but I heard many stories.. This fits what you told me..  Dont blame her it is not her fault you bought the coin & it was a coin                                                      you were looking for at the time & it filled your want list.

                        But when you buy an expensive coin like this you need to watch the price changes  NEVER BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO HOLD A COIN FOR 

                        10 YEARS TO MAKE MONEY.

                        Now you bought the coin in 2016   the wholesale bid at the time I said  was way to high at $7500 & you paid $10,200 which would be the                                 going price at that time .  This coin is semi rare with a mintage of only 657,000 coins . I think this coin was really a underrated coin &                                       honestly still think this is true

                        Usually this has always been known as a soft struck coin in the central high points of the coin. Most you will find in MS63  -MS64 condition.

                        I have told evey  one do not buy a 1888 S Morgan Dollar with any marks on the cheek in MS64 -MS65 -MS66

                        This is 2019 & the bid for the 1888 S Morgan in MS66 is $4500  down from when you bought your coin with a bid of $7500.

                        This to me is manipulation in the Coin Market with  assumption of only 14,000 coins slabbed in MS66. . That is not many.

                        Now look at the MS65 Morgan   in 2016 the bid was $2950    & in 2019  the bid is $1800  this is a $1150 drop in bids  again I see no reason                            with I think 400 slabbed in MS65 .

                        For now on when you buy a coin make sure you get a copy of the sales slip. You have no proof of where you bought the coin  since you 

                        paid cash & dident take a copy of the sales slip.& you bought a coin at a fair price at the time.

                        From now on do not buy a coin without a sales slip.

                        If you are buying a $1,000 coin or higher You want to know what the price of the coin was with a chart not just verbal. for the last minimum                              5 to 10  years. Every  Coin Dealer should be able to give you this information like I will show you.

                                                                         2004 1888 S    MS66  $8,850           MS65   $2,700

                                    LETS LOOK AT            2007 1888 S    MS66  $8,000           MS65   $2,300

                                    LETS SKIP & GO TO   2016 1888 S    MS66  $6,000           MS65   $2,950 

                                                                                          2019 1888 S    MS66  $4500            MS65   $,1800

                             ALL Coin buyers  do not listen to a sales pitch    What is the commercial   SHOW ME THE CAR FAX   OK SHOW ME THE COIN FAX

                       Now the hard part is how many were slabbed at these different dates in the MS66 grade  I dont believe 1/2 of the figures produced.

                         have never believed in investment in coins to me in my opinion  it is a LOSE , LOSE PROCESS You are better to buy silver sell it when it

                       goes up $2.00 & re buy when it drops down again,  1,100 ounces of silver jumps $2 you make $2 per ounce or $2,000..

                       You buy a $1,000 coin & all year you made nothing but the  next year the price drops &you lose $200 or $300.

                       I have a young woman went  to ASU in Arizona  she was in her 1ST year of Collage. first  year she sold 2,000 ounces of silver making $1.50 

                       an ounce making $3,000 payed for first year Collage . . Waited for the silver to drop 50 Cents re invested in   the 2,000 ounces & sold it again                         a  second time in the year & made a $1.00 per ounce OR $2,000.  She took $1,000 of the profit & added it to her next buy.

                       When she graduated from ASU she had acquired 5,000 ounces. 

                       I admit with President  Trump in office of President it is a good time to buy & hold until  another Recession or Democrat 

                        gets elected & you will see the same ups & downs in the market as we have seen before..

                       If you want to buy coins I will tell you their are thousands of coins to collect & you will find collecting is fun & the prices dont go up & down                                 because of the manipulation of a few dealers.  The industry calls them market makers.....THERE ARE NO FEDERAL  CONTROLS  ON                               THE COIN  MARKET       IT IS CALLED A FREE MARKED SO WHO IS IN CHARGE      FOLLOW THE MONEY . 

6/17/2019       We replaced 12 Large Cents   New 1798 1st hair   2 each   GOOD   , 1801 1/100  S 2223 each  VF+,    1802   2 EACH   G/VG Die break

                       1808 S279 FINE +  

6/10/2019        Im going to go back to a subject from the beginning of the year.  RECESSION

                        I travel a lot around this small planet  & at the beginning of the year I mentioned something about  a small recession. If you

                        live in California start looking  at June Companies that are starting to let people go. I see 6 Companies that are almost closing their doors.

                         Now it is not because of something the President did or did  not do  If anything he has put a lot of money in our pockets . But I find the

                         more money you have the less you save . I have one family did the worst thing you can do today ,is have Husband & Wife work at the same                          company but they were taking home between them $10,000 a month. I said with your 3,000 a month house payment they should do one or

                        two things because sooner or latter there has  to be a slow down  may be not a Recession. The response is we wont worry our Company 

                        is solid per the President of the company. has explained with to much money in the banks. So, they never did lower their house payment.

                        But for 4 years they bought a ounce of gold & put in their safety deposit box. So on the average they are sitting with $48,000 & it drove the

                        wife crazy  & I mean starting January she found a new Car she wanted because as usual her friends at work were all buying new cars. 

                        I have always loved the concept YA  THEY HAVE IT NOW I WANT IT. .

                        Their 2 children were going to private school costing $40,000 a year. This dosent include all the other bills. Now talking to them they honestly                          did not know how much they were in dept because they never saw a bill. Every thing was on a automatic pay each month. If you live in  

                        Arizona  Nevada or any of the middle states of the Country or any state not on either coast that is industrial  $10,000 is a great living. 

                        February   the company was slowly letting people go from their jobs on the 2nd shift. The people in a office could care less about the people                          on  the Manufacturing floor. . So each week the first month 6 people let go at night.. Sometimes 24 people missing is not a big deal. March

                        became a eye opener because 24 more people lost  their jobs.   Then orders started to get canceled slowly   but not told outside of that                                  department. but  a very bright light  warning to the Supervisors.. The upper management started dumping their stock they had in the                                        company. In April the company filed for Bankruptcy  status.

                        Both of the people i mentioned walked out of the company  in May  the same day. with a month salary for each year they worked for                                         the company.. He received $30,000 & his wife  received $20,00 I got a call & we discussed the problem.

                        We are talking about $50,000.            I will finish this latter

6/3/2019          Many times I have talked about manipulation of prices on my web site. Many Dealers tell me it is A Free Market Adjustment.

                        Free markets only are good for the rich people who can manipulate the price & the Government dosent get involved.

                        In your life time have you ever seen the price of milk ,bread, cheese, meat , cloths, cars, bank charges, houses & many other products

                         keep dropping in price like you see coins dropping in price every year ? ?????????????????? 

                        If this is a true fact   I would like to have one of you 40,000 SLAB DEALER   experts tell me after me saying for over 6 years.

                        why does a bid price when there is hardly any change to how many are at auction or slabbed from the previous month down turn $100 +..

                        I back  my comments with printed facts produced monthly. by several companies. Would you tell  them  their wrong?

                        The slab companies could not  care about any price they only care about one thing. Keep feeding me coins to slab so I can stay in Business

                        I am going to show you another coin with manipulated price  PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG WITH FACTS I CAN FIND IN WRITING &


                        The slab companies have started International & Ancient..coins because the market on us coins must be getting over slabbed..

                        ​Last month I saw a dealer with over 1500 Ancients in VG & Fine conditions

                        But i want to ask  about  the 1884 CC Morgan Dollar

                        If you look at this coin   all the statistics produced buy many organizations   5/1/2019 in MS66 the bid was $625 Now 6/1/2019 the bid=$550

​                        showing a $75 drop in the bid  in 1 month   not as big a drop as most coins but every month collectors lose money.

                        In   9/1/2018   total MS66 slabbed 2015       5/1/2019 = 2045 slabbed     6/1/2019 = 2046 slabbed. So I see no reason for the coin to lose $75.

                         if there was only one more MS66  slabbed in one month The mintage is very high & in my thoughts is not a good Investor coin 1,136,000  .

                         coin inventory is high. A  dealer told me last year   that this coin in less than 10 years estimated Retail price  -   the bid will be around $200                             for a   MS66 so how far can the lower grades fall in price.. One thing I have noticed attendance at coin shows is down, Do you think                                         collectors  are really listening. I stopped having a booth    at a convention 5 years ago when the expenses became $5,000..


5/19/2019          I am down in some inventory so I will create a buy list

                        !/2 CENTS  GOOD-VG =$12   VF=$45 I NEED  50-100  I ONLY HAVE 63  LEFT IN STOCK

                        LARGE CENTS  GOOD - FINE=$12     I NEED 100       I ONLY HAVE 246 LEFT IN STOCK

                        FLYING EAGLE PENNIES  GOOD - FINE = $12            I ONLY HAVE 986 LEFT IN STOCK

                        FLYING EAGLE PENNIES  VF $13   EF    = $22            WE PROCESS 1000+ PER YEAR





5/6/2019          You never know when you are going to buy.. I received a E-mail ( I dont have time for social media so I dont belong on face book or any other

                        process. I just dont have time that is why I stay with E-mail).I start work 7:00 in the morning & my day is over at 11:30 at night most days.                                Some days 1:00 in the morning is typical especially with the price manipulation of the slab market that every Coin Dealer hates me to talk                                about...   I received a E-mail from a women I met in 1972 who really enjoyed Great Britain Coins Mac & I sold her 447 Trade Dollars with no

                        chop marks in EF , AU & a lot of Un circulated coins. In 1974 her family moved to England where they bought a beautiful  Horse farm.

                        She ran the horse breeding farm with a office in the house that looked out over the hills. Every horse she owned or had a rental stall had its                            name on a bright copper plate on its door. with  a Great Britain Trade Dollar  over the name & they cut a piece of glass to put over the coin                              so it wouldent turn a bad color. She has now turned 80 & asked the 16 Grand Children witch  one  would take over her business.

                        This was  at a dinner with her 4 Sons 2 Daughters  & 14 of the 16 Grand Children. Each Son had their own business. The Daughters were

                        married to business men both living in Italy & she new none of them would change their lives, but she thought the Grand Children would.

                        Her Lawyer passed out a crushed velvet  pad of paper to each & say yes or no.  All said NO  All the Grand Children  were of adult age.

                        The next day was Saturday they had a big lunch with every one their including the 12 families that lived on the  property  in there own homes

                         that many of their children were born in. The agreement was you own the acre of land & the house as long as you work on the property.

                         Before the lunch started the Lawyer made a statement that as of the upcoming Month no money  would be place in  any account belonging                             to any Grand Child  or any of their children should they marry & have children.. The Lawyer stated  all who signed the note saying NO                                    should have read the statement as requested when the pads of paper were issued to all .The 2 that were not at the meeting also signed the                            note & sent them to  the Lawyer ahead of time. The statement did not sink into any of the Grand Children . It really made the sister in laws                              extremely  angry thinking their kids were set for life  after.their Grand Mother died.

                        The Lawyer than had the 12 employed families stand  & said the farm  & their 1 acre plots & houses were put into a trust & as long as they

                         worked the Farm 1600 + acres & maintained there property issued to them to the specifications they agreed to  they could always live there. 

                         During this time Grand Mom had her horse brought to her & she said I have something I want to show my Sons & Daughters & all the                                     children & she rode away Every one is now thinking they are going to get something out of this.

                         The gates to enter the property was  over a 1/2 mile away. The Lawyer said she wants you to have a good look at the farm & have you                                   enjoy  some of the greatness of the property that took your Grand Mother & Grand Father all these years to create.

                         Every ones luggage  was already taken to the outside of the entrance gates & placed by each car. The gates & parking places were put in                               outside the entrance  because Grand Mom which is what she loved  being called  dident want excessive cars on the property.

                         The Lawyer said over here over that hill is 1600 free range cattle. This year they have had 1200 calves. To the left you can see a large barn

                         with 800 milk cows. Beyond the barn Grammy bought 70 each  1/2 acre plots all the way to the river & in front of the barn  there will be a                                 lake    built  or I should say both being built as we speak by  the men who live & work on the property. The estate also has 600 Scottish                                    sheep.. When they came within 20 yards of the entrance gates to the property Grammy was waiting on her horse. She said I wanted all of                             you to see the land across the path you drove in on. I last year bought 120 acres along this path  & 10 acres were to be preserved for  each                           of my Grand Children.  Now as of this day  none of  you get any thing from my estate. Beside me is my Lawyer you all met beside him is my                           Financial people all 8 of them  & beside them is my Doctor.

                         I hope you all enjoyed this weekend on the estate because it will be your last. Every ones luggage is beside your cars. & you can leave now.

                         One day many weeks later she was going through a vanity she had overlooked  for a wile basically it was there for her Lawyer & if you                                   moved the desk there was a large safe behind it with documents that went back to her marriage. There were all the British Trade Dollars  we

                         sold her with a note this starts my families future  Inheritance all still in the original holders & our Business card.. She was very smart &                                   every Pound she made she bought silver or gold  & every draw in the safe was full. Her Husband had the Lawyer make sure if they needed                           to pay of every thing  no matter what the expenses with the Bank were it could be done in one day by the accountants..

                         Her Lawyer & Accountant tracked me down & asked if I would like to buy back the Trade Dollars at a future time not discussed yet.. 

                         This year Grammy  is now 88 years old & she sold me back the Trade Dollars. I was thrilled & impressed.All the coins are on a display

​                         with a copy of this story.  A collection of 447 Great Britain Trade Dollars to me is astonishing. I dont ever recall seeing more than 2 to 6 at 

                          a time with no chop marks in any display.I remember  It took a wile to acquire all 447 coins & many came from Roger Lanning in Carmel   

                          California who sold thousands of Foreign coins at Gun Shows & Coin Shows.You could always find Roger under his cow boy hat. & a

​                         thousand ounces of silver & over 2,000 US Coins. I miss him.

5/4/2019           I replaced another 60 US Proof Sets in April along with  42 International Proof Sets in April.

                         May so far replaced Cook Island Proof sets not easy Country to acquire Proof sets

                         Also another 16 International Proof Set replacement. Also acquired 19 sets of Netherlands Proof Sets. I will keep 3 for the Web Site & I will

                         take the rest to Italy.

                         I will say a little about  Central States Convention & what I keep telling collectors   about junk slabbed coins. This show was no different than                           the Fun Convention or any of the Conventions I go to  buy coins for customers..

                         I went Tuesday for the pre show .on my way to Italy knowing this is a great wholesale show. I stayed over night my flight to NY was at 2:00                              my flight to Italy was easy the next morning. What a beautiful sun rise..

                         I have to say  the problem with the show is no different than any other coin show for the past 10+ years of to many Dealers with low end                                 MS 65 coins that look like MS 63 not even MS64 coins & I say  the dealers dont even know what a MS65 coin should look like. 

​                         Just terrible  graded coins one of the reasons so many people are continually seeing coins   decreasing in price . Watch after almost every 

                         large convention prices drop. So many people are  complaining to deaf ears.

                         I buy an average of 2200 Barber Quarters FINE to EF condition. I was surprised when I saw dealers with Barber Quarters slabbed & started

                         looking  & was astonished at 247 coins over graded  in circulated conditions. This is one of the easiest coins to grade it takes no brains..

4/21/2019         I HAVE    9  Christmas orders for 1953 US Proof Sets  &  I only had 12 left in stock   . I now bought another 5 sets.

                         The sets from the 1950 time frame are not as easy to acquire as customers think with  really good condition packages.

                         I returned 12 sets that when I opened the package I took it out side. The package smelled so bad of mold I put on a pair of plastic gloves to                             re seal the package.I think after all these years on this Earth I speak  English.  PLEASE I DO NOT BUY JUNK .             

4/20/2019         I am in the process of replacing over 300 Denmark Coins the 2 ORE & 5 ORE & 10 ORE  are still  very popular.

                         I bought a box of 412 Denmark coins last month & they will sit with other countries of over 50,000 coins most are from 1870-1890 5 Ore a 

                         collection that was acquired from 1903 - 1949 in Denmark & I bought them in England from the Grand Son of the man who bought them..

4/19/2019         Buying all year long   PROOF SETS PACKAGING LIKE THEY JUST LEFT THE MINT with Certificates   NEED 2000

                                                           MINT SETS  CLEAN ENVELOPES NO WRITING OR SOILED   PAYING E - MAIL ME

                                                           PRESTIGE PROOF SETS WITH CERTS  SAME AS ABOVE PAYING E-MAIL ME

​                                                           Shield Nickels, V nickels, & Buffalo Nickels  GOOD through EF  true grades

                                                           All 2 Cent & 3 Cent GOOF - UNC    EVEN SLABS

                                                           All Dimes Except Roosevelt

                                                           All Quarters GOOD - UNC except Washington    Washington Quarters E-mail me on dates & Condition .I have 4,000

                                                           Half Dollars ALL        except Kennedy Halves   UNC only   Need rolls or broken up PROOF Sets


4/3/2019           I have found some time to add in some more information on die varieties on 1931 Large Cents.

                         I still have several more  Varieties I have to explain. 

​4/6/2019           I was able to add a die variety for 1798  First Hair Style S-144